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Here’s another installment of some more DS art I did.

About 2 more posts for Don’t Starve then ya’ll will be all caught up. I still have more art that isn’t DS so we still have a ways to go. ( I made a lot of art in between my absence. )

I drew most of these when I started to REALLY feel sick hence why Wilson is being a big baby. ( If people can’t read my handwriting let me know and I’ll add the dialog in the description. ) 

I also kinda had been thinking about how the main “Story” would play out if it was in DST. I would think that Wilson would eventually leave on his own to try and out smart Maxwell and in the end playing right into his game. Woodie would then give chase once he realizes what’s going on only to be a little too late and the only solution would be to take Wilson’s place. 

Tear You Apart: Chapter 7

Listen to Toxic (Alex & Sierra) while reading.

“With a taste of your lips I’m on a ride. You’re toxic, I’m slipping under.”

By: @jacksonaprils​ & @nickandjoe​ 

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anonymous asked:

Elisa pointing at any male animated duo and being like "dad that's you guys". Like Lumiere and Cogsworth, she's like, "Because Daddy's like, be our guest be our guest! And Papi you're like, off to bed off to bed. But you secretly want to dance!" And Buzz and Woody she's like, "Daddy you're crazy like woody but Papi you're like, 'you are a sad strange little man'. But you became his best friend anyway!" And sonny's like, "Rafi she says we're best friends :D."

This is so cute!!

I love how Elisa finds her daddies in every little thing that she can. (’:

I seriously have no idea of what I just did xD

Based on this picture: 

Josh is nowhere to be seen but I added Peeta anyway xD And the clothes I chose were really random, I just didn’t want to draw them all in D 13 uniforms so I googled all characters and whichever outfit came first I drew that one lol