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I am not shy. Having a social disorder does not make you shy. I can be loud. I laugh a lot. I’m outspoken and will do crazy stuff. I can take up all the space and I can voice my opinion. I can take attention. But ONLY around people I’m comfortable with.

I get panicked at the shop. I can’t go shopping or anywhere on my own. I can’t pay for items by myself. I have to count my change 20 times first. If I can’t plan the conversation I won’t talk to them. Talking to people i don’t know is almost impossible and talking in front of people is torture. I have to rehearse the words yes Mrs every morning to answer a register. If I’m out alone i can’t breath. Someone is always judging me. The way I look, how i walk, the clothes i wear… if someone laughs it’s always at me. These thoughts will drown me. I am terrified of telling new people about my interests from fear of judgement. When out with friends i will always watch what i say, I might slip up otherwise and everyone will hate me. I worry my friends just don’t know how to get rid of me. Every. Single. Day. When I leave a social situation i always regret most of what I say and think nobody really likes me. They just tolerate me. When someone asks if I’m ok. I have to say yes. If I talk about my real feelings, they will think I’m annoying and won’t care. They will call me dramatic. So it’s easier to say I’m good. If a friend even jokes about me. I take it to heart and pretend it’s funny. The minute I’m alone, I think of ways to change. I dwell on awkward moments that I shouldn’t. I can’t make eye contact, its to much. I cross the street so I don’t pass anyone. I’m terrified when someone says can we talk. I have read this post about 100 times for mistakes, from fear someone will point out a flaw.

These are some of what I go through. But I am not shy. No where near. Don’t confuse the two. There’s shyness but there’s also social disorders. They are not the same thing.


Satine Kryze in 3.05

Hello! I deeply apologize for this hideous delay on replying - I’m usually a hermit, and I must confess that I get a bit overwhelmed with all this attention since I’m not used to it;;; Thus, I want to make clear that I truly, truly appreaciate every and each one of the messages I get, despite being slow at answering them.

You’re all so kind, I don’t feel like I deserve you ; ___ ; Thank you so much!!

The asks I’m replying on this post are mostly suggestions that I was saving because I wanted to draw them, but sadly, I won’t be able to, right now - so I’ll be answering them by text, only. ol-< I’m so sorry;;;

Hello, and thank you so much!!

I can see Yuuri doing crazy stuff for quidditch, and paying the price for his own carelessness hahaha. Victor would be TERRIFIED- he worries a lot about Yuuri, after all!

VICTOR RIDING THE DRAGON THO. While this feels CRAZY bc dragons are scary af in the hp universe, we can excuse that with VICTOR IS VICTOR. SO. YEA. I CAN SEE HIM DOING SOMETHING LIKE THAT IF GIVEN THE CHANCE. As for him being a veela!!!! That’s a really great idea that can bring the “while everyone was caught by my veela’s charms, only you saw me as who I really am” thing !!

I must say, though, that I’m a bit reluctant on going 100% for it- while I don’t have the exact words to properly express myself, it’d be something like “the trait of the veela magically seducing ppl FITS VICTOR A LOT but It kinda takes away just? how human victor is?? And that his charms are something he actively built, despite being naturally charismatic”

THIS IS SUCH A SMALL THING but I feel kinda sad to let this go (i get so emotional abt victor cries)

MINAMI IS DEFINITELY HAPPENING. i don’t know whe I’ll draw it, but. CONFIRMED. 

Thank you! I’m happy to hear that. ; _ ;

But no, I haven’t decided myself on the tasks yet! And I don’t even know if I ever will since I’m so unsure about everything BUT I HOPE THAT YOU’LL HAVE FAITH IN ME …. .. SOBS

I LAUGHED WHILE READING THIS. Yurio is such a treasure to this world. Him, and his dirty mouth, and all of his “HAH???” moments. Such a good teenager. Bless this boy


Yurio will certainly be this ambitious little boy, who grew up right next to living legend Victor Nikiforov and will strive to surpass him. How, tho? I’m still not sure, but I promise to think about it with care!

And yes, Yuuri will be on the receiving end of his jealousy. Hang in there, son.

aaa thank you ; O ;

That’d be so cute, indeed! I imagine Yuuri being to shy to ask that, though, and when he finally gathers up his courage, he sees Takeshi inviting her first. Oh, Yuuko, why must you be such a great girl; she’s certainly received a lot of other requests, too. Never underestimate the Madonna of the Ice Castle, who’s both a prefect and the captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team in this AU.

Yurio will definitely get a role close to a younger brother to Victor, that will somehow tag along. :’D And he will definitely bully Yuuri - as much as his 7yo self can, anyway, but will ultimately warm up to him in the end.

As for the lake? That’s a possibility! I still have to decide on the tasks, though, if I ever get to them;;;

- - - - - -

Once again, thank you so much for all messages and I’m sorry for being so slow ; _ ; I will be replying to more shortly. Meanwhile- I know this isn’t much, but have a little Yuuri studying!

Blog recs please ;-;

Please everyone 💕like/reblog💕 this post if you want me to check your blog. I might follow you or not (but keep in mind ily all lol). I really need more blogs to follow as I’m willing to stay on Tumblr a bit longer. I would appreciate even more if you post pastel, monochrome, BL, or even just positive motivational posts 💜 I really need more positivity on my dash for mental health reasons, tysm.

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whew, i know i’ve been doing a lot of crazy stuff recently (*pokes @studyblrpoets*) but with finals coming up, i really want to be prepared and i thought it would be ever better if i made it one of those challenges (like 100 days of productivity and whatnot)!!

so, i bring to you, the second addition of #studyingwithacdemic, the one week of habits challenge!! i wanted it to be shorter and super simple so that it would be easier to commit to, and something you can obviously do more than once if you liked it the first time (:

- how does one week of habits work?

the idea is to start to develop a good study habit (or break a bad habit) in one week. i know, i know - the cliche is that “30 days forms a habit”. but in general, i’ve found that as long as i stick to something for a short period of time, i’ll prooobably keep going with it. doing things in short bursts seems easier than dedicating to something for, say, a year. 

here are some habits you might want to make / break:

  • drink more water ( 8 cups a day minimum? )
  • get up to stretch / exercise more often
  • don’t procrastinate at all for a week
  • get at least 8 hours of sleep every day
  • start / keep a journal
  • go for a run every day
  • meditate every day / practice mindfulness
  • only spend a certain # of hours on a website / your phone / etc.
  • speak in a language you’re learning
  • read a book
  • write something

but remember, those are just examples, you can do anything you want. maybe you just want to remember to do 10 jumping jacks every day or something. maybe you want to learn to do this splits!! go for it!!

- keep us posted! ♡

this is a tumblr challenge, after all. we want to be here to support and encourage and motivate you!!!! every day you complete your habit, post a picture of your progress, or write an update – tag posts with #heyacdemic for me to queue it, or tag it with #1weekofhabits (:

- more habits stuff

aLRIGHTYY, thanks for reading!! i hope you’ll join me because i think this will be super fun and helpful. and it would be great if i wasn’t a habit-making/breaking loner :’)

♥︎ hannah

The True Tragedy

Fandom: Danganronpa
Rating: Teen 
Words:  311
Warnings: Character death (sorry cant keep my promise ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )
Characters: Junko Enoshima
Summary: A piece focused on how Junko Enoshima views the world before she bids the world goodbye.
Links: AO3 

Happy birthday @battledove! a little bit late than i had hoped id share it but hey! better late than never! Your wife did cause some mischief when writing her so ill just put the blame on everything on her for this XD 

I wanna give a thank you to @letmereachforthestars for helping me through this too ^^!

What Happens When Niall Tries to Take a Shit in Backstage Bathrooms

It’s Ula’s Crazy Hour! When I do super quick sketches of crazy or risqué stuff you suggest

I got a prompt for Ziam generally making out, and another for Larry making out somewhere backstage. So I decided to double up and also throw Niall in.