crazy spanish girls

Okay so before I forget what happened today: 

Above is a picture of this crazy cool Spanish girl I met in Malta. This morning we took off for a day of chilling next to the sea. We chose a place we didn’t think there would be many people and hopped on a bus. Once there we walked along the cliffs for a bit before finding a place and jumping in the sea. We swam without a top on, it was a hot day and we don’t give a fuck about sexist laws. After a while we chilled, smoked a J in the sun and lazed about. there were a few other people there but we didn’t care and neither did they. Eventually we noticed two men who kept peering over the cliff edge at us. There was a walking path there so we just ignored them, next we noticed they had come down from the cliff and were hiding around the corner peeping round. When we saw them they climbed back to up the cliff and about half an hour later Abril felt something on her stomach, we looked up and the two men were still there and one of them had spit on us. In Malta it is illegal for women to be topless in public however in a largely catholic based country and after choosing a place out of the normal tourist route we didn’t think we would be insulting anyone with our bodies (what a ridiculous sentence). After that we stood up and stuck a top on to talk to the peeping creeps, both topless themselves and one with boobs bigger than mine and Abrils put together, we found they were laughing. Not only had they just stood on a cliff for about an hour to perve on two people chilling in the sun, they were rude, disgusting and disrespectful. Don’t tell me I am the fucking problem, don’t tell e my body is the problem!