This week I have been trying out some totally ‘new to me’ makeup products and I think I have a new #favorite #everyday #nomakeupmakeup very BREATHEABLE routine kickin’ 👍 Would you guys be interested in a video or blog post on it ?! I know things have been hectic and my posts are sporadic with us packing and getting ready to move and such but I am still here 😊 don’t forget about me guys 💗 you !!! #crazyeyebrow bahahaha!!! #cheeseball #sparklemepink

Apparently, I’ve always had a crazy eyebrow… Even when hanging out with my great-grandfather I was questioning (or amused by) everything around me… Oh and the reflection on this picture that looks like it’s coming from @gypsysaint ’s organs is priceless too. #throwbackthursday #tbt #family #crazyeyebrow #90s