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Things that are about to come with TS6:

• Album promo (Taylor being on every show)
• Waking up early just to get your psychical copy as soon as possible
• Playing the album to our friends and family and being super proud
• Not being able to pick your favorite song
• Album’s secret message
• Finding true meanings of the songs
• Waiting for one week to pass to see the number of copies she sold
• Trying to get the best tickets
• Counting down to your shows
• The outfits
• Secret guest
• Dressing up in crazy costumes
• Hugging mama Swift and taking pictures with her
• Hanging out with Taylor Nation
• Meeting up with our swiftie friends
• Taylor owning every award show and thanking her fans for being amazing


  • Aries: Maui; stubborn as shit but lives for the applause
  • Taurus: Tui; man-hoe that sucks ass at expressing emotions but somehow people love him anyway
  • Gemini: Kakamora; looks like a harmless fruit but has spikes n shit n a scary face
  • Cancer: Te Fiti; mom of all, except when she turned into a fire-breathing rock
  • Leo: Tamatoa; shiny shiny shiny gold digga
  • Virgo: Heihei; dumb as fuuuuuq but tries
  • Libra: Sina; john ceeennaaa aka sinnamon roll n hella shady but has good eyebrows
  • Scorpio: Te Ka; misunderstood ball of fire who just wants his heart back
  • Sagittarius: Pua; basically a dog that makes bacon
  • Capricorn: The Ocean; does not know kindness, always finds a way to mess w shit and is always right
  • Aquarius: Moana; listens to literally no one except for fucking water
  • Pisces: Gramma Tala; crazy stingray mama
Imagine Being Scott’s Older Sister Headcannons..

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- Knowing Scott’s a werewolf from the very beginning.

“Remember when we would watch Danny Phantom, and I say I’d be like Jazz, because I’d know if you gained superpowers… Well spill, because I know damn well puberty isn’t this magical.”

-Yet still being surprised when he admits it.

“A what?! I thought you and Stiles might’ve just rolled around in toxic waste or something-”
“You didn’t actually expect to be right, did you?”
“Honestly no.”

- Punching Derek in the nose, when you first meet, because you don’t understand the whole werewolf hierarchy and believe he bit Scott.

- You see Stiles so often you might as well be related.

“Did I ever tell you that you’re my favorite sibling, Stiles?”
“Every time I bring you food.”

- Going to lacrosse games, only to embarrass Scott with your loud cheering. (Decked out in Beacon Hills’ gear too.)

- Helping your mother, Melissa come to terms with her werewolf son.

- Getting dragged into every supernatural mess that comes to Beacon Hills, yet always managing to be somewhat useful.

- Despite your humanity, you actually scare a few of the baddies thanks to your crazy mama bear attitude.

“Actually I find Scott’s sister scary than any of you morons.” Peter mentioned, looking at the alpha pack.
“That’s because she shot you repeatedly in the knee, after you came back.” Derek smirked.

- Honestly your not much of a Scallision fan, solely because you think it’ll get Scott killed.

“You know her family is a bunch of hunters, and that you’re a werewolf, right? ”
“I know, but Allison isn’t like that.”

- However you do have a small crush on Chris, which disgusts Scott to no end…

“So apparently dating your student’s parent isn’t against the rules…”
“(Y/n), he’s married.”
“Rain on my parade why don’t you, Scott?”

- Yes you’re a teacher at beacon hills, no you don’t give out free passes.

“I don’t care if you’re part of the alpha pack or not, start shit in my class, and you’ll be begging to be suspended.”
“I told you this when you were human, I’m telling you it again… I will fail, you brother or not.”

- Of course when teachers go missing, the pack freaks out, but you ain’t even worried cause you’ve got a baseball bat.

- Have I mention that you and Derek are actually friends….

“So she finds out you’re a werewolf and shortly after hops into bed with you, don’t you think that’s a little weird?”
“Better than being clocked in the nose.”
“That was only once


J.J. Cale ~ Crazy Mama 

Crazy mama, where you been so long?
Crazy mama, where you been so long?
You’ve been hiding out, I know that’s true
Crazy mama, I sure need you
Crazy mama, where you been so long?

Standing on the corner, looking for you, babe
Standing on the corner, looking for you, babe
Lord have mercy, can I see,
that crazy mama coming back to me?
Crazy mama, where you been so long?

A Summary of Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 139

- Ui and Hirako represent the left and right butt cheek of the Giant peach

- As the world is going to shit find solace in the fact that Kaneki has no clue, and Saiko is napping

- Mutsuki keep masturbation material off the battlefield 

- Yomo didn’t sign up for pin the quinque on the ghoul

- Ui is a warning tale of what can happen if you stick your dick in crazy

- Mama Duckling teaches babies proper way to cut a coconut 

-Shio takes a moment to freeze frame monologue before dodging 

-Gosh people suck at darts don’t they know its a target they need to hit not people

-Next Time on Tokyo Ghoul:re: Tokyo Ghoul Fandom once again is reminded they live in fear of the poems

Travel Planning- Geeky family style

Me: What kind of pickaxe do you need to mine obsidian? (in Minecraft)

T: You need a diamond pickaxe.

Me: Don’t we have one?

T: What?

Me: (picking up a toy pickaxe) Crap! Ours is iron.

T: We have a diamond sword somewhere.

Me: I thought it had to be a pickaxe.

T: Oh, right.

Me: For our geology road trip in California this summer, I found a whole dome of obsidian. So I figured in a picture, I could be ready to kill white walkers (Game of Thrones) and you could be mining obsidian (Minecraft).

T: Cool