crazy tacos

  • lance, sitting upside down on the couch: you know, sometimes i get really mad about taco bell. i mean, its not that i dont like them as a business or their food or anything. i just dont like their slogan. whenever i see it i read it as all spanish and in my brain i pronounce it as <i>livé más</i> but i realize that doesnt make sense so im all like 'what?! oh yeah. its <i>taco bell.'</i> and then im angry because ive just been fooled. do you know how many times ive been fooled by taco bell? its a lot. youd think i would learn but i just forget and im fooled. over and over. i just get so mad about it. why not make the slogan <i>vive más?</i> or just 'live more' yknow? why bother the confusion of cramming in two different languages into one slogan? they should make me the head of advertising because i got a lot of ideas. it would be the best marketing campaign youve ever seen <i>by far</i>. first order of business would be to fix their shitty slogan real fast. then i would change locos tacos to tacos locos, because theyre basically saying the english equivalent of 'tacos crazy'. anyways yeah im sick of being fooled.
  • keith, sitting next to him, reading a magazine with his legs crossed and not listening: mhm thats great babe