Time and Energy

Time pushes out, causing friction; 

Use this to heat and forge your metal. 

Space creates a void, cold and silent;

Find your peace there, sail on the wind. 

Energy in constant flux;

Use the ebbs and flows, Surf the water. 

Consciousness allows choice;

You choose your outlook, find the beauty in Earth. 

Vessel grows through proper stimulation;

Grow your tree. 

Happy New Year


Elements of the Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul.

Earth shifts the Air. 

Air creates the Mind

Mind grows the Spirit

Water cools the Fire. 

Fire creates the Spirit. 

Spirit grows the Soul. 

Air cleans the Earth. 

Earth creates the Soul

Soul grows the Body. 

Fire heats the Water

Water creates the Body. 

Body grows the Mind


The Beast Inside

All of us have a Beast inside. 

  • Some Beasts want to Consume and Eradicate. 
  • Others Beasts wants to Multiply and Tarnish.   

All of us has an Angel inside. 

  • Some Angels want to Heal and Grow
  • Others Angels want to Create and Philosophize 

Find the Balance. 

The Beast will be Consumed through Healing and Growth.

The Angels Creations will Multiply and Consume. 

The Beast is Eradicated through Growth and Philosophy. 

The Angels Philosophy will Eradicate the Tarnish. 

Be the best You. 


Existing Ideas

An Idea is an expression of Your Creativity.

Your Creativity challenges Your Thought. 

When you put Creativity into your Thoughts. 

The more You become.

Your Thoughts and Creativity do not exist. 

Only when You manifest them through hard work and dedication.

You help them Exist.  

Give your Thought a creative room to grow in. 


7 represents the number of Chakras. 

7 Circles represent the Kundalini movement of Body

6 Merkaba have 7 side Tips. These are your Mind 

I did not use Green in the Merkaba line. Therefore it exist by combining Spirit and Life. 

High Vibration Violet to Magenta

Low Vibration Magenta to Red. 

Balanced Vibration is Green

Earth is Green


Your Choices Define You.

Your Thoughts.

Your Fears. 

Your Actions.

All controlled by You.

You are the only one in this Universe that controls Your Choices. 

Be Love.

Be Courage. 

Be Kindness. 

The choices You make define you. 

Be Your own God. 


Thought is Frequency

Thought is Frequency. 

Taking action of Your Thoughts creates Vibration.

Creating something with Your Thoughts brings Mass.

From the Mass that is created. 

Brings others Frequency. 


10 Things.

Every Day brings New Life,

Live within 24 hours. 

1. Respect everything and everyone. 

2. If You do not agree with someone and they do not agree with You. Leave it. Learn from each other

3. Listen to Your own Advise 

4. Be Open to anything. 

5. Listen to Your Intuition, feel Your Instinct. 

6. Know Yourself better than You know of others. 

7. Get to know Your own Sins/Virtues; then balance them. 

8.Be mindful of others Beliefs, learn from other Beliefs

9. Do not Trespass on others, in any form. 

10. Rotate Your Energy everyday.


The Curving Voice

There are voices in Your head. 

  • Kind - Supportive of what you do and say. 
  • Judgmental - Critical of all thoughts words and actions.

Kindness lives within a circle. Kindness is the curve. 

  • Circles allow us to see full picture 360 of what our actions are.
  • Very rarely will the toughs damage or touch the outer shell. 
  • Eventually these thought will merge and become new. 

Judgmental lives within a box. Judgement is the edge. 

  • Boxes allow us to see partial pictures 6 sides of what our actions bring. 
  • Regularly you are ricocheting thoughts off the walls. 
  • Every thought hits like a bell. It is loud, painful and can leave scars.

Both actions get results. 

  1. Choice one allows you to throw the ball knowing that idea will always be in orbit.
  2. Choice two allow you to throw the ball. Pick it up throw it again and repeat until exhaustion takes over. 

Find your Curve. 


River of Time.

There is an ebb and flow to everything. 

If You choose not to flow with The River of Time. 

You become a Rock within The River.

  • You allow the pessimism and negativity of Life to accumulate. 
  • You allow the Light to flow around You.
  • You becomes an Island of negativity and a cesspool of toxicity. 

If You Choose to flow with the River of Time

You become a Boat on top of The River

  • You allow fresh views and new ideas. 
  • You allow the Light to flow through You
  • You become a Boat of optimism and Light. 

Flow to forcefully or to quickly and you will be taken with the current. You will struggle to stay afloat.

Never give up Your struggle.

Be Light, Be kindness


Elements of Person

Those that live within Fire 

  • Seek Answers 
  • Rebel 
  • Me attitude

Fire allows one to purify the Path

Those that live within Water

  • Seek questions
  • Flow with life
  • Them attitude

Water allows one to cleanse the Path

Those that live within Air

  • Absorb information
  • Creative Ideas
  • Us attitude. 

Air allows one to prepare the Path. 

Those that live within Earth

  • Spread Wisdom
  • Connects all
  • I am 

Earth allows one to be the Path. 

Everyone comes from different Paths.

Create a smooth terrain for others Paths. 


Chakra System

Chakra Rotation of Energy. 

Draw in from Earth: Clockwise. 

  • Root to Crown
  • Crown to Sacral
  • Sacral to Brow
  • Brow to Core
  • Core to Throat
  • Throat to Heart

Draw in from Spirit: Counter Clockwise. 

  • Crown to Root
  • Root to Brow
  • Brow to Sacral
  • Sacral to Throat
  • Throat to Core
  • Core to Heart


Dimensions of Chakras.

11 dimensions.

  • 3 of Mind- Crown, Brow, Throat
  • 3 of Body- Heart, Cord In, Cord Out
  • 3 of Spirit- Root, Sacral, Core
  • 1 of Life
  • 1 of Death

What if there were 14?

  • 7 (+)Frequencies  of Virtue
  • (-)Frequencies of Sin

The (+) Frequencies are attune to Sin attributes. 

  • Instincts.
  • Spirit Animals.
  • Shadow Strings. 

The (-) Frequencies are attune to the Virtue attributes.

  • Intuition. 
  • Guardian Angels.
  • Light Strings. 

Follow Your Instincts. 

Obey Your Intuition. 

Be the Light. 


The Energy of spoken Word.

Your spoken words have Vibration

Vibration is Energy. 

Energy shifts Mass.

Words have Power.

Spread the Light. 


Your body as The Tree of Life.

Bones become Branches. 

Muscles become Bark. 

Skin shifts to Leaves. 

Life resides in the Heart.  

Within the Brain is the Spirit.

Pith turns to marrow.

Roots grow from the nervous system.

Nutrients is absorbed by the organs. 


Consider the points of the Star as Circles and straight lines as Triangles.

  • Life moves as curves and circles
  • Wisdom is with straight lines and triangles

The heart resides in the center. Imagine it a Merkaba Crystal. Each point acting as the Life Circle and line is Life Triangle.