Family Affairs

Everyday is another adventure in my family’s household.

Today we decided to go swimming at the lake and my dad thinks.. oh yes let me try to swim across the lake… (hes almost 50, overweight, and certainly out of shape)

My little sister well, she starts having a panic attack once she can no longer see where our father is in the water…

Meanwhile im just working on my tan laughing at the whole thing..

So my sister shouts “GO get MOM i shall get FATHER”… all the while whispering under her breath that he is an idiot and still in the middle of her panic attack

Needless to say my dad was ok, my sister almost drowned, and i got a tan…

Overall another funny day <3

gotta love the crazies

Does everyone have a crazy sister?

My sister just put a horrible post on facebook about how she would have taken care of me while I was sick.  She didn’t even call or text the whole time I had chemo, much less visit.  I need to remember how she really is not quite sane.