The Peroxide Debate

Ok. It’s sad. In fact, it is worse than that, it is a desperate attempt to change my identity. Yes, the cliché change-my-identity-now-I’m-a-bit-older. I bleached my hair. Why? Because I was absolutely sick to death with the stereotypical “Rachel from Friends” safe highlights - I was cute, young and unchanged, everything I am avoiding. I didn’t do it because I was sick of my personality, I was just sick of what my look gave off. All of my friends accepted me as the predictable one. This is not what I wanted. But is this what makes me predictable? You know, the stereotypical girl changing her hairstyle because that’s what identity is all about. Ha. Yep, I’m actually laughing at my own actions.

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the signs two most likely hogwarts houses

aries: gryffindor or slytherin

taurus: hufflepuff or slytherin

gemini: slytherin or ravenclaw

cancer: gryffindor or hufflepuff

leo: gryffindor or slytherin

virgo: slytherin or gryffindor

libra: hufflepuff or slytherin

scorpio: hufflepuff or ravenclaw

sagittarius: gryffindor or ravenclaw

capricorn: slytherin or ravenclaw

aquarius: gryffindor or ravenclaw

pisces: hufflepuff or gryffindor