“Just got off a healthcare coalition call with Senator Schumer. His message:

1. Grassroots pressure will determine whether this passes.
2. They’re not seeing nearly the response there was to the House bill. That needs to change.
3. It’s make or break this week. Unlikely McConnell will drag this on past next week because he wants to move on to tax cuts.
4. The following Senators are wavering and need to be flooded with contacts:

1. Heller is the most important (R-NV) (202) 224-6244
2. Collins (R-ME) (202) 224-2523
3. Murkowski (R-AK) (202) 224-6665
4. Capito (R-WV) (202) 224-6472
5. Cassidy (R-LA) (202) 224-5824
6. Flake (R-AZ) (202) 224-4521
7. Gardner (R-CO) (202) 224-5941
8. Portman (R-OH) (202) 224-3353
9. Cruz (yes, that Cruz - he’s facing a tough reelection battle) (R-TX) (202) 224-5922
10. Paul (R-KY) (202) 224-4343
11. Lee (R-UT) (202) 224-5444
12. Sasse (R-NE) (202) 224-4224

Share this list on social media and find people who live in those states and impress the urgency of this on them. Those phones need to ring like crazy starting today.”

please PLEASE call.

can we please take a moment and appreciate how good 2015 was for kpop?? i mean, f(x) had the greatest comeback ever, twice, clc, gfriend and svt debuted with certified bops, bts started the HYYH era that was everything, exo released one of their greatest title tracks call me baby, red velvet’s ice cream cake era is still that bitch™, shinee’s married to the music mv aka my religion was out, party and lion heart by snsd was everyone’s jam, and 4minute’s crazy?? yes. 

girls’ day’s ring my bell made me question my life, sistar’s shake it saved the music industry, big bang’s bang bang bang became the national anthem, super junior’s devil is forever unforgettable, iu’s twenty three deserved a grammy, and who could forget 2ne1′s surprise perf during MAMA? no huge groups really disbanded too

2015 was a superior year, no one can tell me otherwise

Analysis of Eat Jin+Mandaggo Vlive last year in Osaka

…anon asked me to do this some time ago, sorry it took so long! This Vlive happened day after that weird “Tae disturbing naked Jungkook”, and for me, it’s even more interesting ^^ This is going to be quite long (it’s like an episode from some drama, I swear); still, I hope you’ll enjoy it!

The Vlive starts with Jimin, texting someone on his phone. We hear „buzz“ for few times, then Jimin puts the phone aside and greets us.

He explains he’s going to do Mandaggo show. (Mandaggo is the show he did with Taehyung few times before, it was about dialects/accents.)
Jimin dramatically reveals that the show was almost cancelled altogether. „Why?“ He laughs, amused+bitter. „You know why?“
…And, here it comes, it’s 1 minute, 49 seconds into the Vlive and Jimin starts to be petty about Taehyung. „Kim Taehyung said he won’t do it anymore. SO I SAID „DON’T DO IT THEN.““ And he’s alone today.

He starts to wonder who should he invite. Jimin claims he just started to think about it. 

„Not Kim Taehyung for sure, even if he’d come, I’ll lock the door.“ He mentions Hobi and Suga… for different reasons, not good choice either. (Or course not, because it’s not them who he wants to do the Vlive with.)

He praises Jungkook, good maknae, he’ll come for sure if Jimin will text him. So he says: „I’ll text him now.“ And he does just that.

Suddenly Jimin’s phone starts buzzing like crazy. Jimin is shook. His face then spreads into pleased evil shock and he laughs and yells in disbelief.
„Let’s see what V wrote me,“ says Mean Jimin, very amused. Tae spams his phone with messages about the Vlive and asks him if he can/should come. „Why so suddenly? Why he texts me? That doesn’t make sense. Would you believe that?“ 

Tae obviously texts Jimin because he saw – as he said later – that Jimin started the Vlive and probably also that Jimin accused him of not wanting to attend.
Jimin obviously finds it hilarious, his voice trembling with how much fun he has now. And it’s only 4 minutes into the Vlive. For second – or is it even third time now? – time, he repeats he won’t let Taehyung in even if he comes.
„Taehyung wants to join Mandaggo, that’s what he wrote me. Wtf? I don’t like that!“ Mean girl Jimin is laughing madly and throws his phone on the chair in front of him.

What kind of reaction is that? Jimin, you told us Taehyung doesn’t want to be on your Vlive, yet we hear 261 buzzes of your phone and Tae wants to come. It’s YOU who is pissed about this situation and don’t want him to come. Well, I’m not a psychic, but from what I see it wasn’t like Taehyung didn’t want to come so you said not to. I feel like it was more like you had a fight with him and refused to let him on Mandaggo. But… let’s continue.

Jimin is enjoying himself now and he shows us book he bought. We still hear his phone buzzing in the background. For a while he randomly talks about dialects and laughs about it on his own, when someone’s at the door. (It lasts for like a minute. Yes. There’s a whole minute of Jimin, doing Mandaggo on his own after he bished about Tae, before Jungkook joins him.)

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@yuriplisetsky is a size queen

Otabek Altin/Yuri Plisetsky

2,900 words

“What are you talking about?”

“Your Twitter? Your thread that spends about ten tweets waxing poetry about the size of my dick? Everyone’s talking about it, the fans are going crazy, I had Victor ringing me up half an hour ago to ask if it was true and if I really had deflowered Russia’s Fairy like that, and I just – what the hell were you thinking, Yuri?”

In which Yuri gets drunk and Tweets some things he probably shouldn’t have.

AO3 link

So @94mercy made this post that headcanoned that Yuri gets drunk one night and talks about the size of Otabek’s dick on social media, and I immediately knew I had to write it. Otherwise known as me just wanting to join in with all the hung!Otabek content that’s been coming out of this fandom in recent weeks. 

(Also tagging @daddybek because that’s where this all started back in February)

They’ve been dating for a few months when it happens.

Yuri goes round to Mila’s for a few drinks after practice one day, and they steadily make their way through a bottle of vodka, laughing and talking about their respective partners. The music is loud and Yuri feels all loose and giggly as he reaches for his phone, taking selfies and documenting their escapades on Snapchat. He’s never been this drunk before, so drunk he’s not even sure what order his memories from the last few hours go in, so drunk that he can barely stand, so drunk that the room is spinning.

He sits down and opens Twitter, starting to type. He doesn’t even think about what he’s Tweeting, just starts a thread and keeps on going until he gets it all off his chest. Mila is grabbing at his hands and pulling him up so they can dance together again, and Yuri’s phone lies on the couch, forgotten.

So he doesn’t see what he’s done until morning.

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First Date

BRUCE : you two stayed in the Manor. Bruce cooked you dinner and talked for hours, the you two decides to watch a movie, a horror movie. The movie was lame at first but then a killer clown appeared and made you jump hidding your face into his chest. Bruce laughed whispering comforting words about how it was just a movie. When the movie ended you Bruce had an arm around you, and you were pulled against his chest talking about how the movie was.

DICK: As he promised he took you dancing. When you walked done the stares his heart stopped. The low-cut black dress made him go crazy, thing that your brother did not appreciate. Being the perfect gentlemen he took you to this club where (your favourite music) was live performed. You two danced, talked and laugh all night long. “You know how beautiful you are?” “Well you’ve only told me a million times Dick.” “I just needed to make sure, baby.” When you two finished dancing, he took you back to the Manor, where obviously the while Batfam was waiting and gossiping about you two. “Get a life, would you?” “C'mon little sis, let us have some fun.” He personally walked you to your bedroom door, blushing like crazy from all the comments of the rest of the family. “I’ve had an amazing time, thanks Dick.” You told him and kissed the limit of his lips, walking in your room, leaving a really love-sick Grayson smiling like an idiot.

TIM: Tim took you to a little local book store, you two talked about pretty much every book you found, discussing which author was better and how amazing the book was. He bought you a book that he knew you fell in love with even though you told him not to buy it. “You didn’t have to.” “But I wanted, plus you love it, and I know and you look way too pretty with that happy smile now.” After that you took him to your favourite coffee place, and played 20 questions like the nerd you to were. “Seriously, 20 questions?” “What? I want to know you better.” You found out so much about how apasionante he was and how he actually loved his brothers. After your date he walked you home, shyly grabbing your hand. “You had a good time?” “The best I’ve ever had, thank you Drake.”

JASON: You prepared everything for you date. Cooking wasn’t your finest skill but you knew something about it. You ran up and down your apartment choosing a perfect outfit, checking your make up and changing your hair. You were really nervous. In a way, you were going in a blind date with a vigilante, crazy. The bell rings and you fly to the door, opening not believing the sight in front of you. “You’re fucking Jason Wayne?” “Just Jason but as a fact it is Todd not Wayne. You look amazing doll.” You were a little more nervous now, you liked him before but now everything you had cook looked so poor, however he loved it, just a beer and some Thai food with a beautiful girl, that was Jason’s perfect date. At the end of the night you two were in your couch talking and drinking beer, laughing at some jokes and stories about his vigilante nights. “So… I’ve had an amazing night. But you know what would make it an epic night.” “What?” “A kiss.” And with that he leaned in, cupping your fave with his free hand, smiling into the kiss. “I’m not sure that was epic enough, u think we need to make sure.” “Shut up Jason.” You laugh kissing him once again.

DAMIAN: You saw him standing on the center of the park, black shirt and jeans never looked so good on someone. “You look good out of the Robin costume.” You say making him turn around. “Are you going to tell me your name now?” “Wow, what a gentleman.” You sarcastically said. “Sorry, you look amazing, person I still don’t know the name.” “(Y/N). I go by (Y/N).” “Is that your real name?” “Is my name for now.” You smiled at him, as he offered his arm to  go for a walk. You two talked about everything and anything, forgetting the fact that he was a hero and you a criminal. Forgetting everything, now you were just two teenagers enjoying yourselves. “So are you going to arrest me and take me to the Bats?” You ask him. “Not tonight, I’m having too much fun.” He replies graving your hand. “Doesn’t mean I’ll stop chasing you.” “Wouldn’t dream of it, birdy boy.” You smirk at him. “I should get going, Ivy is weirdly overprotective believe it or no.” You laugh returning him his ledger jacket. “Keep it, you’ll be cold.” “Night Damian. "Night (Y/N).” And with that you desapeared leaving the young millionaire with a smile and a weird feeling.

anonymous asked:

one time some girls started a fight in the drama room, one girl wore a crazy amount of rings and the other girl ended up with huge bruises on her face from them, and ring girl even ripped out a huge chunk of her hair AND SCALP. It was so bad. there were chunks of hair and blood all over the floor. nobody even stopped them and the ring girl just got lunch detention for one day.


Get You Out .2. | Zelo (m)

Originally posted by zellestial

Pairing: Zelo/Reader ft.Hoseok (cameos by VIXX and Namjoon)
Genre: Angst, Smut
Rating: M
Warnings: angst; character death, violence, blood, shootings. smut; dirty talk, fingering, riding, some feels in there.
Word Count: 12.4k

A/N: Brownie points to whoever can guess who it was in the elevator with the reader. This also made me cry a few times while writing it, so good luck.

Part 1 | Part 2

Summary: Trouble finds you even with Zelo gone from your life. Your only light is a boy, named Hoseok, that you met at a bookstore. But Zelo manages to destroy what little happiness you’ve gathered since he left.

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Voice Mail Pt. 1 (M)

The sound of your phone alerting you of a message repeatedly is what woke you this morning. You groan loudly checking the time on your digital clock, 10:30AM on a Saturday. “Why are you like this?!” You yell at your phone.  When you unlock your phone you see “24 new messages…25 new messages…26 new messages…” all from “Markie 💩”

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anonymous asked:

2&8 for Yoongi please❤️💕

2. “I swear it won’t happen again.”

8. “Were you ever going to tell me?”

Min Yoongi (Suga) x Reader

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 382

Originally posted by bangtanboysloves

You were drinking your tea in the living room when you heard the front door slam open. Yoongi quickly stomped to where you were laying and threw you a bunch of papers.

“Were you ever going to tell me?” he asked you angrily. His breathing was heavy from all the running. You set your mug on the table and picked up one of the documents.

“Were you going through my stuff?”

“That’s not the point right now. Were you seriously planning on leaving? Just like that? Without telling me anything?”

“And why exactly do you think I have to tell you all the things I do?” you asked, standing up and going to the kitchen. He followed after you.

“Maybe because we’re fucking married, is that a bad reason,” he was furious but tried his best to control himself. You sat down on one of the chairs and looked him in the eyes.

“Oh please Yoongi, you’re barely even home anymore. I don’t remember the last time we had time for ourselves. I need a break.”

He stared at you in shock, not knowing what to say because all of it was true. He crumpled some of the papers he still held in his hands.

“Y/N… Please don’t go,” he begged you. “I swear it won’t happen again.”

“You said that last month as well,” you sighed and picked up his phone, which was ringing like crazy for the past minute. “Shouldn’t you answer? Works calling,” you said with a bitter smile.

“Work can go fuck himself if that means you will stay,” he said taking your hands in his. “Please Y/N, don’t do this to me.”

“I’m sorry Yoongi but I have made up my decision and so have you, a long time ago,” you replied, getting free from his grip. “Now that you know, I can relax,” you took your jacket.

“Can you at least tell me where you’re going?”

“I can’t. I don’t want you following me,” you went to the door. “I will stay in a hotel until next week, till I sort everything out but after then… Well I hope I can divorce you easily.”

“I wish you well Yoongi,” you said putting your shoes on and going outside, leaving him confused and devastated in the hallway.


*Y/N’s POV*

Phone was ringing like crazy. And I knew exactly who was it. My heart was sinking even more. I wanted to pick it up and make everything right. But he hurt me so much. I couldn’t get his words out of my head. It was so mean and hurtful. I never thought he would do something like this to me.

I was sitting on the couch wrapped in huge blanket, that Yoongi gave me, trying to figure out what to do. If only I didn’t love him this much, I thought to myself wiping tears from my cheeks.

Suddenly door bell rang making me jump. My heart skipped a beat. Yoongi crossed my mind immediately. I stood up still wrapped in blanket and came up to the door. I opened them without even asking who was on the other end. 

“Raindrop?” Familiar voice rang in my head. I couldn’t look at him. Because if I did I would fall into his arms. It has always been this way. “What do you want?” I whispered trying to control my voice. “I…umm…I wanted to see you.” His voice was quiet and soft. “You saw me. Now go.” I stated closing the door, but he stopped it with his hand.

Finally, I looked up and met his warm, brown eyes. They weren’t shining as they usually did. “Y/n, please hear me out.” He whispered leaning against the door frame. “Why? You already said what you think. I get it. I’m nothing else, but a slut that only cares about the money and pretty face.”

*Yoongi’s POV*

When she said it my heart broke into pieces once again. I’ve hurt her so badly. I knew it so well. “Princess, I didn’t mean it.” I tried to control my tears, but they rolled down my cheeks anyway. “If you didn’t mean it why did you say it?! From where you got the idea that I was cheating on you with Mingyu?! Who the fuck are you to accuse me of something like this?! I thought you trusted me. But I guess I was wrong. I was wrong about you and your feeling to me.” Tears were streaming down her face, but she more disappointed than mad. “Leave me alone.” And she shut the door right before my face. “Jagi please.” I knocked at the door. “Fuck off!” She screamed through the door. I took notebook and pen out of my bag, ripped out one piece of paper. 

“(So thanks) Believing in someone like me
Dealing with these tears and wounds
(So thanks) For becoming my light
For becoming the flower in the most beautiful moment in life”

I wrote it down, folded in a half and slid under her door. 

Goodbye, my little raindrop

~Too far.~



Part 3? :3

~Caro ☄


Warnings: Politics, crying, consoling, cute stuff (not exactly fluff) and Camila (If you guys hate/dislike her)


Alex is Hispanic, so of course, when Camila texted her, asking if she wanted to go to a peaceful protest defending DACA, she said yes.

“I’ll meet you guys by the Mcdonald’s, just gotta finish recording this one song.” Shawn nodded, kissing Alex quickly.

Ever since he started dating her, he’s started taking interest in real world problems. More specifically problems in the USA, considering Alex grew up there and cried when she heard about what the new president has been saying about it.

“Okay, see you later.” She smiled, walking out to Camilas rental car she had while in LA.

“Hey Al! You ready?!” She smiled, Alex nodded and put her seatbelt on.

“Yeah, Shawn said he’ll meet us at the Mcdonald’s on Hudson.”

“It’s great that he started reading in on this stuff.” She smiled, handing her a sign she’s going to be holding.


Once they got there, Shawn was already at the Mcdonald’s, he bought a caramel frappe for Alex and a pop for himself.

“Thanks babe. You ready?” Alex asked, a small smile on her face.

“Yeah… Hey it’s okay. It’ll be alright baby.” Shawn said, holding her hand tightly, she’s usually always smiling and optimistic, but right now, she’s so sad.

“I know I know, just thinking is all.” She smiled, they walked out and met with Camila, they had to walk a couple more blocks before finally getting to the protest.

Alex and Camila joined in on the chants, Shawn, on the other hand, he stuck out like a sore thumb. He was the only white dude there. Camila mentioned it and people around them laughed a bit.

“Pero está bien porque él es muy guapo!” A lady said, making Alex giggle and nod in agreement. (Translate: But it’s okay because he is very handsome!)

Shawn was confused over that simple sentence, but Alex was laughing so he smiled.

“¡Sí, mi novio es muy guapo!” She smiled, the lady made a surprised face and smiled at them both. (Novio= Boyfriend)

He understood that sentence. He is very handsome??… He thinks. Fuck he should listen to Alex more.

A while later, some news channels came by and started interviewing people and asking about their stories and why they were there.

Shawn got recognized and a lady had asked if he wanted to be interviewed.

“Fuck.” He whispered and pulled Alex’s hand, whose other hand was in Camilas, to the cameras.

“Hello Shawn! Nice to see a familiar face around here! Care to explain why you’re marching today?” She asked.

“Oh I’m here for and with my girlfriend, Alex and our friend, Camila. Showing support, I know a lot of people that this affects, So I feel connected to it.” He answered, rubbing Alex’s back.

“That’s nice! Alex, you’re hispanic but you were born here, but you have many friends and family that came here illegally, right?” She asked, making Alex squirm and scrunch her nose at her tone when she said ‘illegally’.

“Uh… Yeah. My cousins. My aunt bought them here so they could have a better chance at life. Like most dreamers, they have graduated or are still in school. My cousin is actually graduating high school this year. His brother is studying medicine. But they’re all working really hard and aren’t sitting around. They’re actually trying.” She snapped a bit.

“Uh… That’s awesome! Great for them. So you’re obviously emotionally connected to this. That’s why you’re here…” She said, but Alex groaned and walked off to the side with Shawn.

“Oh okay… Bye Alex! Have a nice time. Be careful!” She smiled, going on to interview Camila.

“I’m gonna cry. I’m really about to fucking cry.” Alex mumbled, covering her face and leaning against Shawns chest.

Shawns heart dropped and he pulled her closer, he hates seeing her cry, he doesn’t know what to do.


When she first heard about it, they were in her apartment, she got up to get her phone cause it had been ringing like crazy.

“Someone’s famous.” Shawn joked, watching her walk to the kitchen counter.

She giggled and unlocked her phone, reading all the messages from her cousins and a couple of friends. Her smile faded away quickly and she looked at all the pictures they sent her.

“Oh no.” She whispered, typing quick replies to everyone.

“Oh no, god, no.” She sighed, feeling tears about to fall out.

“Alex? What’s wrong?” Shawn asked, standing and walking over to his girlfriend.

“H-he wants to- t-they’re going to terminate it! I know they a- are! It’s a bunch of assholes.” She sobbed, showing him the things on her phone.

“Oh bubs, I’m so sorry. It’ll be alright.” He sighed, holding her close.

Although Shawn knew very little about DACA, he still cared because it affected people he knew and it is very emotional.


“That lady didn’t know shit, Alex. It’s alright, just forget about her, she’s not why we’re here.” Shawn said, rubbing her back.

“You’re right.” She sighed, shutting her eyes so the tears wouldn’t escape.

“What are we gonna do now?” He asked, kissing her head.



best friend to boyfriend !yixing
  • if it was one person you loved more than anything, it was zhang yixing
  • the two of you met at a birthday party when you were about 8
  • none of you really had friends in that birthday, so the two of you were sitting alone in the couch
  • it was real awkward to be in a room filled with people, and you weren’t sure how you were gonna start a conversation with anyone
  • until you noticed your favorite book in yixing hand
  • “you took a book to a birthday?”
  • yixing being the private and quiet boy as he is, “uh i don’t really have friends here”
  • “same”… and then you start ranting about your favorite character in that book and his eyes widen like that was such a plot twist he thought you were gonna tease him
  • and so the two of you sat the whole birthday together and at first the two of you discussed about the book but then it continued to go about music, movies and other nerd stuff
  • after that you started to hang out every day
  • the two of you basically grew up together, he was your very best friend
  • whenever the two of you had a test you would study together, when one of your families had family dinner you would invite each other and basically he is the person you call right away when something happens
  • and now that you are in high school, the two of you are now known as the duo
  • you always hang out
  • he’s your #1
  • if you’re in a crowd of people and yixing is there, the two of you will immediately go to each other and be with each other
  • at the start everyone were teasing the two of you that you were secretly a couple
  • but of course everyone stopped because really the two of you weren’t really affected by it
  • but at the end of year, one day when he walked into class, late of course, you just saw him in a different way
  • suddenly you just had this feeling inside of you that said “it’s you, of course it’s you”
  • you felt such an idiot because there was no way you had any chance with him
  • yixing was so kind, funny, handsome as hell, smart and so artistic - you knew that a lot of girls were crushing on him and you hated that you were one of these girls
  • but honestly could anyone blame you?
  • the hardest thing about your crush on him, was that the two of you were always together
  • he would always ask you to hang out, even if he was making music or doing homework, it just seemed like he always wanted to be with you
  • but one day, your phone was ringing like crazy and it was yixing, but you just couldn’t
  • you had been around him everyday now and pretending not to love him was so tiring
  • really all you wanted was to kiss him and it was painful not to
  • so today you just couldn’t
  • you went up to your room, and you just laid down in your bed and kept thinking as you listened to music
  • you just needed a day off
  • but by night, you suddenly heard something in your window, and when you turned your attention to it, yixing full of leaves fell down on your floor
  • the idiot had been climbing on the tree next to your window and into your room
  • “the fuck yixing”
  • he’d try to act all cool as he stood up and ignored all of the leaves in his hair and on his clothes “you werent answering any of my calls so you basically asked for it”
  • “can’t i just have a day alone”
  • “yeah but you forgot to invite me” “why were you ignoring me”
  • “i wasnt”
  • “uh oh but you were”
  • “do you think i wanted to??” fuck
  • he’d definitely never leave now that he knew something was up “come on just tell me” he’d say as he sat next to you in bed
  • “no i can’t”
  • “yes you can”
  • “itll ruin our friendship”
  • “lol wanna bet”
  • “im serious”
  • “me too, 50??”
  • you would just sigh, you could never bring yourself up to do it
  • “i know something that’ll make you say it”
  • “yixing no nOO-” and then he would be on top of you, tickling you
  • “tell me tell me tell me” he would say as he started tickling you like crazy
  • “YIXING I SWEAR TO GOD ILL KILL YOU” youd say inbetween laughing
  • “ill stop when you tell me whats up”
  • “OKAY STOP IT” he’d stop and just sit there and laugh at you
  • you’d push him off you and hed lie right next to you
  • “but seriously though, what’s going on”
  • it would be silent for a few minutes
  • “y/n?”
  • “can you shut up i’m trying to”
  • then it would be silent for a few seconds before you blurted out “i love you”
  • you sat up and looked at him “fuck that sounded retarded, you probably feel uncomfortable and i love you and i suck at confessing things and you’re perfect”
  • he’d sit up and just look at you shocked
  • “and now i just feel like shit and you-” he cut you off by cupping your face with his large hands and kissing you
  • you’d instantly smile into the kiss as your hands found their way to his shoulders
  • the kiss was filled with passion and you just loved how his soft lips felt against yours, it was like everything around you didn’t matter anymore, he did
  • the six second kiss ended as he looked into your eyes “gotta admit that’s the best confession ever”
  • “shut up”
  • “since when did ‘i love you’ sound retarded” “i had to pour out my heart in just a matter of seconds what do you expect”
  • “well guess it’s my turn then, i love you too”
  • you were basically now a couple
  • the day after you were seen walking down the hall in school holding hands
  • confessing to yixing was probably the best thing you had ever done
  • it wasn’t like everything was different now because idk the two of you had always been best friends
  • but everything was more intense, in a good way
  • he’d be so good to you
  • really yixing is one of the most passionate people out there and you knew that this relationship would last
  • and you were afraid you would get tired of each other
  • but really as the time goes you just love him even more and it’s just crazy the amount of love the two of you have for each other
  • you’d move in with each other when you were finished at school and studying
  • you’d adopt a dog together
  • and really yixing was your best friend and your boyfriend and god whatever you went through you knew you’d always have yixing by your side
Casino night - Tyler Seguin (Part 3)

A/N: There have been a lot of request for a third part and I just want you to know that there will be many more parts of this story. This part is a little of a linking part, so it is kind of boring. I hope you like it still. 

Word Count: 820

Warnings: A little mild swearing, nothing too bad.

Part 1   Part 2

Master List

Originally posted by puckducky

I wake up on the couch, my head pounding. I don’t remember drinking that much last night, so I don’t understand why I feel like absolute shit. I get on my feet and walk to my bathroom, going straight to the medicine cabinet and taking a couple tablets of ibuprofen.

I’m thankful that today it’s Saturday and I don’t have anything to do, because that’s what I’m planning on doing today, nothing. I make myself a coffee and a bowl of fruit before going back to the couch and wrapping my furry blanket around my body and turning on my TV, going straight to Netflix and getting ready to binge watch a show for the rest of the day.

Ten episodes and a few stomach growls later I decide to order some Chinese take out because I can’t bring myself to make anything more elaborated than a bowl of cereal. I grab my laptop, I need to look up the phone number of my favorite restaurant but I’m surprised with the sight of the gossiping website I had been reading last night.

“Ugh girl, you are pathetic” I whisper to myself.

I actually feel kind of bad for judging Tyler so hard yesterday night. Who am I to judge him, anyways? He is a young guy enjoying the single life and he is doing absolutely nothing wrong. It was harmless flirting and nothing else. Either way, we wouldn’t work so there isn’t a reason to think about it any further.

I order some noodles and beef with mushrooms and get back to my TV show when my phone starts ringing like crazy. I look at the screen and see (y/f/n)’s name.

“Hello?” I answer the call, pausing the TV.

“Hey, (y/n)” she cheerily says from the other side of the line “how are you doing?”

“I’m hungover and I don’t remember drinking that much” I confess and she chuckles.

“Same, girl, same” she says and I feel slightly better “hey, I’m actually calling for a reason”

“Well, surprise me” and I swear I can see her smirking, sitting on her hot pink couch.

“Do you remember the envelope they gave us yesterday when we were leaving?” and I give her a little ‘aha’ so she can continue with her ranting, “well, I’ve looked at the tickets and they are for tomorrow’s game against the Boston Bruins”


“C’mon, (y/n)” she screams and I pull my phone away from my ear so I don’t lose some hearing ability “they are really good tickets and they were free and you hate the Bruins”

I think about it for a little while. I haven’t been to a game in a long time and (y/f/n) was right: I hate the Bruins.

“Alright… but if the Stars lose and I have to see the Bruins win on the flesh our friendship is over” I menace her and she laughs.

“Noted! I’ll call you tomorrow so we can go to dinner before the game”

“You are buying, I hope you know that”

“Absolutely, darling” and I roll my eyes, “goodbye!”

And she hangs up. I sigh, grabbing the remote and hitting play. I get to watch just a couple more minutes of my show before the door bell goes off and I get up running, ready for some Chinese food.

{Tyler POV}

“TYLER! MAN, WHAT THE HELL?” Jamie yells at me and I snap back to reality.

It is the third time that I have zoned out during practice and Jamie is starting to get mad at me for not shooting the puck or doing the drill correctly.

“Sorry, Jamie. Sorry, guys” I apologize, skating to the bench to have a sip of water.

“What is it, Segs?” Sharp asks, and I sigh.

“I don’t know, Patrick, I don’t know”

“This must be serious, you never call me Patrick” he laughs and I give him a small smile.

“It’s about this girl…”

“It is always about a girl” he states and I nod.

“Right… The thing is, I met her yesterday at the Casino and…”

“Wo wo wo, Tyler Seguin having trouble with a lady” Jamie teases me and I hit his helmet with my stick.

“I can’t have problems with a girl I don’t even know the name of” I say and they whistle.

“What’s the problem then?” Sharpy wonders.

“The problem is that I can’t stop thinking about her” I confess and Jamie bites his glove so he doesn’t burst into laughter, “you are a dick” and they break, laughing his asses off.

“You are Tyler Seguin” Patrick says and I look at him, “we know you are used to having every girl kissing the ground you step on. What’s just one girl?”

“Maybe you are right…” and I know that it’s going to take a little more than find another hook up to stop thinking about her.

Happy Pregnancy! Part 3: Grand Announcement!
  • [Later that day, several hours after Bakugou went out on duty, Uraraka turns on the news.]
  • News Reporter: Do you have anything to comment on today's affairs, King Explosion Kills?
  • Bakugou: What? *-_- I got some lunch, kicked a villain's ass, and knocked up Uravity.
  • Uraraka: [At home, she spits out her water.] KA-KA-KATSUKI! How could you? T-T
  • News Reporter: You what?
  • Bakugou: I'm not gonna repeat myself again. I got some lunch, kicked a-
  • News Reporter: Uravity is pregnant?
  • Bakugou: Hell yeah. She's pregnant with my kid. Don't act like that's news. It was inevitable.
  • News Reporter: X3 You heard that - live and exclusive from KPFQ. Uravity and King Explosion Kills are having their first child.
  • Bakugou: [Looks directly at the camera points his thumb down.] Anyone who f#cks with my family is going straight to hell.
  • [Suddenly, Uraraka's phone rings like crazy with calls, texts, and emails.]
  • Uraraka: [Hides head under a pillow] I just wanna sleep.

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Title meme: cream of the crop

OH IT’S A FARMER AU FOR SURE. It’s probably a Harvest Moon AU, let’s be real, I played that game a LOT. Wooed all the ladiez and, y’know, I probably should’ve been more aware of how very happy I was to do that.

Guys, if someone wrote this for me, my crops would be flourishing.

Viktor and Yuuri are BITTER RIVALS and by bitter rivals I mean are bitterly sad that they are not yet dating. Both of them raise crops and cows and pigs, and have their beloved poodles help out with herding the chickens. Viktor has his prize blueberries and watermelons and strawberries; Yuuri has his blue-ribbon-winning pigs and eggs. They spend every festival making eye contact across the town square, so heated it could bake a loaf of bread. Christophe, the town baker, is delighted by these events. Yakov, who is the town mayor, is very tired of it.

“Do something,” he orders Phichit, who is the town’s well-spoken minister (of the Harvest Goddess, or something).

“You want me to marry them?” He clarifies.

What? No! You’re Katsuki’s best friend, DO something.”

Thus, the Harvest Goddess church begins a community garden. Between farm work, Viktor drops by and tills the soil and drops in seeds– Yuuri rides over his horse, which won all the races last spring, and watches Viktor work it. The soil, that is. Viktor is working the soil.

“I could… help,” he offers one day, and then they’re down on their knees in the earth together. As everything begins to grow, so do they, and before they know it Yuuri’s popping blueberries into Viktor’s mouth with his hands, tickling him with the brush he used to use on his horse. In retaliation, Viktor tosses him over his plaid shoulder, offers him sweet berry wine.

“Something is DONE,” Phichit declares at the next town festival, where Yuuri and Viktor are no longer making heated eye contact across the square. In fact, Viktor and Yuuri are not even attending the festival. “I can hear wedding bells ringing.”

“You’re crazy,” Yurio snaps.

“No, literally, I can hear bells ringing. I think they’re making out in the tower again.”

Wynonna Earp- Thoughts on the Upcoming Episode (210)

So, as I’ve traversed the web, I’ve seen a lot of different theories. That Nicole is dreaming (from the SDCC sizzle trailer), that Nicole is going to die and be ressurrected, but based on the lines that we are 98% sure are going to be in 210, I propose the theory that Nicole’s POV dreamscape clip from the sizzle trailer is what happens while she is in hospital.

So, we know that there is a lot of sad shit coming up for us, so let me break my thought process down… 

Nicole- as we can see in the trailer- is attacked by Mercedes. Waverly- from the sizzle trailer- comes to her rescue but it may potentially be too late, as we see from Syfy’s synopsis that Waverly must choose between our lovable redhead and Wynonna.

Based on some of the lines, we know that whoever says the lines is talking about someone being asleep (possibly comatose). We assume that this is a Waverly line although we don’t know. But we know that ‘she’s not breathing’ and ‘the doctor says if she wakes up again I should say my goodbyes’ are in there. 

So, for the first one, if we assume that Waverly says both of these lines (and that she is talking about our favourite deputy)- we’ll start with ‘she’s not breathing’. It could mean anything. But most likely, it is said in the hospital, with Waverly asking anyone listening for help. But it also helps us to visualise what could happen. Nicole- hooked up to life support. Possibly in a coma. With equipment to help her breathe. 

Now, researching oxygen deprivation- death apparently becomes imminent at the five minute mark. Now, we have to assume that Nicole’s been like this for a few minutes. Since the ending of 209 had us seeing Nicole’s house for the first time, we can’t judge how long it takes to get to a hospital. But I’m certain it wouldn’t have started before the ride to the hospital, unless there were ambulances -but judging by the phrasing of Waverly’s line- it is not very likely that there were any.

So, according to the brief research I did, the patient becomes comatose at the ten minute stage, if the brain hasn’t already given up. Coma and brain damage are inevitable. So we can assume that it could be a reason for why Nicole isn’t waking up, which leads to the next line.

‘The doctor told me that if she wakes up again I should say my goodbyes.’ Well, doesn’t that rip your heart out, blend it in Goononna’s rat smoothie and then pour it down the devil’s toilet? Again- if we take this to be Waverly talking about Nicole, it packs a sucker punch, but also confirms the coma theory.

Waverly is being told to say her goodbyes because by this point, if Nicole wasn’t breathing- her brain will have damage to it- which helps in the all round circle of confirmation that Nicole hadn’t been breathing for a few minutes.

Since we have this theory down for now, I wanted to draw attention to the sizzle trailer released at SDCC. There were a couple of clips which saw- in Nicole’s POV- Waverly as Nicole watches her from the other side of the bullpen. Waverly is in her Shorty’s top- something we’ve not seen her wear since 109. Exactly a season ago. 

There was much speculation that this was Nicole having a dream- probably (in the minds of Wayhaught shippers like myself) while sleeping comfortably as Waverly’s bonus blanket. But then, I began to piece it all together…

But Jasmine, you say, how do we know that Nicole is in a coma for that? Because coma patients don’t respond to anything on the outside world.

True. They don’t. But we are told from some experiences of coma patients that they have experienced dream like states, into which ‘something of the outside world penetrated’. (Cue Wynonna: “This is not the penetration I’m used to”) 

So- from a world where demons and monsters are rife in a town named Purgatory, it wouldn’t be a far stretch to imagine Nicole dreaming of Waverly, because she can maybe hear her voice? Hear Wynonna? Maybe hear her boss and dream of being in the bullpen. 

And everyone’s going crazy about the ring on Nicole’s finger, but if she is in a coma, and dreaming very vividly of Waverly, it- again- wouldn’t be a far stretch to assume she fantasises about spending the rest of her life with Waverly- because she loves her.

As for Nicole dying, it would be interesting to see how it’s played out. As much as the Bury your Gays trope has been upsetting for fans of shows it’s happened to, I feel like some shows deserve some leniency towards it- as long as they’re going to angle the story right. 

But I have to say, I feel like our wonderful Ms Andras would create a twist to bring back our heart eyed cop, even if she were to die. (Besides, Katherine is in all episodes of this season. She can’t die completely next episode, without coming back in some form.)

Anyway, it’s probably not accurate to what actually happens in the show when Friday finally gets here, but I thought I’d put my two cents in about what I think may or may not happen in the coming episode.