Some college AU voltron headcanons no one asked for

-Lance takes fucking gorgeous notes. He doodles on his papers to help him focus, but it’s all very controlled chaos. He highlights things and stays on top of the material.
-Lance is active in clubs, though never in leadership roles. He would rather be an active member of a lot of clubs than president of one.
-Lance works part time at the campus coffee shop for work study money. He works a crazy number of hours and is always exhausted.
-Lance is a bio major, specifically botany and his fav class is plant physiology.

-Keith will show up late to classes in the clothes he slept in but still manages to ace them.
-Keith is a college athlete. Fencing. The others make fun of him for it.
-Keith and Lance are roommates in sophomore year by just pure chance, and they don’t get along. While Lance’s notes and skin care routine and such are neat, he’s a very cluttered person. Keith doesn’t have a lot of personal stuff in his room so there’s no clutter, and Lance’s mess bothers him.
-Keith doesn’t like coffee but likes the smell so he’s glad Lance brews it in the mornings.
-Keith will sleep through 3 alarms and Lance throwing progressively heavier objects at him every day.
-Keith is a literature major.

-Shiro is an RA. The best RA. Not the same floor as Lance and Keith’s room, but the same building, and they’re friends through Keith’s fencing class.
-Shiro is also an athlete (track? Basketball?) but also is on the chess team which is how he knows Pidge.
-Shiro has a bunch of weird scholarships and did weird things to get them.
-Shiro is an astrophysics major.

-Hunk has a secret hot plate in his room that Shiro confiscates every semester.
-Hunk always has an extra phone charger. Hunk is invaluable.
-Hunk works in the library part time, and the cafe Lance works at is in the library, so he gets coffee on his break just to go talk to Lance.
-Hunk and Lance were freshman roommates and became best buds really fast.
-Hunk is an engineering major.

-Pidge’s room is where everyone wants to hang out because she has all the coolest video game systems, games, and secret Pidge edits to games that make them like 1000x more violent.
-Pidge works in the Dean’s office as an assistant. She hates it. She also sees a lot of Lance because she ends up getting the Dean coffee a few times a day.
-Pidge is a computer science major obvi.
-Pidge 100% does the rubber duck debugging thing.
-Pidge sleeps almost as little as Lance but does not hide it nearly as well.


Just a couple of stress relieving miles after work and supper. Had a situation blow up on my desk this afternoon concerning one of our providers. Got it resolved, but it was a crazy hour and a half of back and forth with my supervisor (who was honestly doing everything in their power to help). Feeling a ton better, and ready to do some homework and hit the hay.


Manga, 2003, and Brotherhood



It seems that way, doesn’t it?

The first finished photo of my Zelda cosplay. 👑
I constructed this costume over the course of about six weeks, but I spent just as long planning and researching the techniques that would go into it. Despite my time crunch to finish it for Katsucon, I am proud of myself for not cutting any corners or sacrificing my commitment to quality to get it done. (I just worked crazy long hours every day for weeks instead, haha)

This is probably the most complex project I’ve tackled to date. Although there are some small improvements I would still like to make, I’m really pleased with how it came out overall. Get ready to see lots more photos of this one!

Photo by @josephchilin
Costume made and worn by me


Star Plat looking at the pictures X3

You can thank @thedevilsdesciples and out buddy Ratpat for this.




(I can’t believe how much I’ve drawn these past couple of days.)

Had to doodle Rhys and Vaughn because man, these two are such bros it almost hurts.



I started a Harry Potter themed sketchbook for Inktober 2015… I’d planned to spend 10-15 minutes on a page and move on. I didn’t finish the whole 30 days due to work, so I promised myself I’d fill the whole book by October 31st, 2016… and I did. Here is the book in it’s entirety, every page! They rolled from being “quick” pieces to crazy, hour+ long sessions. I guess it turned into a love letter from me to the Potter books by the end of it. I had a blast drawing this… enjoy!

when i log onto tumblr i come Prepared.

water bottle? for when im scrolling down my dash and i get a little parched. take a little sip of this guy and im good as new.

this is for if i stub my toe and i gotta wrap that shit in a bandage. if i Really stub my toe? i got 911 on speed dial.

this ol thing? this is for when im itching to blog real late at night. im talking crazy late hours like 10 or 11 pm.

i use this for when im getting anon hate and i have to take a breather or two. just go inside, zip up the zipper, and youre practically in a locked vault. thing works wonders.