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Crazy vs Wise

(check rising sign too)

Acts like a crazy person but is actually very wise: AQUARIUS, Aries, Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini, Taurus

Acts like a wise person but is actually very crazy: Leo, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn, Virgo, Scorpio

anonymous asked:

Any headcanons on otayuri omegaverse?

*Otabek is a quite alpha unless provoked. 

*Otabek really likes cute things (something he keeps under wraps). So the first time he saw the ferocious kitten Yuri he knew right then and there he wanted him for his mate.

*Yuri is a predictably temperamental omega. He does not mind being one, but he hates when people think he’s weak.

*Otabek was the first one who assumed he was strong and powerful

*It took about six months before Otabek convinced Yuri that he really wanted him to be his mate.

*Yuri likes to curl up in Otabek’s leather jackets. Otabek often comes home to find Yuri sleeping on-top and under a couple of them.

*Otabek pretends not to know about the jacket Yuri stole and keeps in his practice bag.

*Yuri it a very tactile omega. He needs lots of affection from Otabek, even if he fights it. He’ll fuss, try to get away and push at Otabek but settle quickly in Otabek’s lap, content.

*Otabek let Yuri set the pace in their relationship. He also made sure to get to know Yuri’s Grandpa and Victor & Yuuri. Family is important to Otabek.

*Otabek likes the fact that Yuri eventually gets taller than him, but still curls up on his lap whenever they are in a seated position. 

Little by little I’m becoming consumed by the entity that is Nier: Automata.

Story, characters, music, battle system, I’m convinced that I’m going to be thinking about this game a lot after I finish it. I’ve been so compelled to play just to see what happens next.

And that hasn’t happened in a while. I’ve played a lot of games, but only a few has left a “feeling” while playing/concluded playing.

(I’m still not done yet but, trust me when I say that it’s definitely one of the best titles I’ve played this year. I know it’s just March but, hahaha, yeah. You might see this game featured on your dash a bit from me now and then. >.>)

Why ENFPs Have Everyone Fooled

ENFPs along with ENTPs are the most controversial types ever (in my opinion). ENFPs are so bubbly and warm and fuzzy yet analytical, deep-thinkers, and sometimes manipulative. Most ENFPs are considered dumb, which is what I am talking about right now. ENFPs come out as bubbly and ingenue but they are one of the most wise yet crazy type ever. They make everyone think they are dumb but they are intelligent. They can be manipulative. Even though they are dominated with Ne they can accurately predict the future. They can come up with a vast of ideas which can make you get surprised.


Happy Happy Birthday Tabi <3 <3 <3

Ah what can I say…You’re funny, witty, considerate, mature, cultured, respectful, honest, humble, hard-working, talented, genuine, independent, wise, insightful, creative, visionary, responsible…..ah I can go on and on.  You manage to be a wise but crazy little baby that we have only grown to adore more and more as the years pass.  You’re an inspiration to so many and you are so loved.  

Keep making punny jokes and remember to laugh at them yourself before anyone else gets a chance to.  Keep promoting art and introducing the world to the beauty you see in so many things. Keep writing lyrics that read like beautiful poems.  Keep showing the world what an incredible actor you are and do films that explore various genres and topics. Keep spending time with your favorite people and do your favorite things. Most importantly, take care of yourself and make sure you are always happy and smiling. Remember to always eat all your meals and make sure that little tummy of yours is happy!

Happy Birthday, Baby Boy <3  You have so much love and good wishes coming your way always.  I hope you get all that you wish for and more :)

karoujumi  asked:

Yo, do you have any special HC for Gaster!Sans? He's just one of my favorite versions of him and I really like your canons so I'm really curious on what kind of thoughts you have about him. (Also, is there even a slight possibility we may see him on BPaT? WINK WINK NUDGE NUDGE)

Most of my experience with G!Sans comes from Echotale, to be completely honest.  Man, I’m a sucker for it.  

Gaster!Sans is definitely going to be in BPT!  It’s going to be near the end game (we’re talkin’ last AU and last chance for a possible sin), so I’ll lay out some HC’s on what to expect from him personality-wise.

  • Crazy-perceptive.  He notices EVERYTHING, even if he doesn’t mention it right off the bat.
  • Smokes constantly, of course.  But my HC has him with a ketchup fascination still, instead of mustard like in Echotale.  That’s not really something that’ll probably be addressed, though?  -shrugs;
  • More of a prankster than a punster.  He enjoys messing with people, and the more elaborate the prank, the better.
  • He’s smart.  Holy crap, he’s smart.  With both the knowledge of Sans and Gaster, he’s the ultimate scientist– if he’s motivated.  That said, if he finds something interesting, he’s all about it, sometimes becoming really animated when he starts running down theories.  
  • When he realizes how excited he’s becoming over it, however, it’s like a switch is flipped.  He falters and shut up, trying to pass it off as a more casual interest.
  • He blushes blue.
  • He’s got that ‘cool guy’ attitude, but he also loves teasing, he’s likely to laugh at you, and he radiates a chill nonchalance.  .
  • Naps and apathy are still very much a part of him.  He’s difficult to motivate sometimes.

Also, I’m probably going to have his timeline set in a version of the Underground that’s kind of glitched and messed up.  I always found that really interesting about Echotale, so I think it’d be fun to write it out and imagine how the different sections would be different.