The gorgeous @nearlynudeunderwear Light Hearts camisole and briefs in black! I just cannot get enough of this gorgeous light shape wear set! Note I’m not wearing a bra and I’m still getting great support from my @nearlynudeunderwear camisole! I love underwear that is fictional and beautiful, it’s the ultimate underwear you can buy! A great investment for your lingerie wardrobe! I feel like my life is starting to calm which is wonderful, the major plans for our wedding are falling into place and soon we will just be able to sit back and pick it back up again next year! In the meantime we’ve briefly put house hunting on hold and hope to pick that back up in between our break from the wedding planning! It’s all so crazy but so much fun! #weddingplanning #engaged #camisole #lingerieblog #lingerieblogger #lingerie #instalingerie #love #beautiful #luxurylingerie #intimates #lingeriefashion #lingeriemodel #lingerielove #lingeriestyle #lingerielover #lingerieaddiction #lingerieaddict #lingerielife #thelingeriefiles

When I can upload videos again I will upload a vid of me and my friends hittin that new crazy bong! Its pretty fun haha. Till then, im sad there being took down. :f

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If the ships are still open, could i get one? Im very short for my age, 4'10, and i love to wear wedged boots. I love music, and will often dance around to Pandora while taking a walk in the neighborhood. I often wear bright colors and PJ pants.

Due to your crazy fun nature and unpredictable activities, I ship you with the fun-loving Jon, who’d probably laugh and join you right there, dancing around, singing along. :)

I was tagged by @fannibalmonica, thank you for the tag!! this was crazy fun

Rules: using only the song titles from one artist, cleverly answer the 10 questions and tag 10 people.

Band/Artist: The Killers
What is your gender? Just Another Girl
Describe yourself? Human
How do you feel?  Spaceman
If you could go anywhere? Sam’s Town
Favourite mode of transportation?  Carry Me Home
Your best friend?  Jenny Was a Friend of Mine (lol this question hurt more than it should…)
Favourite time of day?  Midnight Show
If your life was a TV show?  All These Things That I’ve Done
Relationship status?  Lonely Town
Your fear?  Deadlines & Commitments 

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...if you're up to it, I know you have writer's block rn (good luck! take a break from writing!) could I request pre-andreil snippet? Like, when Neil was still oblivious and Andrew was still convincing himself that Neil was just a side-effect? I hope your schooling went how you wanted, thanks!

( this?? is so nice?? what a nice ask. ilu anon. schooling went well! thanks for your patience, and the great prompt. even drugged, Andrew tried so hard not to fall for Neil. )

( whelp. gold star for the effort, Andrew. )

Was Kevin going to scream? Andrew hoped he would. He looked like he wanted to.

“Just take the pills.” Kevin pressed plastic into fingers unfurled. Greed closed his hand. Plastic protested. “This is the last dose before tonight’s game.”

He looked ready to cry.

“Andrew,” Kevin hissed. “Take your medication.”

“Will you hold my hand while we cross the street, too?” He batted his eyelashes. Kevin shoved water into his other hand. “What if I ask real nicely?”

Kevin said nothing. Maybe those words hadn’t made it past his lips. The wrong ones always did, the right ones never would.

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