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any clizzy headcanons ?? I'm being sucked into a clizzy hole that I don't want to leave

Thank youuu yess i have loads and it’s good you dont want to leave because you Never can.

  • Okay but Clary having a Huuge crush on Izzy before they start dating and so she always finds reasons to hang out in her room and just spend time with her.
  • Like izzy will just be going out to run some errands and Clary will immediately volunteer to come and keep her company
  • Also most nights when theyre both about to go to bed Clary will wander to Izzy’s room to say goodnight but ends up coming in and sitting on her bed and they stay up for hours in their pyjamas just talking and Clary inevitably falls asleep in izzys bed totally not on purpose and of course they end up “accidentally” spooning
  • And Clary finally tells izzy that she likes her during one of their late night chats and she has this whole speech prepared about how “its okay if she doesnt feel the same and that she values their friendship but..blah blah blah” izzy doesnt even let her finish before she grabs her stupid adorable face and kisses her, theres a little more than spooning going on that night
  • Okay but the two of them holding hands all the time like even if theyre just walking down to the kitchen in the morning for breakfast or just sitting watching tv
  • Also when Clary is drawing and isabelle cant hold her hand she’ll rest her head on her shoulder and just watch in awe
  • They go grocery shopping all the time and izzy always complains that it’s boring and hates how cold the freezer aisles are but she never lets Clary go alone
  • Sometimes though Clary wonders if she’d prefer to be alone because izzy likes to make up games to keep herself entertained and clary will often turn around to put something in the cart only to see izzy cart surfing down the aisle
  • eventually izzy will get tired though because it takes so long because they have to shop for the whole institute and she’ll climb into the cart facing clary and makes her push her while she talks to her and she’ll sneakily add all the things she likes in and take out the stuff she doesnt like and put it back when clarys not looking
  • They wear eachothers clothes so much thatt eventually it gets to the point where they know what belongs to who so they just decide to share a wardrobe and wear what they want
  • Izzy doing clary’s nails in really fancy designs and giving her makeup and hair tips
  • Clary showing izzy all her favourite movies, tv shows, comic books and books
  • Izzy making requests for clary to draw her as various things e.g. Superheroes, Princess Leia, nude, one of her french girls, A centaur, A man, A unicorn centaur, a mermaid etc
  • Izzy carrying Clary to bed when she falls asleep on the couch
  • Clary purposefully falling asleep on the couch because she knows Izzy will carry her to bed
  • Clary bakes alot and Izzy likes to help but she knows she has zero cooking skills so mainly she likes to be glamorous assistant and do all the typical couple baking clichés like the time she put icing on Clary’s nose, and licked it off, clary retaliated by throwing flower at her, but it ended up being way more than she intended and izzy ended up covered in it and so she grabs clary from behind to cover her in flour also and she spins Clary around the kitchen while she squeels and struggles and laughs like crazy

hope you like i have more but im always concious of these being too long

send me things tho?


The last bunch of requests! That’s all of them! :)


Hope you like them! If you want yours digitally coloured, maybe we can talk about it?? Just contact me!