So this is kinda an update as to where im at atm or more correctly me freaking out over my future. (Sorry but I’ve spent like the last 8 years not bothering to think about it because i never thought id have a future.)

Its nearly August… *internal screaming* i am turning 20 (on the 13th which just happens to be seb stan’s birthday too ♡). My parents are putting their house on the market. I need to work out what im going to do next year. Where am i going to move to? Do i want to take out a house loan and buy a house? Or take out a student loan, rent and study next year? Do i want to pursue a career in movie special effects makeup? Or stick with a boring, safer more anxiety free job? If i decide to study the makeup course which uni is the best? There is so many all over the country? Or should i go overseas to study? Someone recommended moving to California to study as i would be able to gain contacts in the industry. If im going to travel overseas… how on earth am i supposed to survive in a country where i have no family, no idea how the rules work and no self-confidence whatsoever!? Im probably not even talented enough to do it. I mean yeah i can work hard when i want to. I can research the living daylights out of something if i have to. I am not very creative tho. And i have severe social anxiety and severe trust issues. Like even if i studied and graduated how am i supposed to get a job? There is hundreds of more talented and more socially experienced people than me. No director in their right mind would hire me.

Whoa! Looped is airing on Amazon Prime in the U.S!!! Very proud of this crazy fun series. BIG congrats to the whole Looped team. #looped #dhx #dhxmedia #amazon #amazonprime #neptoon #neptoonstudios #animation #cartoon #tvseries #timetravel

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I know people are complaining about Dean winning but I’m happy for him even though Roman is my favorite. Seth is just gonna be bratty about losing which is gonna be funny to watch.

I wanted Roman to win but I doubted it because of the suspension.
But I like all of them. Roman is Daddy. Dean is the crazy fun guy and Seth is the bratty heel.

Disappointed Roman didn’t turn heel though. He has the look to be a heel but for some reason it’s not happening and I don’t think it will happen at RAW tomorrow either.

I’m just happy he’s back because I haven’t been excited to watch an episode of RAW in a while.

Win or lose I’m just happy to see my favorite wrestler back in action:

More Than Meets the Eye (1/?)

Title: More Than Meets the Eye (1/?)
Universe: Blindspot AU
Rating: G
Characters: Jane Doe, Edgar Reade, Kurt Weller
Summary [Prompt]: He feels bad for her, getting stood up in such a nice dress. [Kurt and Oscar meet.]

A/N: Written for @authenticflirt ’s prompt. I had a lot of fun imagining this AU, as I was so disappointed we never got to see these two dummies actually meet on the show. Talk about wasted opportunities, it would’ve been crazy awkward fun. Please enjoy this take on it! :)

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End of summer plans

So the next 4 weeks of summer before school starts will be extremely hectic, crazy and amazing. Here’s a rough preview of what this will look like:

•7/28-8/4 spent in Scottsdale Arizona with my family and all of my cousins. This includes lots of swimming, hiking, and riding in my uncles boat
•8/4-8/7 maybe moving into our new house in San Diego (If we even have a house yet)
•8/7-8/9 hiking in Yosemite and then spending a night in San Francisco
•8/10-8/13 spending the last few days with my family in San Diego before I have to go back to school
•8/13-8/19 driving across the country from San Diego to Pennsylvania and hitting a few national parks and cool places along the way such as Vegas, Zion, the Rocky Mountains and any other cool stops along the way

With all of this craziness and fun I really need to also stay focused on running and not lose sight of my goals. Especially with my highest mileage weeks ever coming up quickly. It’s gonna be hard, but I think I can do it.

Stranger Things (Netflix)

Woah!!! Crazy fun ride! Wild throw back style. Fantastic built story, big characters in small packages. Best binge in long time. Very takes basic plot of disappear, builds much supernatural world. Much adventure, very conspiracy, such chase. Very love 80′s cliches and references. Typical over top bully. Geek/outcast get girl (kinda?). Much movie/ pop culture references, both straight forward (star wars, D&D) and subliminal through scene shots (obvious being Stand By Me). Big break out child stars in Wolfhard and Brown, holy crap Brown blows audience away. Just fantastic young cast all around, both kids and high school cast. Love throwback casting Ryder of course. Such question at ending, much open ending. Can’t wait for season two, not quite confirmed yet, will keep you posted. Totally worth the binge for so much reasoning. 4 Paws Up! Take a Saturday and marathon this!

Epilepsy Warning: There’s a lot of flashing lights throughout the series, especially in the series finale. Even for someone who is not epileptic, it bothered me to watch parts of the finale.

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what bucky actually means

they’re not allowed to hurt you:

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I’m the only one who is allowed to hurt you:

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don’t do anything stupid until I get back:

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so we can do it together:

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