Support the #Calico8 guys! This group of seniors are having their senior memories taken away because of a harmless prank.

I know it seems petty, but we have trended several times today for the Calico8. It stems from a sr prank. Seven others and I went into the school and moved all of the desks and chairs out into the hallways. We didn’t break anything and we had keys so we technically didn’t even break in. Then Keeler window chalked Sr class of 2014 on the front doors. The school freaked out and called the cops the next morning and we all got suspended and we can’t go to prom, play sports, give our graduation speeches, park at the school, or participate in any other school related event. So we are making it viral to help our cause. We are holding our own prom and whatnot, and we need support to make the news. Please help us go viral! #crazy8 #calico8