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At first he looks like, Uh what!?! He never intended to take the throne, all he  wanted was to make sure his father knew that Thor would not be great as king because of how war happy he is. I mean, even Thor at the end of The Dark World was like, Dude you picked the wrong guy for king, it should have been Loki! Because even he knew that Loki really did care about Asgard, he didn’t want to see his people hurt or go to war for no reason. Even in the Avengers and Thor the Dark World he still cared about his people and their welfare of having Thor as king; and to his credit he had reason to worry because Thor was a pretty arrogant ass who was like, smash and kill things then ask questions later which doesn’t make for great traits of a king. Loki has always been a talker more than a fighter, Someone who says, let’s think about this before fighting happens, which is exactly what makes a great leader! He was promised the throne as much as Thor, and then he was made a king. Loki should have been the rightful king because of his diplomacy skills. (more)

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To the people refusing to believe that AAVE (same with Spanglish) is a language because it's technically English, look at your own history of your own "English" language. English wasn't always English, in fact it's actually a mix of French Normandy and German. Back in the day when Normandy was taking over the British Isles and fighting the German Anglo Saxons, the people who lived there had to cope with the language changing so English was born. Just food for thought. cont:

Cont: All languages come from another language, so if somebody is saying that AAVE is another language, LISTEN, because your own damn language came into being the same damn way!

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I wonder if I have PTSD. I had a pretty traumatic childhood growing up and I don't remember a lot from my past (ages 1-7). I've also been emotionally abused my whole life though I wasn't really physically abused, there are even times where I have panic attacks because something triggers a memory and I go back for a sec. I've even woken up afraid because I thought I was back in the situation again, even though I'm not and loud noises can scare me. Could I have it?

Judging by the symptoms you listed, it does sound like you might have PTSD. Remember that there isn’t a specific list of traumas that you can get PTSD from, and emotional abuse is definitely a common cause of PTSD.

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Can I just tell you how much I love LOVE your cast for Bane,not to mention the others you casted, mainly because that is who actually should have played him. They white washed Bane, just going to put it out there, he is from a fictional Spanish colonized Island in the Caribbean, at least in the comics and they white washed him to be some type of weird English white dude! I had ALWAYS visions Javier Bardem playing Bane! ALWAYS!!! I know I'm white, BUT COME ON WHITE PEOPLE!!! JUST COME ON!!

Santione: It’s not actually our cast, but yes it is AWESOME. Now that you said that, is Bardem really the right choice? Shouldn’t someone not just Spanish speaking, but Spanish speaking from the Carribbean be casted? 

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On being equally oppressed, some are actually oppressed more than others. Say a straight, white cis gendered woman isn't as oppressed as a woman who is a poc or a lesbian because she doesn't have to deal with those extra things. Not that it's a contest, yes oppression sucks equally and all forms of hate need to go as of yesterday, but people in general are not all equally oppressed. A white gay man has no idea what a gay woman or a gay woman of color goes through. Correct me if I'm wrong please.

Santoine: Nah, you got it good.

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I never really thought about it like that, it would be better to have somebody from an island that is Spanish colonized in the Caribbean.I just thought I could TOTALLY see him way more than the actor who actually played Bane. I was a bit disappointed that they didn't stick to the comic to be honest and that they made it all white instead of adding poc to play the characters that actually are poc in the comic.

Santoine: lol they never stick to the comics. They’re allergic to diversity.

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I wanted to do a reversion of Les Miserable called Gay Miserable featuring a wide variety of cast members, some poc and others who aren't but all being queer and trans ID. I want to have one character played by either a woc and then possibly have their daughter be of a different race. What do you guys think, should I do that or I keep mother and daughter the same race?

Kamanitree: That’s your personal preference I guess. If it’s an adopted daughter, I don’t see why she can’t be of a different race if you want her to be…