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I was born and raised in Kentucky, near the foothills of appalachia. I could drive twenty minutes in any direction and find myself square in the middle of abject poverty. Every spring, winter-hardened homeless men reappear to beg for change by the end of most interstate off-ramps.

The people here don’t love me. I’ve been glared out of nearly any kind of establishment you can think of. The south is a place where there are crosses in sight nearly everywhere you go and Mitch McConnell has been voted repeatedly back into office since 1984. They play country music in the Dairy Queen and everyone has a Ford pickup (“because they’re made in the USA!”). It’s a place where speaking in tongues isn’t crazy but being transgender sure is.

Everyone I know wants to leave. They set their sights on Colorado, California, Washington, Oregon. Out in the west where everything is bigger, more open, more open-minded. A place where they might feel safe.

But Kentucky is my home. I love it from deep within my bones. The hills nestle you into them, lovingly, nurturing. In the summer, the air presses into your lungs like it has something burning to say. The forests here are more alive than any other place I have seen; the cicadas sing nonstop and the greenery is so lush that it holds you. A teacher once dubbed it “the sacred yoni” and I have since longed for nothing but mother earth’s embrace. I feel her magic everywhere.

Y'all. I can’t leave. I love these people the way you can only love the people where you come from. I love all of the brave queer kids and the scared queer adults and everyone in between. I love the homeless men begging for the kind of change that you can’t pull out of a wallet. I love the hills and the rivers and the trees.

Someone has to stay. Someone has to make it a better place.

Jealousy - Smut

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Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Dylan O’Brien/Reader
Words: 1,952
AN: Okay so this was spurred on by the teaser for the teaser trailer for AmAs, I had so many feelings and I just wanted to die and also fuck Dylan so here you go? Sorry not sorry. Also I didn’t edit this well so I apologize for any mistakes.

Dylan arrived home to an empty house, his eyes drooping due to jet lag. It was a long flight, but he was glad to be home. He was early, wanting to surprise you, but it seemed like you weren’t there. His suspicions were confirmed when he saw your makeup littering the bathroom counter. He wasn’t mad, of course, glad you were going out and having fun when he wasn’t around. He hated to think you’d be cooped up in the house alone without him.

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Derpy faces of three of my personal OC’s: Karra, Heather and Pticenoga x)

They have some common features in their appearance & a bit of personality, but  characters are different anyway.

…and I’m able to touch my nose by my tongue.


Only to come back….

                                      ….I´ll always come back to you


It was midnight. The night was young and so were people and their loved ones who went further into the woods.

The endless night sky was filled with lost stars. She was gazing up at them as he carried her. The tall trees surrounded them. The leaves hushed a soft melody into the wind. The cold breeze kissed their hair and the nightingtales seemed to sing s sweet lovely music. The forest was indeed a place for a love and he bought her there to define her what love is to him.

Fram afar, she saw a tall tree and high above a house sat. It was a tree house.
A staircase was waiting at the foot of the tree which lead all the way to the house.

With herself in his arms, he walked up the stairs all the way to the top. The house was beautiful. He brought her down on her feet and she gasped at the sight of the view revealed before her.

Everything was seen from there. The trees clouded near the afar and beyond the horizon was the Blossoms Mansion and from there she could see the party is still going on.

She couldn’t hear the music but it was comfortably silent where she was.

Jughead was right. It did feel like home for her.

“It’s beautiful” she muttered under her breath, still mesmerized.

Jughead looked at her. “Yes,” she replied. “Very beautiful.”

Then she felt it. Tingles were crawling under her skin as she felt his lips kissing her neck. He stood behind her, his hands brushing against her bare arms.

Almost instantly, she gave his lips an open access and her back melted against his chest. He kissed down the back of her neck, leaving a trail of sweet wetness in his wake.

“Jug.” she moaned.

Growling, he turned her around and ravaged his lips, savoring her taste. In one swift movement he lifted her off the ground and she wrapped her legs around his hips clinging to him lika a kitten.

He swallowed her soft moans and walked into the room. He knelt in front of the bed which she didn’t notice before and sat her down on the surface.

He kept kissing her, showing her how good he was with his sinful lips. His hand on the bsck of her head unraveled the knot of her hair and it rolled down her back in curly waves. He gripped her hair in his hand and tipped her head back as he hissed down her throat.

Pulling back, he raised the hem of her dress upward and gently pulled it over her head, leaving her naked.
He growled lowly, eyes darkening. Her ample breats spilled out as if offering to him.

He lowered his head and sucked on a pink nipple, swirling his tongue around the peak, making her lose her mind. His other hand fondled her other breast and her fingers come running through his hair and down his shoulders.

He sucked on each bosom giving a fair pleasure to her heaving chest. After this, he pulled away from her for a mere moment, throwing off his clothes, and stood there naked in front of her. He was so beautiful.
She crawled backwards on the bed as he crawled towards her.

Hovering over her “You’re not wearing an underwear,” he whispered huskily into her ear.

She didn’t say anything but he could feel her arousal.
He put his weight in his arms and descended his lips to the crock of her neck. “You were expecting me to punish you for not wearing any underwear, Princess?”


“Then why. Tell my baby” he demanded, darting his tongue out and sucking on tje sweet spot he had found on her neck.

She trembled uder his touch and moaned his name our loud. Fondling her breasts, he pulled back slightly and looked at her closed eyes.

“Tell me”

“I… I didn’t have anymore left” she admitted, blushing furiously.

He grinned evilly and lifted her legs over his arms opening her legs wide, he lowered his lips in her pussy and made her scream out his name in pleasure. She arched her back and gripped the sheets in her hands.

“Jug-Oh, God”

He drove her crazy - insane. His tongue lapped up her juices and thrust in and out of her making her world quiver and shatter. Soon she was falling apart and he watched her intently.

He licked after every last bit of her release and hovered above her.
“You’re so fucking beautiful,” he growled, leaning down to kiss her deeply. His erection brushed against her core and it send tingles all the way to her toes. She moaned and arched her back , pressing her chest against him.

“I’m going to take you now, Princess,” he warned stroking her cheek. “I’m claiming you as mine”

She nodded

“Say it” he growled

“Yes,” she moaned, feeling his erection pressing against her “I’m yours Jug”

Gently he thrust his length into her. She was too tight and that left him going still. He gritted his teeth abd clenched his jaw tightly. He waited for her to adjust until he felt her legs tightening around him and her fingernails tearing in his back silently asking for more.

He pulled out and thrust into her again. Slowly. Gently. He latched his lips on hers and swallowed her moans as he kept gently thrusting into her tight core.

“Tight,” he grunted, pulling hack slightly and looking at her face. “Fuck, Princess” he cursed. “You like that?”

She moaned her response, fingernails clutching on his back.

His thrusts went faster. Harder. Deeper.

He growled lowly and buried his face at the crock of her neck. He licked her sweet spot and grazed his teeth against the love bite he painted upon her skin.

Just then he felt her walls tightening around him. She was coming. With one last deep thrust, she came undone and he fell apart, after her. He held her tight as she milked him.

“There tou go,” he murmured to her neck
“Breathe, Princesses”

She took a deep breath and her walls tightened tightly around him instinctively when she felt him slowly pulling out.

“Fuck” he cured silently. He pulled out of her and cupped her face “Baby, did I hurt you?”

She smiled lazily as if feeling sleepy.
“No,” she whispered “I’m fine”

She frowned then blushed once she saw the evil smirk playing on his sinful lips and the way his eyes flashed something darker - something sinful.

He chuckled lowly when he was the horror on her face “Don’t worry,Princess” he assured. “There will be next time”

She relaxed. He laid down beside her and pulled her against his side, pulling the sheets over their naked bodies. She snuggled into his arms and sighed dreamly.

He kissed the top of her neck “I love you, Princesses”

She looked at him “I love you too” she murmured and kissed him softly on the lips.

Suddenly he pulled away from her and stood up. She watched in utter confusion as he went towards the dark corner of the room. His naked body shone under the moonlight and she flushed slightly seeing her claw marks visible in his back.

When he come back, she sat up and the sheets feel on her waist revealing her breasts. He sat up on the bed and placed a box in front of her.

It was a gift. She covered her face with her hand and l looked at him almost bursting in tears. She didn’t think she could love this man more than she already did.
She raised in her knees and threw her arms around his neck
“Thank you so much”
“Happy birthday love”

Almost immediately, she puled away from him and excidely untied the ribbon that sealed the gift. Once the box was opened, she looked inside it and gasped.

She looked at him and reddened.
“Brand new panties?”

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Ily A.

I’m the only one I know who doesn’t like her, but I relate to her a lot regardless, so here’s a Demencia.

…I have a mini-headcanon she’s pansexual. She just seems like it to me.

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5
Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10
Epilogue | Epilogue: We Meet Again

Description: “It’s getting harder and harder to control myself around you.”

Warnings: age gap, mentions of death, smut

Word Count: 3,879

Pairing: Park Chanyeol x Reader

Author: Admin Xiufairy ㅅㅇㅅ

For the next week, no memories came back to you, no matter how much kissing you and Chanyeol did. Although, at this point, you weren’t quite sure that you…wanted to remember. Sure you missed a lot, but with memories and the past came pain. Why would you want to remember the pain? You enjoyed spending time with Chanyeol.

“(Y/N)?” His sweet voice called for you and realized you were still laying in his bed. You sat up, feeling the comfortable fabric of his t-shirt against your skin. You stretched your arms out before you stood up.

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A Winmills Valentine’s Day

I will go down with this ship. Since they had Christmas together, how about Valentine’s Day?

Word Count: 1850

Warning: Smut, gross fluff because these two deserve to be happy

A/N: I hope you enjoy! XOXO

Sam doesn’t have many keys.

He carries the key to the bunker when he needs to. He has a key ring that holds the extra key to the Impala, and a key to an old, beat up car from the bunker’s garage- the one he drives when he isn’t with Dean. Those have been his only keys for years.

But now he has one more.

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thecrazyalaskan  asked:

(because i have the self control of a hamster) Sentence meme + Paperhat please and thank you.

Paper Hat: Dr. Flug & Black Hat

1) Angst: At times, Dr. Flug felt like Black Hat didn’t care for him at all, especially when business always stumped pleasure/romance.

2) AU: Well this was interesting to find out on the beach. Black Hat found this paper bag-wearing merman to be … f a s c i n a t i n g 

3) Crack!fic: “Hola jefecito! Dr. Flug was the only one allowed to call him that while he was in this state. It was only a matter of time before Demencia would put him into her dollhouse and try to dress him up. He hoped the shrink ray’s effects would wear off soon.

4) Crossover: If anything, having the Justice League at their doorstep that ONE TIME left everyone starstruck (except Blackhat. They were ruining business and scaring away clients, ugh).

5) First Time: The first time they kissed, Dr. Flug was left reeling from how harsh it was. Nonetheless, it made his heart skip a beat.

6) Fluff: Flug found himself with a blanket draped over his shoulders in the morning; he had fallen asleep on his desk, and the blanket smelled like him.

7) Humor: “Hey 5.0.5?” The bright blue bear looked at the doctor in curiosity as he added, “Why are you un-bear-ably cute?” They both jumped when Black Hat outright cackled.

8) Hurt/Comfort: Wordlessly, Black Hat tended to Dr. Flug’s injuries. Ignored was the comatose body sprawled across the floor just off to the side; that was the last time Black Hat would take Flug with him on these deliveries. Too risky.

9) Smut: The first time Flug has seen those off-green teeth and that crazy tongue, he was terrified. Funny now that Black Hat left hickies in all the right places, gently soothing the sting with his tongue.

10) UST: “Well, do I look ‘proper’, boss?” Black Hat took in the sight of Dr. Flug in the newly tailored suit. His face said it all, and he’d deny that his face was flushed. N O P E.