crazy woody

One of the reasons Woody Allen was important to me growing up (before I knew anything about what he’d done) was that I felt like I needed that character- an extremely mentally ill Jewish nerd who didn’t know what they believed in and was unhappy about that fact.  When I learned more, it felt like a really personal betrayal.

My point is, I would like to personally thank Rachel Bloom for stepping up to the plate and filling that role instead.

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Ngl I find these pictures really uncompelling but maybe there are better pictures that don’t make me feel meh?

*shrug* Looking at the rest of the pics at the EW piece made me marginally more hopeful because the Aesthetic is full-on 90′s Sunday tea-time/90′s Australian space opera*. Which is fun and mad and totally appropriate. But also at the same time… the madness doesn’t seem to be quite of a level so instead you just get uninspired flat leather armour (blah) unbalancing Jeff Goldblum goldbluming (yay).

The flipside of this, I am concerned that too many of the retro space opera influences will be too hevaily GotG slanted which, for me and an apparent minority, was distressing piece of misogynoir.

But on the flip flip side, the director is a master of absurdist genius from NZ; the Thor-in-Oz shorts have been incredible, and EW advance preview images are always horrible and uninspiring and weirdly lit. 

Whatever the end rseult, though, Hela still looks shit which is unconceivable given 1) it’s fucking Hela and 2) it’s fucking Hela played by Cate Blanchett, mistress of perfectly matching tone.

*Uh, for non-UK people, a large number of US scifi shows of a specific vein in the 1990′s were imported by Channel 4 and aired between 4.30 and 6.30 on sunday evenings. I remember this so well because on the weekends that my dad had me he had a strict window to get me home in time. 

Australian scifi like Farscape and all those really really weird kids shows that CBBC used to import and I only caught glimpses off because we couldn’t get BBC1. The really mad ones with tribal make-up and so so  much leather.

I seriously have no idea of what I just did xD

Based on this picture: 

Josh is nowhere to be seen but I added Peeta anyway xD And the clothes I chose were really random, I just didn’t want to draw them all in D 13 uniforms so I googled all characters and whichever outfit came first I drew that one lol