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Sorry I don’t draw NSFW. I’m practicing so maybe next time.
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I will not draw anything that will offensive be to anybody else.

Emerald by Crazyguz
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She,Her,Hers
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Height: 5,9
Weapon: Green Twin Sais summoned from her shoulders.
Gem Type: Emerald
Likes: Spring,Summer, video games, pools,anything fluffy, and ice cream.
Dislikes: Depressing things, winter, anything that bores her,being left alone or abandoned, and being told what to by younger or lower rank gems.
Hobbies:She likes to sing and dance. Whenever she hangs out with her friends.
Talents/Skills: She does a lot of Parkour and she can sing. She is a clairvoyant gem so she can see into the future.
Relationships: None
Personality: Emerald is an outgoing girl who’s love to seek for adventure. She is calm and collected but when under deep pressure, she can easily have a mental breakdown.Emerald rarely gets mad but when she swill not hold back her fury. Emerald knows when to get serious but if you try to tell her what to do and your are much younger than her, she will not take you seriously. Emerald is young at heart,so you can find hanging out an amusement park at times. She is also superstitious.

 Gem Room 

Emerald likes to keep her room plain and simple but she want to decorate it so more, so she bought posters!I might redesign it later but this is how it looks for now.She sleeps on a cloud and has Da vinci’s bed right in front of her’s. Eventually she’ll make a book case for her comics and a TV to play video games. For now she uses the the TV in the living room.