Listen, I’m so used to changing the lyrics of LWWY to “let’s go crazy fuckin mental till we see the sun” that the normal lyrics don’t sound right anymore


January starts off with a kick
still a sophomore counting down each tick
The report card reads fine and dandy
and the portfolio will come in handy
Take a break with tickets to stomp
New studio time to romp
February begins with a lot of stress
Dreaming of baths, beds and home I must confess
Snow and ice keep a class closed
under blankets and pillows I stay composed
March is here and its as crazy as a hare
Drag queens dance in the bingo flare
April came with a sigh of relief
and with a paper in hand it was brief
May brought on freedom and a car that await
blogs, posts and timelines mark out dates
June held the sun but dropped like the moon
a ticket to see max and more tickets soon
Camp fires and marshmallows round out the night
empty bottles and pond water till we see morning light
Rain came and umbrellas out
tears collect and the news paper puts out the doubt
Funerals and caskets and cold hands
memories and graves stones nothing planed
July rises the spirits of frowns
Tickets, lines, bands and maps of new towns
Signed cds and bruises from the tour
a day that brought on happiness like never before
August comes fast and stays awhile
clay shark back to cleveland fake smile
A factory to be brought down, a rubber duck
county fair supplies fries, backpacks, and half off luck
Training day sun burns and fake meat
live up to the name to get the seat
September a month of bitching
Printing, youtube, religion and to much touching
Started from the bottom now were here
not much further from the bottom dear
Goodbye rubber duck, wood glass and all
it was ashamed to see bricks, metal and steal fall
blood moon parking garage singing out to the clouds
hustle past the golden leaves and crowds
October warmed the bones with fall oceans
School bus, thrift shop pants and witches potions
Box in a crowd room, empty cups and bright lights
stuffed Photo Booth, stuffed car staying up all night
Tickets to the inappropriate dead
purse gone religious stadium not talking from their head
November sucks thats about it
facebook rant romanticize art talking shit
December heals with gardens, hearts and calls
tickets to the agora halls
bloody rags, signed music and ringing ears
a scared lip that will be there for years
Coffee shop talk and wet mouths
a week gone bye going south
phone rings, messages sent, phone full
hair shorter, bleach lightened, new year take your toll

~ lets go crazy crazy till we see the sun by harleenxoxo featuring red denim shorts ❤ liked on Polyvore

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