Line Tattoos (pt.2)

My first piece of cc on this site were these very simple line tattoos. And I really loved those so I wanted to make a second set. A Big Shoutout to @bratfish who helped me kinda maxis match these out before I went crazy!!

  • these are 7 tattoos on one upper chest tattoo slot. Each swatch is a different tattoo.
  • it should have its own custom thumbnail
  • base game compatible
  • please let me know if you have any issues with these!!




the signs as girlfriends
  • Aries: is the girlfriend that acts like one of the guys but has a romantic streak. Aries girls like to buy their lovers gifts and show their love through grand gestures. Aries is the girlfriend that can have a fiery temper and get mad quite easily. Aries girlfriends can be hardheaded and stubborn. Aries is the girlfriend that will be more sensitive and insecure than she acts. The Aries girlfriend will be an independent girl who likes to do things on her own and will not want a smothering or clingy type of lover. Aries is the girlfriend who needs excitement and passion in her love life or she will get bored and move on. She also might like a little drama to keep things spicy in the relationship.
  • Taurus: is the girlfriend that will like to serve her lovers and cook them dinner and clean the house. Taurus is a very stubborn girlfriend that likes to get her way. She has a deep romantic streak and will love to lay around with her lovers on sunny afternoons. Taurus girlfriends will be independent and will want a lover who is the same. She wants a mature lover that can she can trust to build a life with. Taurus girlfriends are very loyal and committed. She likes the idea of marriage and children. She wants that boring yet beautiful life. Taurus is the girlfriend that your mother would approve of because she is a hardworking girl with her own money, her own car, and her own place. Taurus girlfriends can be very possessive and jealous of their lovers, though.
  • Gemini: is the girlfriend that likes to talk a lot. She is very social and loves going out to parties and clubs. She will want a lover that can keep up with her mentally and also keep her entertained. Gemini is the girlfriend that can get bored very easily and move on to the next. Gemini girlfriends need excitement. Gemini is the girlfriend that loves to laugh and watch goofy movies with her lover. She likes to talk about everything under the sun and then go have drinks with friends. Gemini is the girlfriend that your mother might have problem with because she's either covered in tattoos and crazy hair or she speaks her mind easily. Gemini is the girlfriend that is smart and witty and all your friends like her.
  • Cancer: is the girlfriend who will bake you cakes on your birthday and spend forever making the icing and sprinkles look just right. She is the girlfriend that wants to have children and a life with you. She is ready to be a mother and she is ready for marriage. She can fall in love easily. She may have a hard time getting over past relationships. Cancer is the girlfriend that will make you feel at home. She will remember everything about you and will make sure that you are comfortable and happy. Cancer is the sentimental girlfriend that cries during romance movies. Cancer is the girlfriend that can be very moody and gets hurt easily. She will be passive-aggressive. Cancer is the girl who is innocent, almost.
  • Leo: is the girlfriend that always wants to take selfies with her lover. Leo is the girlfriend who likes to show her lover off to the world, especially when they are attractive. Leo is the girlfriend that needs attention and praise to feel happy in her relationship. She wants to be adored and treated as a queen by her lover. Leo is the girlfriend that will laugh a lot and love to have fun. She will always be willing to go on new adventures. Leo is the girlfriend that is warm and generous. She likes to buy her lovers gifts and take them out on dates. Leo wants their lover to feel special but they also want to feel special themselves.
  • Virgo: is the girlfriend that can be very critical and nit-picky, but she is so loyal and faithful. Virgo is the girlfriend that will be by your side through it all. Virgo is the girlfriend that is serving to you. She will cook, clean, or bring you drinks, but it is because she wants to do those things. She is the girlfriend that wants to make you happy. Virgo is the girlfriend that can be a little cool at times and may have a hard time expressing her love through words but she will always express her love through actions and sensuality. Virgo is a sensual girlfriend who likes to lay at home in bed with you as you both read books or talk about something new.
  • Libra: is the girlfriend who is romantic and likes the idea of rose petals. Libra is the girlfriend who is willing to please her partner. She wants to make her lover feel as happy as possible. Libra girlfriends don't like to cause a lot of drama and want a peaceful and harmonious relationship. Libra is the girlfriend that can be controlling, though. Libra girlfriends will enjoy talking and laughing. She will like to go out and be social with you and her friends. Libra girlfriends like to go to parties and clubs with their lovers. Libra is the girlfriend that is a little too flirty but doesn't mean anything by it. Libra is the girlfriend that will show her love through romantic words and actions.
  • Scorpio: is the girlfriend who has deep and intense feelings for her lover. Scorpio girlfriends will love their significant others strongly and feel very passionately towards them. Scorpio girlfriends can be very jealous and possessive of their lovers, though. Scorpio is the girlfriend that is suspicious and wants to look at your phone. Scorpio is also the girlfriend that will just know if you are lying. Scorpio is the girl that will show her love through words and sex. Scorpio is the girlfriend that has a need for sex and isn't happy if there is a lack of it in her relationship. Scorpio is the girlfriend that needs to know that you love her.
  • Sagittarius: is the girlfriend who likes to go on adventures with you and your friends. She likes to go camping and fishing and hiking. Sagittarius is the girlfriend who has a very carefree nature and doesn't care too much about who you hang out with. Sagittarius girlfriend is smart and loves to learn. She also likes to share her knowledge with her lovers. Sagittarius girlfriend will need her space and alone time. Sagittarius is the girlfriend that likes to take her lovers exploring through the woods or perhaps to try out a new restaurant. Sagittarius girls show they love you by sharing experiences with you.
  • Capricorn: is the girlfriend who is hardworking and is independent. She is the loyal and committed girlfriend. Capricorn girlfriends can be a little old-fashioned and want to get married and start a family with their lovers. Capricorn girls will want a lover that is just as independent and capable as her. Capricorn is the girlfriend that can be very serious but has a strange sense of humor. Capricorn is the girlfriend that is quiet and likes to watch movies. Capricorn is the girlfriend that will buy her lover gifts and spend money on them. This is how she shows her love as well as through practical things.
  • Aquarius: is the girlfriend that is the strangest girlfriend you've had. She is funny and goofy. Aquarius is the girlfriend that needs her space and alone time. Aquarius will not want a clingy or possessive lover. Aquarius girlfriends need their freedom and will hate to feel restricted. Aquarius is the girlfriend that tells her friends everything. Aquarius is the girlfriend that likes to talk for hours on the phone about aliens and astrology and crystals. Aquarius is the one that has a humanitarian heart and wants to adopt kids with you and live in India. Aquarius is a loyal girlfriend if you keep her mentally happy.
  • Pisces: is the girlfriend that texts you a lot. Pisces is the girl that is always looking for a lover that can connect with her on a soul level. Pisces is the girlfriend that writes poetry about her lovers and sends them songs to listen to so that they can feel what she is feeling. Pisces is the girlfriend that gets her feelings hurt easily and is defensive. She is clingy and jealous of her lovers. Pisces is the girlfriend that will make you dinner, buy you a gift, and make you a card for you birthday or Valentine's. Pisces has a romantic streak and will show her love through words as well as physically. Pisces is the girlfriend that dreams of having three children with you and living in Paris or near the beach.
  • *can also apply to moon sign
JNPR Headcanons (sorry, it's long)

•It’s obvious that Ren & Nora, and Jaune & Pyrrha are besties. But Ren & Jaune are bros while Nora & Pyrrha are like sisters

•Actually, the team is one family

•Edit: Everyone on this show has their own inner demons just like we do. They’re not perfect and they struggle with their own issues, team JNPR especially
-Jaune really cares about what others think of him and works so hard to be a hero and lovable and kind
-Nora is sort of the same way only her anxiety manifests itself as constantly moving and babbling. She really tries not to come off as a pest (& she isn’t) bc she doesn’t want anymore people leaving her (bc they always do). Sometimes the words of others effect her more than she let’s on (which leads to issues w/ her & Ren later in their relationship)
-Pyrrha cares more about people seeing her for who she really is. She not a trophy that’s won. She’s not a centerpiece. She’s Pyrrha
-Ren doesn’t really try to be more sociable. He knows that his quietness comes off as being shy, but those who know him know that he simply doesn’t have much to say. He does make his opinions known, though, and when he speaks more, you know that he thinks you’re trustworthy. His main issue is talking about what’s wrong. He gets so silent when he’s upset or angry. The only person that can crack him is his best friend.

•Jaune & Ren take turns being the dad (Jaune is Daddy Jaune in battle, Ren is Daddy Ren any other time)

•Pyrrha is mommy all the time

•When Jaune sees Nora, he thinks of one of his younger sisters & it makes him feel a bit less homesick

•Nora loves getting the team to do crazy shit like JNPR tattoos, sky diving, & swimming w/ Grimm sharks

•Speaking of tats
-They all have a JNPR tat with juniper berries & one of their emblem
-Nora has lighting bolts, boop, & a syrup bottle
-Jaune has a heart with ‘Arc Family’ on it
-Ren has the date of the attack on his village & Nora’s emblem
-Pyrrha has ‘Destiny’ written in a flower and her kids names

•As stated before, Nora & Pyrrha’s periods sync up and their boys handle it well

•Jaune bc he has sisters who go through the same thing & Ren bc he’s been with Nora forever

•Nora likes cuddles, heat, massages, sleep, & food during that time. She’s actually kind of of quiet during that time & a little more mopey

•Pyrrha is very irritable during that time and enjoys solitude unless she’s w/ Nora

•Birds of a feather suffer together

•The dress Jaune wore is actually Coco’s

•Bets get insane, esp when RWBY, CVFY, & SSSN are involved

•They do tons of partner sparring, but they love team sparring (every man for themselves)

•Nora & Pyrrha are the most well rounded with everyone else’s weapons, Ren coming after, & Jaune is last

•Pyrrha is the first awake to run, Nora gets up no later than 7 every morning, Jaune trudges along, Ren sleeps in bc fuck mornings

•They do team studying a lot which entails quizzes with candy for those who get questions right and punishment for getting it wrong

•It’s the only way Jaune or Nora will study for anything

•Jaune & Nora aren’t dumb. Jaune genuinely doesn’t get it sometimes and gets bored in class. Nora is smart, but lazy

•Pyrrha’s favorite class is Port’s. His lectures are interesting

•Jaune’s favorite class is… probably none… he’s not doing well in any right now…

•Nora’s favorite classes are Oobleck’s (watching him zip around is fun), Peach’s (science and explosions), Goodwitch’s (fighting), & her math class

•She’s a wiz at math

•Ren enjoys Port’s and Goodwitch’s classes

•They have a system where they copy Pyrrha’s notes if they miss something (they’re detailed af)

•Pyrrha is easily scared and reacts a little violently (punching shit) and she doesn’t do supernatural shit ever

•Edit: they’re all pretty chill about hanging around the dorm in undies and bras (it took Jaune some time, though)

•Jaune & Nora are DC fans. Ren & Pyrrha are Marvel fans. All enjoy X-ray and Vav

•They totally go to comic cons, cosplay, & gaming conventions together. You cannot tell me otherwise

•Passing the aux chord isn’t normally an issue until someone (Nora and Jaune) starts playing showtunes & rapping to Hamilton

•Ren is the only one who appreciates Yang’s puns

•Jaune & Ren are skilled cooks and normally don’t allow Pyrrha or Nora to help, but they do sometimes cut veggies and stir (Nora, stop adding spices right now! Pyrrha, do you even know what oregano is?)

•Jaune loves dead memes & is still raving about deez nuts & Harambe

•The group chat on ChatSnap is a total mess & any important info gets burried under memes, selfies, and videos
-Nora’s CS is mostly pictures of her team & friends
-Ren’s is filled with professional photos w/ some deep caption
-Pyrrha’s is clumsily trying to figure what she’s doing
-Jaune has awkward selfies & recordings of Pyrrha when she’s off guard

-Nora isn’t as bad as Yang or Qrow, but she’s no saint with cursing
-Ren doesn’t curse… out loud
-Jaune doesn’t unless he’s irritated
-You’d have to really push Pyrrha past her breaking point to get her to say fuck

•Edit: they totally have a naughty jar for swearing & making inappropriate jokes

•Edit: Nora is the go to person for charging scrolls, but is also the person to break them

•Edit: I like to think that she could be a defibrillator

•They often spend holiday break with Jaune’s family

•Ren, Nora, & Pyrrha have practically been adopted into the family

•Jaune’s older sisters work hard to get them all paired together-together

•If Pyrrha gets hurt, Jaune is worried but he’s not freaking out. He knows she can handle herself

•If Nora is hurt, Ren cannot focus & goes on a killing spree

•Jaune & Ren’s bro time is spent cooking, watching anime, or just talking

•They went to the doubles round during their 2nd year at Beacon
-Nora & Pyr the first year

•They mostly enjoy video games!
-Jaune is more into games like Myth of Welda, Remnant Bound, Underneath Remnant tale (totally uncreative), & trivia games
-Pyrrha likes the games at the arcade where you shoot stuff & party games (Xario Cart, Xario Partee, and Xario and Tonic at the Extremely Hard & Profesional Games)
-Nora likes anything violent (esp GTA)
-Ren doesn’t play very often, but is a God at rhythm/dance games (with Nora, those two are unbeatable & always get a perfect score)

-Nora is energetic, a little destructive after a few, & cannot hold her liquor
-Pyrrha is seductive af, but she rarely gets that far. Only once or twice
-Jaune is sleepier & clingy
-Ren very rarely drinks & can hold it exceedingly well

•Team bonding is normally spent watching a movie with pizza and cookies, bowling, arcades, or going out to dinner

•All team activities are classified as a double date when they’re dating

•Renora dated first, then Arkos

•There was a brief period where Nora actually broke up with Ren & Pyrrha was with her while Ren was with Jaune until they figured things out (I may write something on it later)

•However, it was Arkos that got married first

•The team are maids of honor & best men at each other’s weddings

•Pyrrha laced her bouquet with metal to control where it landed after she threw it (Nora “caught” it) -Ren proposed soon after in a quieter place

•If the couples argue, one normally goes to the other couple’s house to vent and cool down before going home

•Renora had 3 kids: Kensley, Ming, & Iman (adopted)

•Arkos had twins Louise & Eros

•Before the kids came, they went on team missions very often. After they’re all out of the house, they start again

•They also go on partner missions & swap who goes with who each time (Jaune/Nora, Ren/Pyrrha, couples, guys, girls)

•They often go on family vacations together & celebrate holidays because they’re one big family

•Pyrrha & Nora retire to teach at Signal

•Jaune & Ren join them soon afterwards

I am a pagan nanny, for a Christian family.

So, I am a nanny for a very Christian family, that family of which fired me when they found out about my spiritual path. However they since apologized, and I have received my job back. These kids that I nanny go to a Christian private school. This means dress codes. At this school colored hair is not allowed, you cannot have piercings or tattoos, your pants must always be at least to your knees. No tank tops, no sweat pants, only business casual clothing. And on Thursday’s they must dress super nice for Chapel. The oldest of the two that I care for has informed me that her class mates have created a nickname for me, “Punk” and on top of that, they have all said I look like the devil. I have 5 small tattoos, nose piercing, and bright green hair, and I do not conform to their standards of “modesty”. Every time I get out of my car to take the kids to an extracurricular activity such as sports or clubs, I receive the most judgemental stares from the grown ups, the faculty and the parents. This is the reason I am not longer Christian, but on top of that, my favorite thing to do when picking up the kids, is blast my pagan music in the pick up line!

For real though if you don’t listen to My Brother, My Brother, and Me (an advice show for the Modren Era), you have not yet been introduced to the ultimate Unproblematic Faves.

All three brothers:
-are rare examples of straight white male allies to the female, POC, and LGBT+ communities who are Doing It Right and always apologizing/learning from their mistakes if they happen to screw up (which we all do, bc we’re human)
-love their wives and are super proud of them, and frequently criticize the tired “nagging wife/asshole husband” dynamic that is so prevalent
-are always sex-positive and quick to condemn slut-shaming/shaming of any kind when it comes to sexual identity (including the ace community! I remember a specific instance where they were answering a question where a woman’s friend accused her of being “asexual” like it was a personality defect and the brothers were very clear in their response that the asexual community is real and faces a lot of social discrimination)
-have repeatedly denounced the Friend Zone as complete bullshit and are not afraid to let dudes know when they’re toeing that line or being otherwise creepy and inappropriate
-are personal friends of Lin-Manuel Miranda like what else do you want

Individually, Justin (the oldest brother):
-frequently encourages self-care in listeners, from the mundane (learn about new things, eat healthy and exercise, etc) to the less common (this fucking ASMR kick they’ve been on for months now idek)
-is a super cool dad and husband who brags all the time about how smart and awesome his wife (and co-host of Sawbones) is
-most likely to create memorable bit characters (Edward Shnowden, Tiny Amelie, etc)
-is honestly just a ray of sunshine who wants people to get along and not be terrible

Travis (the middlest brother):
-has a Great Beard and some really crazy tattoos
-paints his nails and encourages dudes to get manicures bc they’re relaxing
-co-hosts another show about manners and good etiquette with his wife
-definitely the show’s Butt Monkey but has a good attitude about it
-thank Travis for Travis

Griffin (the sweet baby brother)
-has perfect teeth he suffered to obtain
-threw a rock at a raccoon once
-possibly the most outspoken feminist of the three
-has a really impressive vocabulary
-unironically loves Carly Rae Jepsen and America’s Next Top Model

I could seriously go on for days about how much I love these guys and the podcast empire they’ve created but like… everyone, just please love yourselves and listen to MBMBaM.
**Start around ep. 30 though, not at the beginning. The brothers have said before (and I agree) that the first episodes are definitely not a good first impression. (But you gotta start at 30 to get the beginning of the fursecution arc.)


Pairing: Priestly x Reader

Word Count: 1200

Warnings: Swearing I think

Prompt: Priestly and Y/N close up and clean up the sandwich shop after being short staffed. They break the silence by playing a game of truth or truth, ending with some feelings being expressed.

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You smiled at Piper, taking the cleaning product from her hand. “Go home,” you encouraged, knowing Noah and Julia were there waiting for her. She wasn’t typically one to work late, but Jen called in sick and Tish was- well being Tish. That left you, Piper, Trucker and Priestly.

“Yeah, you too, Trucker,” Priestly said, motioning for Trucker to hand over the spray bottle and rag. “I think Y/N/N and I can handle it.”

Trucker gave Priestly a look, as if he really didn’t believe Pries could hold down the fort.

“Don’t worry,” you assured, noticing that look, “I’ll be here too.”

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VIXX: dating Ravi would include

▪ him thinking that it was fate when meeting you

 ▪ bc he’d been going through a tough time, and you just came in and sweeped him off his feet 

 ▪ as he did to you 

 ▪ I think he would be the type to deny his feelings at first, only bc he’s so focused on his work and he thinks he’ll be happy just doing that 

 ▪ but nope, you just had to smile and say his name and make him fall in love with you 

▪ then he knew there was no going back, and he had to make you his 

 ▪ he’d go as far as surprising you by coming early from his traveling and setting up your place to look romantic 

 ▪ then it’s all blushes and nervous chuckles and sweaty, trembling hands 

 ▪ but he’d go weak in the knees when you kiss him and he knows he’s done for 

▪ so soft and cuddly and intimate when he’s alone with you

 ▪ he’d tell you about his deepest secrets and dreams as he’s softly stroking your hair 

 ▪ and he’d ask about yours and smile when you mention him in your future 

 ▪ him introducing you to his little sister and you two immediately become best friends

 ▪ and he’d love that

 ▪ until she starts telling you about how much he talks about you and how he wants to marry you one day and how he thinks you’re a real angel 

 ▪ he’d blush so hard and tell you it’s not true

 ▪ but ofc it is, bc the other members will tell you the same lololol they betrayed Wonshik

▪ he loves it when you trace your fingertips lightly over his tattoos and ask what each one means to him

▪ you driving him crazy by kissing his tattoos oml

 ▪ you loving his husky laugh and doing practically anything to hear it 

▪ giving him the cutest nicknames and him blushing when you say it in public 

 ▪ over time you’d accept the fact that he’s always going to be busy with his work and his music, and being okay with that

 ▪ bc when he makes it up to you, you’d forget all about not seeing him for a while 

 ▪ you and him trying your best to make Leo laugh, until you’re both shoved away 

▪ him buying you the most expensive dresses and jewelry bc he wants you to feel like a queen 

▪ you being each others personal cheerleaders 

 ▪ he loves it when you come visit him in his studio and give him feedback on his work 

▪ which would ensue a lot A LOT of makeouts in the studio 

 ▪ constantly writing songs about you 

▪ asking the other members for help when trying to pick out a special present for you

 ▪ and they’d groan bc he’s so romantic when it comes to you

 ▪ but they high key ship your relationship and sneak lots of photos of you two when you’re together 

 ▪ esp Hongbin lmao that fool and his camera 

 ▪ him pulling you really close when sleeping bc he missed touching you and being this close when he was away

 ▪ will be speechless when he sees you in his shirts

 ▪ they probably won’t be on you for even a minute, be ready to be tackled 

 ▪ though sometimes he’ll ask you to wear them in public just to make the others jealous

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When Teddy was 17

(ooc: Based off the end of this post)

By the time Teddy was 17 he still hadn’t visited his parents grave. He guessed it was because he didn’t have anything to say, or just wasn’t brave enough. After his chat with Harry a couple of weeks earlier he changed his mind.

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