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Know What’s Abso-fucking-lutely Hilarious?

White People Get More Offended When Being Called A Racist Than They Do About Actual Acts Of Racism… How Embarrassing

White women, especially the monied ones, are so dangerous because they are allowed to be so soft. Stroke by stroke, they construct a type of womanhood that viciously negates the fact their bodies still function as agents of white supremacy. They are so gentle with themselves that they simply cannot comprehend that they could be oppressed and yet still oppressive.

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I only read the summary. Gone Girl is basically about this white girl who frames her murder on her husband for having an affair then forces him to stay w/ her by freezing his sperm, making her pregnant. I wish I was joking but apparently that happened but the fucked up thing is he doesn't stay to have a "balance family" it's to protect the baby from her crazy ass but white women praise it for feminism bc child endangerment is ok if its to ruin a man's life instead of just leaving him.

I’m being told I’m apparently in the wrong because she’s not a “uwu bad guy” but she’s clearly a fucking crazy ass bitch who didn’t need to do any of these but is now an icon according to white feminists

You look like an ethnic Scarlett Johansson!

white woman, in Boulder, to a Latina woman, in the bathroom of the Biergarten

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