Frrrrrruity Pizza Pancake! 🍓🍕
Suuuuper simple :) Layer sauce in between pancakes & top w/ fruit! 🍌🍇
💢Again, if you don’t know me by now, I eyeball 👀 everything so these are guesstimated measures! Adjust according to your taste buds, not mine 😙💢
👾Coconut-Banana #Pancakes🙈
1/3C coconut flour 🌸
1/3C coconut milk 🌰
1/2C eggie whites ( or 2 whole eggs) 🍳
½ verrrry ripe banana 🐒
(Optional sweetener–not #whole30)
👾Choco-nana Sauce- 😍
Blend together:
½ very ripe banana🍌
~1/3C coconut milk🍼
1-2tbsp raw cocoa powder🍫
(Optional non-whole30 sweetener to taste)✨ #eatclean 🍴 #crazyfruitlady 🙆 @dieffs #dieffs

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