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I’m going to be your wedding planner. You need one desperately. Like in the movies with the headsets and black pantsuits. Yeah, wow. I would actually totally crush that look.

The first finished photo of my Zelda cosplay. 👑
I constructed this costume over the course of about six weeks, but I spent just as long planning and researching the techniques that would go into it. Despite my time crunch to finish it for Katsucon, I am proud of myself for not cutting any corners or sacrificing my commitment to quality to get it done. (I just worked crazy long hours every day for weeks instead, haha)

This is probably the most complex project I’ve tackled to date. Although there are some small improvements I would still like to make, I’m really pleased with how it came out overall. Get ready to see lots more photos of this one!

Photo by @josephchilin
Costume made and worn by me



just quickly slapped some color on a sketch lolol >_< 

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JCW - for “Hallyu Pia”, Japanese Magazine [x]

Masquerade III: The Rules of the Game – (The Real) Part 6 (Jungkook x Reader x another BTS member)

One must know the rules of the game, in order to come and play.

!! If you haven’t, please read the first two sagas in this series: MASQUERADE & Masquerade II !! [There will be spoilers if you read this story first.]

Summary: With Club Masquerade’s original hosts “graduating” one at a time, it’s up to the newcomers to pick up the slack and keep the customers happy. And who better to take the reins than the notorious Red Mask’s prodigy, Jeon Jungkook. But things become a bit difficult when you come into the picture, with your desire to do research on the rules of love and dating through your experience with your host. Will Jungkook be able to satisfy your curiosities… or will someone else?

Jungkook x Reader x BTS member [Read on to find out who >:P] (ft. Jimin & Hoseok)
CEO au, Host au, Cop!Kook au
Fluff & Smut

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 (Finale)

A/N: Thanks again for being so patient :) It’s been a crazy few weeks for me with BTS & with work >< but I’m glad I finally was able to finish the update woo ~ I placed another “Keep Reading” link so as usual if it isn’t opening, shoot me a message ~ Enjoy!

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           "Um…is it me or is Mr. Park staring at us creepily?“ You hummed as you and Jungkook got settled inside your cubicle.

           Jungkook glanced over to find Jimin grinning widely in front of the cubicle with his arms crossed, not saying a word.

           "Um can we help you?” Jungkook blinked.

           Jimin clutched his chest and fell to the side of the cubicle dramatically. “I can’t believe my two favorite people didn’t trust me enough to confide in me!!”

           Your eyebrow rose at the sudden change of behavior and emotion. “What’re you talking about Mr. Park?”

           "No.“ Jimin exhaled and looked forlorn. "Don’t mind me. I apparently am not worthy enough to be told of your love…after I went to such lengths to get you two together.”

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Alexander Nylander - Permission Part Six

Really hope you guys are still enjoying this!

Word Count: 1565

Warnings: Cursing

Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five / Part Six / Part Seven / Part Eight / Part Nine / Part Ten

*Alex POV*

It happened so suddenly. We were all sitting down enjoying our time together. I was so glad to see y/n and Kappy getting along. He’s become one of my good friends out here, I trust him a lot. Y/N was explaining her job to Kappy. I sit there and admire how excited and proud she is to explain it. I turn my head for a moment and that’s when I saw Will walk into the restaurant. Anxious, I started to fidget, not knowing what to do. If he sees me he’s going to blow up and cause a scene. The last thing I want is to piss him off even more. He still brings up the first night every once in a while. I could always stay here and risk him possibly seeing me, but it would be better if I could convince him to leave.

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Ok. It’s official. I have gone full Hyperion. Took me waaaaaay too long to do this and I’m so sorry for everything. Gosh what have I done. I kinda have radishezrom and dequidt to thank for for this unhealthy (but enjoyable) Hyperion obsession…. Help. My current wallpaper is the bottom one haha.

Also I’ll most likely upload the individual characters somewhere down the road. When I start organising things. In the meantime, I hope this is pleasing enough. Thanks and have a nice day all!

EDIT: I resized it so I hope it looks less pixelated! Sorry about that guys. :P

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Something with Obi-Wan/Qui-Gon and timetravel?

Anon, I am assuming you meant Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon, but if you meant them as a pairing, you should know that, among other things, I have a student/teacher pairing squick.  So this will be gen.  I’m sorry if that’s not what you wanted, but that is what I can write.  If you’re really set on the pairing and time travel, there is an apparently excellent Obi-Wan/Qui-Gon time travel story called Re-Entry, by the wonderful @deadcatwithaflamethrower.  I haven’t read the story, for obvious reasons, but most people seem to love it.  (It’s long, though.  Something like 1.5 million words across the story and its sequel, I think I heard.)


Jedi Knight Qui-Gon Jinn looked around him, eyes narrowed as he studied the armor of the men around him.  It looked like some form of Mandalorian armor, all of it white decorated in either blue or yellow.

They felt just as wary as he did.  To be fair, Qui-Gon had simplely appeared out of thin air.

Qui-Gon had been on a small planet on the Outer Rim, negotiating a cease-fire between factions on that planet. 

And now… he was in the middle of a battle field.

“Take him to the general,” one of the soldiers ordered as Qui-Gon took a deep breath to speak.  “If this is a Separatist trick, the general will know.  If it’s just Jedi crazy, he’ll be able to figure it out.

Qui-Gon kept the smile from his face.  It seemed like the man in charge was familiar with Jedi. The commander turned to him.  “Weapons?” he asked.

“Just my lightsaber,” Qui-Gon said, since there was no point in hiding that he had one.  The knife in his boot and the garrote disguised as a hair tie, however, could be hidden.

The commander nodded. 

“Captain Rex, General Skywalker and Commander Tano are out on patrol,” one of the ones in blue said.

“I know,” Rex replied.  He had blue on his uniform as well.  “General Kenobi is in camp, right, Cody?”

One of the ones with yellow on his uniform looked up. “If he isn’t, I’m going to ask to borrow Kix to sit on him,” he growled.  “He’s got two broken ribs.”

The men snickered.  Apparently, this wasn’t unusual.  Qui-Gon went with the men peacefully.  He was curious as to what kind of General might try to leave camp with two broken ribs.  And, apparently, do it regularly enough that it was almost a joke to his men.


As he approached the camp, he could only come to one conclusion- their general was unmistakably a Force User.  Powerful, with an undeniably Light presence. Qui-Gon took a faintly relieved, very subtle breath.  There were, of course, many Force traditions in the galaxy, but most of the Light ones were on at least decent terms with each other.

Qui-Gon was led into a tent where a human man was studying a situation table.  His back was to them, but Qui-Gon was sure the man knew they were there.

Qui-Gon took the moment to study him.  He was of average human height, with reddish hair. From the back, he appeared to be dressed in Jedi robes topped by armor that mirrored but didn’t exactly match his men’s.

He was also tensing up as he turned around. 

Qui-Gon tilted his head as he studied the man. He wasn’t someone Qui-Gon recognized, but he was of an age with Qui-Gon- perhaps a few years younger.

The Jedi was studying him just as closely.  “I know who you appear to be,” he finally said.  “But I don’t know who you actually are.”

Qui-Gon frowned.  “I am Jedi Knight Qui-Gon Jinn, and I don’t recognize you at all,” he admitted.

The man nodded slowly.  “If you really are… then you wouldn’t, not as you are.”  His gaze sharpened.  “But I doubt you are.  This would be just the sort of trick the Count would play.  And he would use you.”

Qui-Gon floundered for a moment.  He didn’t know any Count, not well enough that they’d try to trick a Jedi Qui-Gon didn’t recognize.

General Kenobi- who still hadn’t introduced himself- held out his hand.  “Your weapons,” he said.  “I can’t trust that you’re not some trick of Dooku’s.”

Qui-Gon froze.  “Why would Master Dooku… I haven’t even spoken to him in over a year!”

General Kenobi narrowed his eyes.  “You actually believe that,” he said.  “Nevertheless, your weapons.”

Reluctantly, Qui-Gon handed his lightsaber over.  This man was a Jedi, and Qui-Gon had just appeared in the center of his army.  And that was another thing Qui-Gon needed to know.  Since when were Jedi military?

The general eyed the lightsaber for a moment, then studied him.  “Your boot knife, and the garrote, as well.”

Qui-Gon raised his eyebrows.  Very few people knew he kept holdouts like that- and to know those specific ones?

“Who are you?” he asked as he drew the knife.

The man’s lips twitched.  “Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi,” he said evenly.  “And you, Knight Jinn, if that is who you truly are, are well out of your time.”


Anon, I hope you liked it!

Alright folks!  That’s the last of the current round of prompts.  Normally, I would open prompts up again in a week or so. Unfortunately, I’m about a week out from a mission set and class schedule that will leave me with- if I’m lucky- about a week and a half of non-crazy work hours between now and mid-July (and yes, that includes this upcoming week).  So, prompts will be opened sometime after I recover from the entire thing.  Hopefully, sometime before August, but no promises.



AN: Hiii beautiful peeps! how are you? So, this is something I’ve been thinking about for a while but, as I’m not as half as talented as the people here plus being English my second language, I’ve always been pretty scared to write this. However in the last few days it became almost painful thinking about this story and not putting it on (digital) paper. So here it is the first part. Leave a feedback, if you want. Of any kind.

Before leaving you with the story, I’d like to thank the people I talk to here on tumblr and other social media: YOU ROCK GUYS! (and sorry if sometimes I bother you too much or get overexcited) (you know who you are)

WARNINGS: few curses (sorry), mention of period (I don’t think it’s too harmful but someone could be grossed out)


here you are ‘Mangoes’ *plays trumpet*

You suddenly realized you were bouncing your legs and the ‘click-click’ of the heels could be heard in the whole airport.

You didn’t know why you were anxious.

Well, you knew.

But you hadn’t yet realized you were THAT anxious.

You rubbed your hands on your face.

You weren’t ready to face whatever was waiting for you behind that gate.

You hadn’t seen him in a week and, although you were over the moon when he told you he was going to bring Luz as his date to the Oscars, for both emotional and logistic reasons, you were regretting your choice: you needed to be with him.

To support him.

“Or to have his support?” You told yourself with a low voice.

The news caught you off-guard: you never said it out loud, but you were sure he was going to win.

To make everything worse? Paul, Benji and Justin were the nicest guys ever and you really enjoyed their work, but the love of your life was… The love of your life.

You weren’t worried about all that Egot, pegot, pigeon, how-you-wanna-call-it stuff. You were worried about all the preassure he received, you were worried about the future interviews, you were worried about the side effects of this loss on the creative process of the man you loved.

Deep in your mind you knew you were over-reacting but let’s face it: he had quite a ego and things like this could trigger in his mind trails of not-so-optimistic thoughts. You simply didn’t want him to build a fortress around his persona.

You’ve talked to him on phone in the past few days and even faced-time him: he seemed sad and upset, but it was something barely percepible. He said: ‘I have never thought I had a chance of winning. I was just thrilled to be there and to introduce Auli'i.’ On the other side of the emotions spectrum, Luis was furious and more than once he was stopped from publishing not so nice comments on twitter. Luz called you the evening after the ceremony and said she caught her mother sniffling on the balcony of the hotel room.

You knew what was happening: they were sad because they imagined he was sad, he was keeping all the emotions trapped in his chest to not worry them. He was usual to act like that until he reached the breaking point, which consisted in writing a heart-wrenching song or a fight between the two of you over ‘why the arabic coffee blend wasn’t as good as the brazilian’ or similar silly things.

But this time it felt different.

It was different.

This time you’ll have to be the 'glue’ to keep him together, a thing that he did for you during the hormones or job-related freaking out moments.

But were you ready?

You didn’t know. You didn’t know how to get ready. You didn’t know anything except that his flight has just landed, as the board suggested.

You checked the time on your phone just to be blocked be the sight of your lockscreen. It was one of your favorite photos: he was napping on the bed, surrounded by 'his girls’: the twins only few months old at his sides and your dog at his feet. You came back from the kitchen with two bottles of warm milk just to find that heart-melting view. You snapped the pic quickly before waking them up.

'Lin, wake up.’ You tried to call him.

He had developed this strange habit during your honeymoon (which happened almost a year ago): as he was hot, he slept wrapped around your body with his head on your chest. You couldn’t complain as it was January, in Iceland. 
But NY in September was surely hotter.

'Lin, sweetheart, you have to wake up.’ You repeated raising your voice a little.

'Don’t call me sweetheart.’ He mumbled in your skin.

'Ah ah, you are awake.’ You said poking at his head.

'Why did I marry such a smart woman that makes me appear so stupid?-he placed a kiss on your skin before turning his face towards you with a loving gaze- Oh, now I remember.’ He smiled.

'Don’t even try to compliment my beauty in order to stay in bed.’

'But it’s Sunday. And I’m on a very soft and warm spot I’d like not to leave.’ He smirked winking in your direction.

'Are you implying I’ve gained weight?!’ You tried to fake rage.

'Just in the right spots.’ He said.

'WHAT?!’ Now you were a little offended. You pushed him away and tried to leave the bed.

'Ehii. Don’t be mad at me! You are the one that explained me why women gain weight during period.-he stopped you on the side of the bed- And as I was saying, only- he kissed a spot on your shoulder-in- another kiss- the-kiss- right- kiss- places.’

'That doesn’t change my feelings.’ You replied sitting on the bed, checking the phone while he put his chin on your shoulder. 'Moreover I’m not on my period.’

'Yes, you are.’ He said.

'No, I’m not. Trust me, it’s difficult to not notice if you are bleeding.’ You snapped back.

You felt him streaching to reach his phone on the conforter.

'Yes, your period should have started 5 days ago.’ He said checking something on the screen.

'Please, tell me you don’t have a period app.’ You said trying to hide your laugh.

'If your wife turns into a angry and hungry, fire- spitting.. - you turned to watch him with revengeful eyes and he noticed- but super smart and beautiful dragon, you’d have done the same.’ He smiled.

'Well, your app is wrong… Not in the calculation (you mentally checked if 28 days has passed). But I’m not on my period right now. Although it’s very strange: I’m a Swiss clock!’ You said a little worried.

'Y/N, you have done crazy shifts at work this past week!’

'Yes, you could be right. It has to be the stress.’ You said putting your socks on.

'Absolutely! And you know which is the best remedy?’ He dragged you back on a lying position.

'Lin-Manuel Miranda, don’t even try. You have planned this brunch with our parents- you said getting up and heading towards the bathroom- So, you and that cute little ass of yours have to leave the bed. Or we’ll be late.’

'Hey! My butt is cute but it ain’t “little”!’ He replied lying on the side and pointing towards it.

You laughed and before entering the bathroom, you stood in front of the mirror.

'Did I really put on so much?’ You said with a defeated look.

'Man, I shouldn’t have never said it! - he facepalmed himself- or at least I should have put it in a better way. What I meant, you know, … It’s… Like… God, that’s embarassing…’

You turned to face him. 'Lin, I married you. And trust me, your 'emarassing-things-i’ve-done’ list is well know to me. Spit it.’

'Let’s say that your “side A” has … How can i … “Improved”.. Yes, that’s the word!’ He was stummering and blushing. He was simply the cutest.

'Whut?’ You giggled.

'In the last ten days, some outfits you wore were like.. Seriously mind blowing..’ He continued moving his hands as to show an explosion.

And you could recall few times he complimented you more than usual before leaving the house in the morning.

'But I haven’t forgiven you yet.- you said picking your clothes and heading towards the bathroom. Ah, I’ll need this room for a quite long time. Maybe it’s better if you use the other one.’ You said winking and closing the door.

'Damn, I knew this going going to happen.’ You heard him shouting.

What you both didn’t know was that you were having the same thoughts.

'What if she’s preg-..’

'What if I’m pregnan- No, Y/N, don’t even think about it. It’s just stress. Don’t think about it.’ You mumble to yourself while shampooing.

You were in your undies, washed, moisturized staring at your dress: a wonderful, pencil-skirt, teal and blue dress. It was one of your favorite as it was knee-lenght but it fitted you perfectly in all your right places.

It was the moment of truth: it was your reference to see if anything changed in your body.

You wore it and started pulling the zip up: 'side b’ area went smooth, no visible changes in you belly area either.

You breathed with relief.

'Ah! I was right!’ You said with pride.

You couldn’t be more wrong.

The 'improvement’ Lin pointed out was real and you had to remove your bra to close the zip all the way up.

'Damn it, he was right.’ You said putting your hands on your hips and noticing how your 'side A’ as he called it was quite prominent from the v-shaped cut.

You checked the time on your phone: 'LIN, WE’RE ALMOST LATE!’ You screamed rushing outside the bathroom.

'I’m ready in the kitchen waiting for you. Do you want some coffee?’ He shouted.

'Lin, we’re going to a brunch. Breakfast and lunch. Which means plenty of coffee.’ You answered back while putting on shoes, a blazer and taking your earrings.

'But I need my coffee.’ He insisted.

'You’ll have a ulcer soon if you keep ingesting all this caffeine.’ You get to the kitchen while putting on the jewels.

You found him staring back at you with his mouth open and his mug mid-air.

'What?’ You said putting your head down and shaking your hair to give them volume.

He was still silent.

'Lin? - you looked back at him- should I go change?’ You pointed at your dress.

'WAIT. NO. This is exactly what I meant earlier.. You’re just so.. I’m trying to figured out how you you possible ended up marring me..’ He said at the speed of light.

You were blushing as a 16 years old high schooler. 'I’m fluttered- you said kissing his cheek and putting his mug down, but I don’t think it would make a good excuse with the parents. Chop chop. Let’s go.’ You headed towards the door swining your hips more than usual.

'Is this some sort of punishment for what I said earlier?’

'Dang it. You really are a MacArthur genius.’ You winked teasing him.

The brunch went well until you all decided to have some fruit.

'I’ll take the mango salad.’ You said reading the menù.

'Mango? Y/N, you hate mango!’ Your mother said looking at you.

'I remember the time me and Luis’s sister were pregnant at the same time and we ate mangoes all the times. In fact, there’s a legend according to which if you’re pregnant with a Miranda, you’ll even dream mangoes.’ Luz said and all started laughing.

You and Lin, instead, widened your eyes and looked at each other remembering your unshared thoughts of few hours before.

You could almost see the huge, red-written sign spelling 'SHIT’ on each other faces.

Soon the other four people noticed your silence.

'Lin-Manuel, is everything alright?’ Asked Luis while the others were all smilig at you.

You were on the point of throwing up.

'Yes, papa. I think that Y/N wants mango just because I made her try the mango flavoured tea you brought us from London. Honey, maybe it’s better if you stick with strawberries. You know, fresh mango is a stronger flavour. You have plenty of time to exercise before starting eating it non stop for 9 months.’ He took your hand and gave it a little squeeze.

You got what he was doing as you haven’t drink any tea recently.

'You’re right.’ You almost whispered before excusing yourself and going to the restroom.

You could still hear Lin engaging a conversation with the two women about fruits and pastries to move their attention from what has just happened.

You went to the bathroom and put your wrists under the cold water in attempt to calm you down.

You didn’t want to think about this right now. You want to do it at home. With Lin.

Then you went to the bathroom and you found out your period came.

But you weren’t as relieved as you thought. Yes, you were sad. A little bubbly Lin wasn’t a bad thing at all. But apparently destiny had different plans for you.

Before going out you sent a text  Lin: 'False allarm. Red wave just arrived.’

You went back to the table and you found him still talking about the secrets for a flaky pie.

'Lin, your phone buzzed. You should check it.’ You said sitting down.

'Don’t worry, I’ll see it later.’ He answered.

'It could be something important’ you squeezed his thigh staring him in the eyes.

He got the message and took the phone. You could feel his smile fading. He took your hand and place a kiss on it.

The brunch continued and the six of you went for a stroll then each couple went a difference direction.

As you were walking home you passed in front of the supermarket and, as he could read your mind, he said: 'You still want that mango, am I right?' 

You nodded and added 'We also run out of painkillers and I’ll need them these days.’

'I’ll go to the pharmacy and you the store. Meet me in 10 at the ice cream isle.’ He said kissing you.

So you did. When you met next to the refrigerators, he was happier than when you left him minutes before.

'Since when pharmacy makes you happy?’ You asked while picking your favorite type of ice cream.

'Since they started selling… LOLLIPOPS!’ He jumped showing two candies and giving you one.

'You’re such a kid.’ You laughed.

He coughed showing the wedding band.

'Let’s go pay this fruit and ice creams.’

As you went home, you undressed to get ready to chill on the couch as each Sunday.

He was still in the bedroom when you called him 'Lin, do you want to watch a movie?’ You fell on the couch.

'Not yet.’ He shouted.

'Yet? Do we have to do something?’ You asked.

'Did your flood continued since this morning?’ He asked poking his head from the door.

'I’m sorry, what?’ You asked at the unusual question.

'Did your bleeding continued since this morning?’ He asked again with his hands wrapped around his torso.

'This is gross. But not so much.- you answered skeptically- Do you mind telling me why you’re asking me this? I’m ok with sharing, less details maybe.’

'Could you check again?’


'Please Y/N. I promise I’ll explain if you do.’

'You’re acting weird but ok.’ You headed to the bathroom with him waiting outside.

It actually seemed like your period stopped so you went out and told him.'For your information, my period is not active right now. Now, my explanation.’

'Sit down and I’ll do it.-he showed you a spot on the bed- This is something I remembered from when Luz was pregnant and I went with her to the gyno- he saw the shocked and disgusted expression on your face- I STOPPED IN THE WAITING ROOM. Today, words keep failing me. However, there’s this thing called 'implantation bleed’ that resembles period but it’s the egg.. Implanting… It was more scientific in my mind.’ He chuckled.

'Lin, I don’t think..’ You said looking down.

'The mangoes, Y/N.’ He said with his eyes sparkling.

'I love your mother, you know this. But as a woman in a world were science exsist, I can’t trust “mangoes stories”.’ You said placing a hand on his cheek.

'Let’s just try. I’ve bought the test.’

That’s why he was so happy. You didn’t know what to do: this morning you realized you wanted to have babies as soon as possible. At the same time you didn’t want to be delusional.
You were going to say no but you saw his expecting and hopeful eyes. You couldn’t let him down. Maybe he could have been right.

'Ok- he jumped up hugged you- but I’ll pee and then leave them in the bathroom. We’ll watch a movie and later we’ll check. Got it?’ You said.

'Yes, ma'am.’ He went to his wardrobe and took 3 boxes.

'Lin, three?’

'Just to be sure.’ He smiled.

'You’re a pain in the ass, Manuel.’

'I love you too.’

You both smiled at the inside joke.

You went to the bathroom, did what you have to do and then the both of you went to the living room with popcorns, your chopped fruit and the infamous tea.

Lin wrapped his arms around your legs, that were resting on his own, while your head was on his chest.

After ten minutes your heartbeat was almost normal, you started enjoying the story and started laughing at the improbable adventures of the characters.

15 minutes from the end, Lin stand up to go to the bathroom as he drank almost a litre of tea and you were so caught in the story, you didn’t even realize was going to happen.

You just heard him shouting.

You jumped from the couch and went to the bathroom expecting to see blood/ body parts missing from him.

'LIN! What the hell happened?’ You shouted as an answer.

You found your full grown husband on the floor with his hands on his face saying something you couldn’t understand.

You knelt next to him: 'Lin, what happened?’ You tried to remove the hands just to find his face red and covered in tears.

'Mangoes. Y/N. MANGOES.’ He said smiling even more.

You connected the dots and standed up to have a confirmation: the three test had 2 lines on it.

'MANGOES!’ You screamed crying before reaching the same spot Lin was.

After almost an hour of laugh, tears, kisses and 'mangoes’ you stood up.

You decided to not tell the news to anyone until the ultrasounds.

A month later you organized a little dinner at your house for your parents.

They found not one, but two little mangoes in their plates.

You could feel your heart in your throat. Your tongue was dry. Those memories put you even more on the edge of tears so you decided to stand up and walk a little bit just to see a huge billboard about Maldives.

“Oh, man.” You whispered with a defeated voice while the memories started to flood in your mind.




On this day in music history: June 4, 1984 - “The Glamorous Life”, the debut album by Sheila E. is released. Produced by Sheila and The Starr Company (aka Prince), it is recorded at Sunset Sound in Hollywood, CA from December 27, 1983 - April 4, 1984. The first album by the Oakland, CA born and raised singer/percussionist comes about after Prince (who has known Escovedo since 1978) asks if she’s interested in making an album. She agrees, first collaborating on the song “Erotic City” with the artist (released as the B-side of “Let’s Go Crazy”) the same week that work on her album begins. The first tracks recorded are the title track and “Next Time Wipe The Lipstick Off Your Collar” in late 1983. The basic tracks for “The Belle Of St. Mark”, “Oliver’s House” and “Shortberry Strawcake are recorded in January of 1984. "Noon Rendevous” is the last track recorded in mid-February of 1984. Five of the six aforementioned tracks are originally intended for the album Prince is producing for Apollonia 6, but reassigns them to Sheila instead. Prince takes Escovedo into the studio in April of 1984, recording her vocal and percussion tracks in just four days. Now complete, Prince plays the finished album for his management, who in turn secure Sheila E. a contract with Warner Bros. Records. An immediate success, the album spins off three singles including the title track (#7 Pop, #9 R&B) and “The Belle Of St. Mark” (#34 Pop, #68 R&B). “The Glamorous Life” peaks at number seven on the Billboard R&B album chart, number twenty eight on the Top 200, and is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.