crazy zebra

what the signs usually wear

aries: athletic clothes
taurus: pjs
gemini: plaid skirts and varsity jackets
cancer: comfy stuff
leo: bright stuff w crazy prints (no zebra please)
virgo: sleek put together outfits
libra: rly nice designer stuff
scorpio: dark colors and probably carries a whip
sagittarius: stuff that has a story that accompanies it
capricorn: traditional neutrals
aquarius: unique like hipster stuff and sometimes piercings
pisces: cute pastel lacy shit

Christoph Waltz Used As a Shield on the Set of Water for Elephants

Robert Pattinson has admitted that he ran away and left Reese Witherspoon to fend for herself when a zebra went crazy on the set of Water For Elephants.
The 24-year-old British actor confessed that he dove out of the way, while his co-star Christoph Waltz claimed to have stepped in to protect Reese.

He told The Sun, “Zebras are impossible to tame. One of them pulled away and ran towards me and I got out of the way.
"Afterwards everyone thought I was a pussy for getting out of the way, and apparently Christoph Waltz had got in front of Reese and other actresses and protected them.”

However, Robert Pattinson, keen to save his reputation, checked the film footage of the incident - and realised Witherspoon had simply jumped behind Waltz to save herself: “I watched the playback and Reese just literally grabbed Christoph as a shield,” he said.