crainneag asked:

Hey, can you suggest any other Xena blogs? (I originally watched the show when I was a kid and I am rewatching it and falling back in love with it now)

oh my! there are soo many

















these are only a few, it would take me forever to list everyone haha but this will get you started! :D

halfbakedpoet: *chucks oreos at a poster of Renee O’Connor with a hole in her cleavage* 7:51 PM

CrazyEyesAlti: OMG A NEW GAME 7:52 PM

waht: how did the oreos and alti thing even happen 7:52 PM

wonderluck: me-ow 7:52 PM

battling-bard: omg 7:52 PM

halfbakedpoet: *there’s another poster of Lucy Lawless with a slot for oreos in her mouth* 7:52 PM

wonderluck: how did you let your renee o’connor poster get damaged? that’s it, it’s confiscated. give it here 7:52 PM

CrazyEyesAlti: the origin of alti oreos is long and convoluted so I suggest you just accept it and don’t ask questions XD 7:52 PM

halfbakedpoet: no! 7:52 PM

halfbakedpoet: never! 7:52 PM

wonderluck: grabby hands 7:52 PM

butter duck: icant play that because i would just eat them D: 7:52 PM

wonderluck: grabrielle 7:53 PM

waht: xD 7:53 PM

halfbakedpoet: *ducks, covers, and aaahhhs!* 7:53 PM

waht: just go with it I guess 7:53 PM

CrazyEyesAlti: omg xD 7:53 PM

wonderluck: you are too fast for me! 7:53 PM

CrazyEyesAlti: -throws oreos at everyone- 7:53 PM

halfbakedpoet: *seizes poster and runs for it* 7:53 PM

wonderluck: *spins, kicks door shut* 7:53 PM

wonderluck: you are trapped 7:53 PM

wonderluck: hand it over, no one gets hurt 7:53 PM

Chancy: wtf 7:53 PM

halfbakedpoet: *flips over you, hides under table* 7:53 PM

butter duck: *eats popcorn* 7:54 PM

halfbakedpoet: *proceeds to comfort Renee O’Connor poster, shhh, it’s gonna be alright* 7:54 PM

wonderluck: *is slightly dazed at your skill* 7:54 PM

wonderluck: *but continues on, diving under table* 7:54 PM

halfbakedpoet: *skitters out from under the table* 7:54 PM

wonderluck: *grabs your ankle* 7:54 PM

wonderluck: she belongs to meeeee 7:54 PM

halfbakedpoet: *dives behind the bar, throwing chairs as she goes* 7:54 PM

butter duck: whats going on under that table omg 7:54 PM

butter duck: omg chairs 7:55 PM

halfbakedpoet: *swift kick* 7:55 PM

halfbakedpoet: *swift as the coursing riverrrrr* 7:55 PM

wonderluck: *dodges chairs* 7:55 PM

itscourdoroyandleatherbitch: *sneaks past commotion and crawls under table as well* 7:55 PM

halfbakedpoet: *leaps onto table* 7:55 PM

itscourdoroyandleatherbitch: AHHH 7:55 PM

butter duck: *sings taylor swift’s love story* 7:55 PM

wonderluck: *knocks you off table* 7:55 PM

waht: *has no idea what’s going on* 7:55 PM

halfbakedpoet: *holds poster far out of anyone’s reach* 7:55 PM

wonderluck: giiiiiiivvvve 7:56 PM

halfbakedpoet: *folds poster, tucks into her pants* 7:56 PM

wonderluck: *builds pyramid pile with other chatters* 7:56 PM

halfbakedpoet: come and get it 7:56 PM

itscourdoroyandleatherbitch: *not gonna help* 7:56 PM

xenaandgabrille4ever: do i need to call 911? :p 7:56 PM

CrazyEyesAlti: :O such violence 7:56 PM

technotroubadour: got food 7:56 PM

halfbakedpoet: *eyebrow* 7:56 PM

wonderluck: *courdoroy is bailing on me i see how it is* 7:56 PM

butter duck: WHAAT JUST do like salomon king and like halft poster 2 u and the other to other u 7:56 PM

itscourdoroyandleatherbitch: (wait when did i bail?!?!) 7:57 PM

wonderluck: not the eyebrow! 7:57 PM

halfbakedpoet: *has Renee O’Connor in her pants. is pleased* 7:57 PM

itscourdoroyandleatherbitch: EYEBROW GAME TOO STRONG 7:57 PM

CrazyEyesAlti: I am die 7:57 PM

itscourdoroyandleatherbitch: *DIES* 7:57 PM

Chancy: anyone would be pleased with that 7:57 PM

wonderluck: *is stunned and laughing on floor* 7:57 PM

itscourdoroyandleatherbitch: same 7:57 PM

itscourdoroyandleatherbitch: i am on the floor 7:57 PM

wonderluck: *congratulates you and makes feeble attempt* 7:57 PM

itscourdoroyandleatherbitch: chair rendered useless 7:57 PM

halfbakedpoet: *Climbs on the bar, victorious* 7:57 PM

itscourdoroyandleatherbitch: *CANT* 7:57 PM

wonderluck: *but you’re my homey and i must stay out of your pants* 7:58 PM

halfbakedpoet: *war cry* 7:58 PM

wonderluck: *bows* 7:58 PM

butter duck: HALILILILILI 7:58 PM

itscourdoroyandleatherbitch: AIAIAIIIIAIAIIAIAIAIAIAI​IIIII 7:58 PM

halfbakedpoet: ALALALALALALALALALA 7:58 PM


halfbakedpoet: AIYIYIYIYIYIYIYI 7:58 PM

halfbakedpoet: HOWEVER THE FUCK YOU SAY IT 7:58 PM

butter duck: das rite B-) 7:58 PM

wonderluck: i surrender before joie 7:59 PM

waht: the symphony of the xenites 7:59 PM

That one time halfbakedpoet and I had an epic fight scene.