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upon you by the moonlight side

A/N: Not exactly a request but I saw this on my dash and I liked loved it! Also, Hayley’s a hybrid.

{Prompt: Klaus teaches Hayley self defense}

“Klaus!” she yells into the night. “We’ve been at this for hours! I give up already!”

The Original doesn’t answer as Hayley comes to a stop in the clearing, grumbling towards the sky much to Klaus’ amusement. He only watches from his hiding place just down-wind from her.

“Seriously. This unfair and it’s getting real old, real fast.”

His smirk grows, if possible.

“And I know you can hear me you obnoxious, thousand-year-old, hybrid asshole.”

He shifts slightly when the she-wolf looks around, honing newly acquired senses as she probes for his presence but Klaus knows her frustrated last attempt is futile. And judging by the way she drops unceremoniously to the forrest floor, Hayley knows to. 

“Oh, come now, little wolf. It’s not like you to give up so easily,” he says after a moment, flashing to another area the moment Hayley’s head snaps in his direction, brunette locks flying over her shoulders, skin illuminated in the patches of moonlight.

“You try playing to world’s hardest game of hide and seek,” she grumbles the moment she realizes he’s vacated the spot.

“Must I remind you who insisted on this game of hide and seek?” He moves again as she scans the foliage to her right. “Because she wanted to learn to control her heightened emotions and senses from the best.”

She clearly asked the wrong brother because this isn’t exactly what I had in mind.” Hayley lets a frustrated growl fly from between her teeth when she realizes her arrival to the place Klaus’ voice had drifted from is seconds too late.

“But you didn’t want to be coddled, love.”

“There’s a huge difference between coddling and baiting.”

“Nevertheless, the fact still remains. If you’d wanted a happy-medium between my techniques and Elijah’s, Rebekah should have been your appointed tutor.” She whirls, Klaus moves. “But we both know the real reason you came to me–the enhanced emotions, the senses, the strength. The combination of the wolf and the vampire. The power’s exhilarating but it’s something neither Elijah nor Rebekah understand.” He smirks at her dumbfound expression. “Isn’t that right, little wolf?”

“You are the most egotistical, self-centere-”

He chuckles. “Say whatever you like, love, but you know I’m right. You already know this so there was no point in being babied by my siblings. You aren’t a damsel, love.” He disappears and moves so he’s standing directly behind her, careful not to disturb so much as a blade of grass. “Stop acting like one,” he whispers against the shell of her ear, disappearing right as she’s turns at the feel of his hot breath on her neck.

Another frustrated growl slips past her lips as Klaus watches from the his new hiding spot, his patience growing thin. “I’ve given you a hint, Hayley. Drop your brattish attitude and use it,” he snaps from the shadows, fully prepared for her comeback.

Only it never leaves her full lips. 

Instead, Klaus watches as she closes her eyes and turns her nose to the wind, identifying his scent among the abundance of smells resting on the breeze.

With a smirk, he takes off once again, only to be stopped by a hand on his chest, knocking him to the pine needle-covered ground. “Clever girl,” he says, kicking Hayley’s feet out from underneath her and jumping up, the she-wolf following suit. She bares her teeth, fangs dropping and eyes glowing yellow as she circles him, ready to attack again. Klaus is faster though, he has her pinned to his chest before she can blink, one hand poised to snap her neck, the other pressed to her sternum. “However, always go for th-”

Hayley reaches up and snaps the wrist hovering by her neck. She twists his arm until a sickening pop echoes through the swamp and the pain shooting up into his shoulder forces Klaus to let go of her, popping his dislocated elbow back into place with a growl of his own. It turns into a grunt when the she-wolf delivers a swift kick to his gut, knocking him back onto the ground.

Before he can move, Hayley’s straddled his waist and shoved her hand into his chest cavity, fingers brushing against his heart.

“Go for the kill. I got it,” she repeats, golden eyes shining, the moonlight highlighting the veins bubbling beneath them. She smirks as she leans down, brushes the sweat-damp hair off his forehead, and tantalizingly presses a kiss to his pulse point as she squeezes his heart and causes his breathing to hitch painfully, the Original releasing a pained groan. 

Mustering what strength he can, he pushes Hayley to the ground the moment she lets go of his heart. “Be that as it may, you could still be faster. Again.”

He’s gone before she can blink but he can’t help the swell of pride flourishing in his chest.

Another Klaroline drabble... only longer lol

crazychicke requested: Klaroline bowling


“Haha! Yes!” Caroline shouted, her glee at making the strike evident and unrepentant as she turned to her opponent. “Who’s gonna be teaching WHO how to bowl now?”

Klaus blinked a couple of times before shaking his head, a smile on his face. This bowling match- or a date, as he liked to call it -was yet another chance he had to spend quality time with her. It had been another deal made, similar to when he’d accompanied her to the Miss Mystic Falls pageant.

He’d gotten another date with Miss Forbes, and he had yet to stop smiling at her. When he’d told her that where they were going was a surprise, she’d groaned, her final complaint ended up being one about not knowing what the hell she was supposed to wear. However, the woman had finally, begrudgingly allowed him to drive to the mystery location.

Which was a bowling alley. It wasn’t even in Mystic Falls, he’d driven an hour and a half out of town, and to say she’d been annoyed as time had dragged on in the car would be an understatement.

Except now she was smiling. Laughing and teasing him as he stood up to take his first turn.

“Looks like I don’t need to teach you how to bowl after all,” he said.

Caroline smirked and raised an eyebrow. “Your turn, Mr. Original.”

With her arms crossed and an cocky grin, Caroline walked over to a bench and sat down. Klaus had tauntingly offered to teach her how to bowl once they’d walked through the doors of this place. She’d still had an expression of surprise on her features, and he’d somehow guessed it to mean that she wasn’t good at bowling.

Instead of simply telling him just how awesome she actually was at this sport, Caroline had only smiled, and mentally planned on proving that she could whoop his ass by getting strikes, one after another.

The reason for her expression of surprise when he’d pulled up to the bowling alley hadn’t been because she wasn’t ready to play, but instead because Klaus had brought her to a bowling alley of all places.

Call her silly but he didn’t strike Caroline as the lanes and pins kinda guy. She was astonished he could even play, though she really shouldn’t be. He was like a billion right? The guy had probably done everything. Twice.

She watched him walk up to the start of the lane, his colorful game shoes touching the white line that marked the spot on the floor where you were supposed to stop. He slowly pulled his arm back to trow the ball when suddenly in a flash, the pins were all down, one of which looked like it may have even cracked.

Caroline gasped before looking around, but fortunately no one had seemed to notice the supernatural strength with which that giant twelve pound bowling ball had been thrown.

She stood up in a huff and met Klaus’ smirking face head on. “What is the matter with you,” She whispered harshly, nose to nose with the hybrid. “You can’t use your super-strength for a game, that’s cheating-”

“You do have super-strength too, love. You can use it all you want, no one’s stopping you.”

Caroline frowned and then looked around once more. Somehow, just someWAY she had to prove that this plan was cheating. It wasn’t fair to… well to a human it wouldn’t be fair but she wasn’t human, and she could haul out power behind that bowling ball like no one else in this bowling alley, asides from Klaus.

Aha! There! “Not true! I’m not as strong as you!”

He tilted his head, a ‘What’re you tryna pull’ look plastered on his face.

He and she both knew that it didn’t matter just how much more powerful he was than her, as long as she had vampire strength she could still double her chances of winning just as much as Klaus.

Hell she might even be able to win without it, after all it didn’t matter how hard you threw the ball just how many pins you knocked down. With a final glare at her date, Caroline strutted over to the heavy bowling balls and grabbed one, confidently moving towards the start of the lane.

She bit her lip and looked around at the surrounding people before taking a deep breath and aiming.

When she let the ball go and tossed some vampire-strengthy juice behind it, the sound of pins crashing together and tumbling down the next second, Caroline smiled brighter than a decked out Christmas tree.

It was a thrill, and by the dangerous smirk on Klaus’ face when she turned around, he’d known it would be.

She’d never been a cheater, but this was fun. Even if it technically wasn’t cheating, because of who her adversary was, but it still felt against the rules. And oh man it was amusing as hell to see everyone around her not even noticing!


They were on their third game. The first two had ended in ties, and this was an attempt at breaking that.

She was in the lead, due to Klaus tripping over his shoelace on one turn and leaving him with a spare.

Caroline smiled as she stood up for her last go, the bowling ball light in her hands. With a determined eye she swung back and let it go, but her throw must’ve been just a little too hard because instead of hitting the pins, the ball crashed through the floor, leaving a giant hole in the middle of the lane. Caroline’s eyes bugged and she let out a small “eep” sound before someone’s hand wrapped around her arm.

“Alright darling, time to go.” Before she could protest, Klaus was pulling her out of the bowling alley. The couple grabbed their things before running out like too embarrassed criminals, the shouts of one of the workers trailing behind them ringing in Caroline’s ears.

She was in Klaus’ car before she’d even realized they’d made it to the parking lot, and now they were speeding away.

Caroline didn’t notice she was grinning until she turned to face her date. “Oh my god I can’t believe I broke the floor! I broke the floor Klaus!” She yelled at him, not noticing that her voice tone was torn between excitement and guilt.

He smiled a little, glancing at her as he sped down the road. “Should have better control over your strength sweetheart.” He smiled teasingly at her, and Caroline ducked her head shyly.

“It was your idea!”

“And it was fun wasn’t it?”

She hesitated a moment before answering, “Yeah, okay. It was. And hey, at least we paid for the games right?”

Klaus shifted in his seat for moment, and her eyes narrowed. “Klaus,” she said with warning. “Did you compel someone so we got those games for free?”

He sighed. “It was simpler.”


“We bought drinks now didn’t we? Besides, anyone who charges that much for a round of bowling shouldn’t be getting business.” He spoke as though he was just trying to calm her, though truthfully a part of him believed what he was saying.

She was angry, not spitting mad, but annoyingly agitated and now her conscience was biting at her. The hole in the floor? That had been an accident. But not paying for the games? That was totally wrong.

“Well if you wanted to pay cheap you didn’t have to drive out to this flashy bowling alley! There is one in Mystic Falls ya know!” The place they’d just run from was all expensive. Gourmet appetizers and dark, romantic settings. There was even a restaurant inside next to the bowling lanes separated by glass doors. The interior art and decor was beautiful, not cheap and tacky like a lot of bowling alleys. This wasn’t a place you took your buddies on a Saturday night for beer and billiards, this was a place you took someone you wanted to… impress.

Caroline’s face softened when Klaus murmured his next words.

“I Wanted to take you somewhere you could relax and… have fun, but not a place that…” He caught her eyes in his. “You always deserve the best, Caroline.”

She frowned gently and swallowed. He meant it didn’t he?

Klaus was supposed to be supremely evil and he’d proven that he was over and over again, yet, there were moments like these. She just didn’t understand it. He was so different, a man with several sides to himself. A hybrid king of selfishness one minute, and a doting boyfrie- companion, the next.

Sometimes she didn’t know why this man valued her so much.

Caroline placed her hand over his that rested on the steering wheel and said nothing, but smiled at him when he hesitantly looked into her eyes.

“I’ll turn around and go back and pay if you want… The damage for the hole in the floor, too.” He said, his eyes asking her silently if she really cared about this that much. And if so, telling her he would go back and fix it.

He was such an enigma.

crazychicke asked:

What did you think of 4x13? I'm dying of Stebekah/Delena/Beremy/Klaroline feels. "If you're capable of love, you're capable of being saved..." I CAN'T..

well, I wasn’t really paying attention to what was going on on Lost 2.0 because the cure is stupid and I don’t like, Shane, or Silas (nor do I ship Beremy…I don’t really ship Bonnie with anyone, sorry!) but basically:

Stebekah: LOVED it. I loved Rebekah’s speech to him about how the Originals are not different from the Scooby Gang and that she’s tired of everybody just automatically assuming she hates Elena and if she did, she has every right to…she did nothing to Elena, she wanted to be Elena’s friend but then Elena turned around and literally stabbed her in the back. so, I guess Elena has just as much of a right to hate Rebekah because of what happened at the end of S3, but the difference is Elena, once again does not see how she is wrong. she doesn’t believe she is in the wrong. she just doesn’t get it and that’s why Rebekah is upset because is Elena had been in her position, the entire world would have bent over backwards to fix it.

oops….didn’t mean to turn that into a Rebekah/Elena rant lol…Stebekah- uhm when she jumps and grabs his arm and his hand covers hers and he sorta pulls her in to make her feel better? ADORABLE. just adorable. my worst fear is that Stefan is gonna drop her like a hot potato when and if he and Elena turn human again. and then I will sob a million tears and never be okay again.

Delena: I’m beyond proud of what Damon said to Elena. I feel awful for him that he had to do so and, once again Elena doesn’t understand anyone else’s feelings, but I love everything he said to her about not wanting to be human, about not wanting her to be human so she doesn’t run back to Stefan because for the first time in his life, Damon finally has something semi-good going for him and he’s terrified of losing it.

Klaroline: akdjfal;skdjfal;skdjgl;ksajgl;askjdg;lsdjgl;sakdjg;salkjg. nope. done. I cannot even.

I already ranted about Klaus and why he did it in this post but basically I don’t blame him for what he did to Caroline that put them in that situation. I blame Caroline and Tyler because they provoked him and we all know what happens when Klaus feels backed into a corner and/or provoked. terrible, bad things. it doesn’t make it right, but that’s just who Klaus is and it seems like nobody remembers that.

but I love that Caroline was able to see how that really illustrated just how deep the pain and hurt goes. I’ve been analyzing this scene and Klaus’ body language and what he says nonstop just like the rest of the world lol but I love how accurately it showed his self loathing and his vulnerability and how he really is his own worst enemy through his dialogue- “…call it boredom.” “maybe it’s because i’m pure evil and I can’t help myself.” “but you can’t, can you?” “you’re hallucinating.” he tries to convince himself that he doesn’t care, he tires to push her away because he doesn’t understand the severity of his feelings towards Caroline until she spells it out for him because the man has been through so much shit in his life because he has forgotten how to love. and Caroline sees that. she sees that he’s not heartless, she sees through his walls and bullshit she understands him because she’s been there too. she’s felt worthless and like there’s not a soul in the world who gives a damn about her. she understands and, for a 1000+ years, that is all Klaus has been looking for…someone to see him for who he really is because his siblings don’t even see him that way. at least they haven’t in a long time and that’s absolutely tragic because they are the people he loves most in this world…I’d even say that he loves them more than his own life.

I was a Klaus groupie waaayyyy before Klaroline and my main otp for Klaus will always be Klaus/life Klaus/family but his family isn’t around for him right now like they should be. he doesn’t trust them the way he wants to be able to trust them. I mean, Kol died thinking his brother plotted his own death (sobs), Rebekah is over him and his daggers (which I would be too but she doesn’t get that’s not only his way of lashing out but he’s protecting them, at least that’s how he saw it in the past. he doesn’t want them, specifically her, leaving his sights because if she does that, what would have happened if she got in trouble with, say, Mikael? sure, you can argue self preservation because Mikael would have set a trap for Klaus using one of his siblings in a heartbeat but he’s protecting them from ever being put in that situation) because all Rebekah sees is he’s annoyed with her. and then his relationship with Elijah is constantly on shaking ground and- think about it…to a kid who grew up with a father who hated him, who do you think he’s going to turn to for that fatherly guidance that he’s not getting? bingo- Elijah. sure, we can see that Elijah still plays that role to Klaus and Klaus desperately wants Elijah to be in his life (not that Klaus would admit that in the first place) because, all the doppelganger drama and other shit aside, they have a very close bond. but, the sad thing is, Elijah plays that role only when it’s convenient for him and not when it’s convenient for Klaus.

so, while my first otp for Klaus will always be his family, they are not able to help him. Caroline is. Caroline can. and, hallucinations or not (which I personally don’t believe she was because of a previous werewolf bite situation/death bed scene we’ve seen before- cough cough Rose and Damon cough) she has put herself in a very precarious situation. she cannot turn her back on Klaus now- she cannot afford to do that no matter what that means for her relationship with Tyler. she stripped Klaus bare with their heart to heart, he was practically naked in front of her and you could see him desperately trying to stop it, to put his walls back up, to stop looking so vulnerable and weak but now she’s seen it and has no choice but to help him. if she doesn’t, if it was all a lie, that would ruin Klaus. he’d finally, after 1000+ years flips the switch and turn off all of his emotions and I personally think if that were to happen, not even his siblings- the people he loves most in this world- could save him then.

if Caroline wants to see him change, she will have to be the one to help him. it won’t be easy on either end but she obviously sees something worth fighting for and that alone means the world and more to Klaus who has spent his 1000+ year life time running from the man who raised him, being told he was unlovable, that he was a monster, that he is incapable of remorse and love and anything good, being told he’s worthless.

but he’s not. and Caroline told him so and, in doing so, gave him a reason to live when he so desperately needs one- just like he did for her in 3x11. it’s come full circle and now they can move forward:)

wow…sorry for such a long answer…I just have a lot of feelings lol! I wrote a drabble for it, too, if you’re interested!

thanks for asking. I’m already excited for 4x14! what did you think??:)



Belvafore I Dukes Of Mystic Falls [Trailer]

crazychicke answered: klaroline dinner party! klaroline bowling (lol), klaroline horseriding… good luck!

Alright i’m going to do these all I promise, but it’s late so I’ll do the others tomorrow

:) Here goes the dinner party…



Caroline bustled around the kitchen, checking pots and steaming pans as she wiped her hands on an apron that was tied around her waist. “Okay okay, the veggies are almost done, the chicken is cooking, the dessert is-”

Caroline’s eyes bugged as she started to panic. “The dessert! I forgot the dessert!” Quickly shaking her head at herself as she started cursing, the blonde vampire ran to the freezer. All she found inside were ice cubes, some steaks, and a couple of frozen pizzas she’d gotten on a late night snack run not too long ago. She loved her housemate, with all her heart she adored that Original, but Klaus still hadn’t gotten used to keeping actual food around now that Caroline was living with him. Sure, he consumed things other than blood, every vampire did, but he wasn’t great with the junk food selection.

These yummy frozen pizzas however were NOT going to help with Caroline's dilemma at the moment. “Shit!” She yelled, feeling like a total flake for not remembering to make a dessert for tonight, or at least buying a freaking pie at the grocery store!

She’d wanted this dinner party to be perfect! It had taken literally months to finally get her friends to accept that she and Klaus were a couple now. The two were living together, they were in love, and Miss Forbes wanted her friends- her family -to be okay with that.

It wasn’t easy.

But they were finally coming around, and the fact that Klaus had no longer been threatening their lives helped a lot. So tonight was a sort of… truce, you could say? A hopeful end to all the hate towards her and Klaus’ relationship. To be honest she didn’t really expect Elena to ever come around, and Caroline understood that, but her friend was at least trying now.

The point was, this dinner was supposed to be awesome and something had already gone wrong.

The timer dinged and Caroline walked towards the stove to check on the casserole. Yeah yeah, she knew, casserole. She felt like June Cleaver, but give her a break it was her mom’s recipe.

When she reached out for the oven’s door handle she stumbled and was a split second away from hitting her head on the counter when two strong arms wrapped around her waist and caught her. Caroline silently berated herself for wearing heels today and turned in her lover’s embrace. She smiled. “Thanks,” she told him.

“No problem, love. Maybe you should change out of those.” He nodded to her shoes.

Caroline looked down and was about to agree when her eye caught the sight of a plastic grocery bag on the ground. “What’s that?”

Klaus turned then looked back into her eyes. “I picked up some dessert. I wasn’t sure you had time to prepare one so-”

Before he could finish she wrapped her arms around him and hugged tightly. “Oh thank you so much!” She pulled back and kissed him before smiling brightly. “I was just freaking over what I was gonna serve for dessert! What'ya get?”

Klaus smiled, his darling’s bright grin and happiness warming him whole. “Two chocolate french silk pies. Got them at the bakery in town.”

Caroline hugged him again before bending down and retrieving the pies. She was glad to see they hadn’t been turned upside down when they’d hit the floor. Wait, why… “Klaus why’re they on the floor right now?”

She stood and he frowned. “I must’ve dropped them when I saw you stumbling… Do they look alright?”

She smiled warmly at him then pecked his cheek. “They’re fine.”

Sticking the dessert in the fridge Caroline let out a thankful sigh. At least that was taken care of, now if only she could get a guarantee that the rest of the night would go well…

Klaus wrapped his arms around her, knowing how nervous she’d been about this dinner ever since she had planned it. “It’s going to be fine, sweetheart.” He murmured.

Caroline let out a breath and leaned into his chest. He always helped calm her. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Klaus leaned down and started resting worshipful kisses across her neck when his girl suddenly shouted, “Oh shoot! The casserole!”

crazychicke replied to your post: My heart is breaking a little tonight….

Why are you giving him up? :’( That’s heartbreaking. I hope someone adopts him. Here if you need a hug or someone to talk to.

It’s really not even my dog, it’s my mom’s but I’m always over her house so he became like a family dog. My mom is downsizing into a smaller apartment and they don’t take pets. We were hoping to have a home for him by now (she’s moving Friday) but the one we had planned fell through. I just feel so bad because he’s so loving and the thought of him being caged in a shelter hurts my heart. I’m taking you up on the offer of a hug because I so need one right now! 

first lisa, you are like the biggest triles clew and zaya shipper and I am so glad you love drew. he is my bb always. 

erica-I am beyond happy you love duncan, logan and piz with veronica. finally someone who likes duncan thank the lord!

lyndall-girl I cant believe how so pretty your banner is I used it for my background. I love how much you love all of veronicas pairings as much as I do. 

you guys are just so much fun to talk with :)

Klaroline drabble request #3 for crazychicke. (its kind of got horseriding in it...) Anyone who has a klaroline drabble request send me a message! :3

crazychicke requested: Klaroline horseriding 

(it’s kind of in here… at the end. Idk my muse got away from me im sorry, i hope you still like it!)


She was breathless. Caroline had never been breathless before, but right now, standing right here, in front of a wide open pasture, she wasn’t even capable of speech.

Beautiful bright green grass, a few cows grazing in the distance… and two horses. Two gorgeous horses, one dark brown with white rimming the tops of its hooves, and the other with a soft white coat. Its back was speckled with spots of gray just like its hind legs. Both the animals’ manes and tails were long and flowing, swishing in the wind as the creatures stood before Caroline with their big kind eyes.

She felt like she was shoved in the chest with the effort it took for her to suck in a breath when she finally did. The wounds she had from the attack a few days ago still hurt, she was still healing…

That was what had gotten her here. The attack. And maybe at the time she wouldn’t have said anything was worth that much pain, but now, she could almost say that it was.

It all boiled down to some vampire gang that had come to Mystic Falls with a plan to basically snack on most of the townspeople and turn the rest, add them to their little evil mob. The problem for Caroline was, she had been the only one aware of this.

Well, the only one who’d believed that something dangerous was in town.

For some reason, when Caroline had noticed a few new faces in Mystic Falls, she’d felt immediately on edge. She couldn’t explain it, she just did not trust the newcomers and had seen several of them over at the Mystic Grill playing pool one night.

She’d confided in her friends, telling them she didn’t know what it was, but she didn’t like the looks of these guys.

No one had listened. Elena was too busy dealing with Damon crap to notice anything wrong, Stephan was too busy looking for a cure, Jeremy was still all weirded out over his new Vampire Hunter status, Matt was fawning over April, Bonnie was majorly magic focused, and Tyler was (of course) working overtime with Haley to break sire bonds on hybrids.

So when Caroline, little bubble-brain Forbes, had talked to everyone and explained what she was feeling, no one believed her. They all thought she was paranoid. Even Tyler.

That had actually caused a huge fight, close to a breakup type of argument. There was a lot of stuff about Haley and Klaus thrown around and… Caroline would rather not relive it.

The point is, even after three days of trying to convince her friends that something was up, no one would even get off their butts to look for the newcomers in town. The biggest problem being, nobody else had seen these shady people in Mystic Falls except for her. No one.

Finally she’d gone to Klaus, and he had believed her. Of course, he too hadn’t seen anybody suspicious or new, but he’d believed her and said he’d search around. She’d been grateful for that, but asked him not to do anything should he find them, not until he talked with her again.

Surprisingly, he’d agreed. And Caroline had felt a little better.

Though another day passed, and she’d been getting edgy as well as impatient. She felt like she was being watched and she hated it!

It was a series of unlikely and sucky events that had led to a very frustrated Caroline marching up to the mysterious new arrivals one night, when she’d finally spotted them again. In the alley behind the Grill.

Not her smartest move, especially when she was alone and started her introduction with, “Who the hell are you people?!”

They’d all sneakily surrounded her, distracted her by talking about their plans and finishing each other’s sentences. It was way too creepy.

At the end of their dumb speech about how they were planning to take over Mystic Falls, they’d said that they felt she should know considering she had asked and was about to die anyway.

Dramatic much?

However, they jumped on her right then, before she could blink. And Caroline had found herself in an outnumbered brawl. The vampires were all stronger than her, cruel, not against playing with their target before ultimately going in for the kill. They were older and vicious, more experienced and God the pain they caused her was awful. Worse than vervain soaked cloths covering her lips and sunlight burning her back. They had bitten her just to make jagged teeth marks in her skin and see her blood trickle out. They’d sliced at her face and stomach with knives, succeeding in leaving a wound on her cheek and three along her belly. She fought with everything she had, getting in a punch here, a kick there. She would throw one of them away just to get pounced on by another a split second later.

Caroline searched for a chance to run, a way out. For a moment she’d thought that she’d had it, she’d gotten five feet away from the fray when a harsh grip on her hair dragged her back and she was swung down hard onto the concrete. Why no one could hear her screams was obvious, while she’d been fighting she couldn’t get even a chance to blink let alone yell, and now her mouth had been covered as well as her limbs pulled taut.

A stake and a dirty knife were both wiggled in front of her like a cruel puppet show,  and the vamp holding the blade raised his arm to aim as Caroline’s muffled pleas and begging eyes laid helplessly beneath him and the rest.

But then his mouth opened and blood spilled out, his eyes wide with pain as his face began turning to stony ash. Caroline whimpered and heard a venomous growl close by, and the rest of her attackers began to be picked off one by one. They left her lying on the ground and she breathed in a lungful of air, coughing when it burned. She saw them all fighting someone else, the evil gang of assholes losing quickly to what Caroline could only tell was one opponent.

The growling never stopped, but she could make out no familiar voices asides from the ones that belonged to those who had hurt her. Then finally, she caught a glimpse of Klaus. He was furious, beyond wrath and anger, he put a whole new meaning to the word murderous as he wretched off the heads of those he was fighting.

Well honestly there wasn’t much fight, more just him winning and beating these cruel vampires to a pulp.

When he’d plunged his hand into the chest of his last victim, Caroline heard him speak with bitter and malice and hate.

“You touched the wrong girl, mate.”

Then it was all over. The following events happened in a blur. Klaus ran to her, asking her if she was alright even though his eyes told her he wouldn’t believe it if she said yes.

But she didn’t say yes. She shook her head in the negative and allowed him to pick her up. He charged through town, being careful not to jostle her too much because he noticed that when he did she whimpered in agony. She had blood dripping everywhere, the scratch on her cheek the most unsightly thing next to the savage fang marks covering her arms. Bruises were forming quickly, she had matching black eyes and there was blood seeping through her hair onto his chest where her head rested.

He got her back to his home, and with every injury found, his hatred and anger grew. The desire to kill and torture those vampires he’d already done away with, for a hundred years sang to him like a sweet desire. Klaus had cleaned Caroline up, given her blood as soon as possible (his own), and since he knew she wouldn’t drink from a human he sent one of his hybrids to go out and grab some blood bags.

That night had passed slowly and in agony for Caroline. She had broken ribs, what felt like a crushed chest, a twisted ankle, cuts and bruises everywhere, and she’d fallen asleep almost within fifteen minutes of being bundled into Klaus’ bed.

Since then, three days had passed. Klaus didn’t want her to go, he’d told her so the day following the night of the attack. He offered her everything she could need, blood and a warm bath, privacy and just a place where she would be safe. Caroline could tell he was still fuming at her being hurt, because every. single. time. she limped or hissed in pain or coughed, he got this look on his face right after he would come close and ask her if she was alright.

She hadn’t the desire to leave, nor the heart to say no to his invitation. She thanked him and told him it wasn't necessary, but he’d disagreed, and insisted. Though the look on his face seemed more like hope.

Tyler had of course found out quickly, what with Caroline being at his sire’s house and all. He’d been ready to take her back home, take care of her, watch over her.

But she’d said no. She didn’t want to talk to him, she was still angry, furious with him. For the fight, for all the things they’d yelled at each other, and for the fact that he hadn’t believed her. For the fact that when Haley had come into the room while Tyler was trying to convince his girlfriend to come home with him, Mr. Lockwood had excused himself and told Caroline: “Just a second, Haley needs me.”

That was the decision maker really. That and the fact she was still angry with him with things asides from all this Haley business. And of course she couldn’t call her friends, none of them had believed her. And she wasn’t saying the attack was their fault, because it wasn’t, she had been stupid. Supremely stupid. But she still felt like an outcast with them right now. They were all… They never trusted her with anything. Or at least that’s what it felt like.

Once Tyler had left she’d been almost ready to just go home and take care of herself. But then Klaus had offered to take her away from Mystic Falls for the week. He said she didn’t have to, but if she did he thought it would be good for her, and he would be there the whole time to make sure nothing happened to her.

So here she stood, on a horse farm upstate. It was like a freaking fairytale, and Caroline still couldn’t really believe it. Klaus knew how she felt about horses. She told him! And now she was going to get to ride one.

He owned a beautiful house about ten miles away, but he’d told her that this was what he’d planned on showing her by bringing her away from Mystic Falls.

Walking dazedly over to the white horse, Caroline reached out and stroked it’s sun warmed fur, smiling softly.

Klaus came up behind her. “Are you ready, love?”

She nodded, allowing him to help her up onto the horse as her riding boot slipped through the stirrup. Thank God for vampire healing or her wounds from the fight would’ve been much worse than they were, definitely too tender to go horseback riding.

She situated herself, getting comfortable and looking over at Klaus as he hopped onto his own ride. The Brit shot her a kind grin and they were off.

As pleasant conversation and laughter took hold, Caroline wished for the day to never end.