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Hideo Kojima ships Hannigram/Madancy? oh what a beautiful world we live in

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Okay at this point I’m completely sure that everyone is in 2017 now, so I just want to send out a really quick thank you to all 96 of my followers. 

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I just created this sideblog last April, and I cannot believe that nearly 100 people enjoy my online presence. Thank you to everyone for being so incredibly welcoming and friendly. 

Honestly you guys are all considered friends in my book so please don’t hesitate to tag me or talk to me in anything

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Like good, figurative, collective parents, we are all so proud of Frisk.

Monster History Book Bonus Art:

Agreed, anyone looks cuter with a book in hand.

I haven’t watched One Day At A Time YET but I’ve seen a few videos and several gifsets and it’s clear that Elena’s mom is really supportive so I just want Elena to get a cute girlfriend and for them to have her over for dinner and Elena’s girlfriend is the perfect gentlewoman and brings flowers for her mom and the whole family loves her. Then later they cuddle and watch TV on the couch and mom or grandma walks in and gives them the whole fake concerned parent thing about “I’m watching you two” cuz you know CRAZY HORMONAL TEENAGERS lol. Just… normal stuff that we always see happen with hetero kids dating in tv shows.

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i suspect my mom is also nerodivergent but my family (brothers and dad) have always just said stuff like "you know how mom is shes crazy" and my family would always say things like "stop acting like mom" and i think that might be why no one suspected I wasnt neurotypical, they thought i was just too much like my mom

cake, its miraculous time. 

you didn’t think he’d be this soft

Introducing people to your favorite films/shows is so stressful. I’m paranoid that they’re not going to like it, so I’m sitting there mentally coaching the movie on like “come on, you have to impress them or they’re going to think I’m an idiot!”

How I wish all fans react when their bias starts dating...

I mean… Sure, cry it out. Share your pain with other fans/friends. Then move on. Let’s stay away from the crazy, stalker stuff. You know, the sasaeng fans that send death threats or threaten to kill themselves… It’s insanity. Pure insanity. 

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Hey Magnus, I have a really odd question. so let's say that you went out fighting with Alec and the others. you got lost from Alec so your on your own. Someone shapeshifted into Alec and is just saying crazy stuff, would you believe it or would you know that it's not the real Alec? Also lets say that shapeshifter who is Alec killed himself and the real alec came, would you not be able to look at Alec again because of what just happened? I hope that makes sense.

Magnus - If anything like that were to happen, it would be… Difficult. I would hope that I would be able to tell if it wasn’t him. If not me, Isabelle or Jace.


A lot of crazy stuff came out of Ricks Space ship.  Did you know he had all that in there?    here’s my concept how how all that stuff works, and the final prop design that we got to see in the episode.  Big thanks to Jack Cusumano for coloring all these terrifying guns.

Also I just want every one to know that Erica Hayes is a champ.  she boarded all this sequence and really built the tension.  She knows how to use sci-fi guns people.