crazy your love

9:32 pm 11/12/16

i wonder if you feel this connection between us, please say that you do, so i can stop calling myself crazy. i’m sure you wouldn't tell me because we haven’t been talking for that long- compared to the 6 months that you and the girl you like have been talking. and i don’t want to get my hopes up either although they say somebody can come into your life and show you why it didn’t work out last time.

—  wrongjl
I miss you, my heart misses you and my mind is filled with the thoughts of you, even though I know I didn’t even cross your mind, you’re still the one I think about.

anonymous asked:

Have you seen all of the posts about fine stud Lexa? Got any fics about that?

Fine Stud Lexa with a side of Babygirl Clarke and Daddy Lexa.

taking control of this kind of moment by Faustkomskaikru
| 1/1 | 2,549 | mature |

Yes, Clarke thinks when she falls asleep, she’s used to these kind of events. There’s a reason she loves going this much.


Fine Stud Lexa gets jealous at one Charity Gala, and Clarke might have done it on purpose.

demand by Skipz12
| 1/1 | 2,296 | mature |

“Take off your clothes Clarke.”

crazy in love by Elly_belly
| 1/1 | 5,819 | explicit |

This is not how Lexa thought her night would end.

Not that she’s complaining, because meeting a frustratingly gorgeous and intriguing blonde has been arguably the best thing that has happened to her in a very long time.

Well, at least until said blonde ended up in Lexa’s bed writhing underneath her. That is the best thing that had happened to her in a very, very long time.


a g!p fine stud lexa fic ft. daddy lexa and babygirl clarke

it’s only nature, i live for danger by Minnimodi
| 1/1 | 1,690 | explicit |

Clarke has been sending pictures to Lexa at work all day, and Lexa finally gets home to give Clarke what she so desperately needs.

lay me down tonight, I’m your favorite girl by Remyplurodaun
| 1/1 | 1,473 | explicit |

Lexa and Clarke have some time together after Lexa’s long day at work.

(AKA, another fic where Daddy!Lexa doms Clarke. G!P Lexa as well)

Welcome to the Trigeda Industries, Ms Griffin by commandmetobewell
| 1/1 | 9,084 | explicit |

With the help of a close friend, Clarke manages to land an internship at Trigeda Industries, a multibillion dollar technology corporation, in an effort to pay off her student loans and get a reference for her résumé. What starts out as a seemingly boring job soon takes a sharp turn when she manages to get herself trapped in an elevator with an alluring and confident brunette that is single-handedly the most gorgeous woman she’s ever seen.

So… just who exactly is this mysterious Green Eyes?


Clarke unknowingly bangs her boss in an elevator.

all I know is
when we’re sleeping
our friends, they creep in
and all the rest

alternatively titled, i can’t believe i’ve made three vriskanroserezi fanmixes

femmes, brooke waggoner // actor out of work, st vincent // all i want is to be your girl, holly miranda // rose, 1956, waxahatchee // sleep tonight, stars // gravity (amy’s response to pauline), the blow // hollow bedroom, waxahatchee // you’re the best, wet

listen here

Make Me

Prompt- ‘Come over here and make me.’


A little bit o’ Beyonce and a little bit o’ smut. What more could you ask for?

Got me looking so crazy right now, your love’s got me looking so crazy right now.’ You sang to yourself, while ploughing through the sheer amount of paperwork that has been residing on your desk for the past two weeks.

It was late Friday night, and you had just returned from a case in Florida. Everyone else had gone home to their families, so it was just you and Spencer left in the bullpen.

Got me looking so crazy right now, your touch got me looking so crazy right-‘

‘Y/N.’ Spencer interrupted, glaring at you from his desk. ‘Could you be any noisier? I need to concentrate.’

‘Sorry, Spence.’ You grinned, and turned back to your work, feeling slightly mischievous.

A few moments later you began to hum the same song, looking up every so often to catch Spencer scowling at you in frustration.

‘Do you want a coffee refill, Doctor?’ You asked, grabbing your mug.

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Aries loves your angry rants

Taurus loves how you light up when you smile

Gemini loves your shyness

Cancer loves your soft stomach

Leo loves the fire in your eyes

Virgo loves your quiet sadness

Libra loves your lazy sweatpants days

Scorpio loves your 3 am self 

Sagittarius loves your crazy donkey laugh

Capricorn loves your fidgety, sweaty hands

Aquarius loves your silly stories

Pisces loves the way you sleep