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EXO Reaction To You Being The Big Spoon

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reaction to you being big spoon 

*some of this is through my eyes as a five foot two person*

Xiumin: Oh hello there sweetheart…*mumbling as he settles to go back to sleep*

*but on the inside*

Luhan: *pouting* I am the man. I should be cuddling you as the big spoon, not the other way around. *then he realizes that it’s adorable*  aish, fine…Only because you’re cute…and asleep so this all pointless.

Kris: she does know I’m like a foot taller than her right? What is she even trying to do? Tsk….crazy girl…well, cute crazy girl.

Suho: oh you’re so adorable! Oh I just want to cuddle with you forever.

You *barely awake*: Suho, what are you saying? Go to sleep.

Suho: Uh huh…. *and you two drift off to dreamland bliss*

Lay: Oh hi there!

Baekhyun: Oh high there Jagiya, did you want something? *realizes you’re just asleep* well then, guess we’re not going to do anything…Sleep well.

Chen: *this guy is just asleep too so it hardly makes a difference*

Chanyeol: What is this girl trying to do? I’m a lot taller than her, how did she hope to spoon me? 

*then sleepiness takes over*

DO: *finds it incredibly adorable and goes squishy trying not to move so you can sleep*

Tao: how do you plan on being the big spoon? I’m six feet tall! you crazy girl. *can’t but giggle though*

Kai: *doesn’t move but smiles to himself secretly loving it*

Sehun: *leans over to kiss you before turning back around, chuckling and smiling to himself because he has such a cute girlfriend*

Exo reaction to you coming home wet from the pouring rain


*watches you walking into the house and into your room*


*worried for your health*
“are you sure your okay, I can make a nice hot bath if you want?”


*pouts cause he feels bad that he wasn’t their to help you*
“you should have called me”


*you were wearing a white shirt so now you can see your bright blue bra popping out*
“this women is gonna be the end of me”


*really worried for you*
“wait why didn’t you call me, I could have picked you up?!?”


*hugs you tightly until you feel warmer*


*probably makes a bunch of jokes about it, but eventually comes around to helping you dry off and sit warmly near the fireplace*


*his precious heart hurts seeing you in a miserable mood, so he cancels all his plans for that night and spends it making you feel better*


*crazy mama mode*
*wraps you in a billion blankets*


*he’d be quick to embrace you worried for your health*


*he’d open the door not knowing it was you and when he saw you drench he would stare blankly unable to believe his eyes*


*He rushed quickly trying to get you into some dry cloths and even made you some tea, but would keep on making sure you were doing alright*

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