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Rhodey plays basketball with some local youths whenever he's back home in Philly. Tony has hair implants. So does Steve. (I don't care that he's forever young. Don't curr at all) Sam is actually a pretty terrible singer. Natasha has a crazy sweet tooth. Sour patch kids, skittles, starbursts, the whole lot. But weirdly enough Twizzlers are her go-to snack at the movies even though they're not particularly sweet because she likes to use them as straws for her Icees

Rhodey: YES. The guys he plays with aren’t impressed with his War Machine stories, they tease him like he never left. Their mothers still fuss that he’s ‘too skinny’ and try to set him up with a wife.

Tony: Headcanon accepted. They’re expensive and quite good, but they’re a thing.

Steve: Headcanon utterly rejected. His hairline is protected by Truth&Justice (that’s the brand of a hair growth serum btw.) 

Sam: He nearly caused mass death when he performed “Lovin’ You” by Minnie Riperton at karaoke night. Someone* ‘accidentally’ tripped over the mic wire and unplugged it halfway through. They got a raucous round of applause. Sam thought it was for him.

Natasha: If you held her upside-down and shook her (good luck with that), there’d be dozens and dozens of Starburst wrappers falling out of her pockets. She hates chocolate. She came close to actual murder over the last packet of Tropical Skittles once. 

Come do the thing with the headcanons!


My boyfriend send me a heap of candies and bath goods from Japan for white day.

I’ve given out a lot of these candies to my siblings, but I tried some of them today!

1. Shigekix: The most sour candy you can buy in Japan, the seedy face on the front basically says it all “when you taste this shit.. It’ll fuck you up” my siblings think these are crazy sour, but I handled them pretty well. My little sister almost cried after eating this. A warning, Japanese candy is hardcore.

2. Bubblicious Japan, grape flavour: This is just like an ordinary grape flavoured gum! Great for bubble blowing and taste sticks around til the end.

3. Nobel Super Cola: VERY sour. Almost as much as Shigekix. Really funny illustrations on the packaging 😂. Has a fizzy cola centre and crazy sour.

4. Minnanotane: I spent the day snacking on these lol. Sour too! Not as much as the others, a chewy centre and has flavours like lemon, cola, Ume (plum) and ramune (soda). Has vitamin C in it.

5. Mitsuya Cider: This is supposed to taste like the mitsuya cider drinks (which I’ve never tasted actually! I tend to choose weird drinks in Japan like yuzu and red bean drinks lol) they are fizzy hard gumdrops in cider flavour, grape, peach and apple.

I’ll try the gummys another time and talk about them 😊

SU Drabble - Stevonnie: The Legend Returns

“SC, you heard about the mystery girl?”


“You know, the mystery girl! The one from last year’s rave, with the big hair and the weird navel piercing and the slick dance moves! Everyone’s been talking about her, and she was spotted again at last night’s race! She nearly beat Kevin, man, it was crazy!”

Oh,” said Sour Cream with a knowing smirk, “You mean Stevonnie. I know ‘em, but they’re not really a 'girl’… or a guy.”

“Then what are… um, they?”

Sour Cream gave his friend a sage look. “They’re an experience, man.”


You see these two? I have a theory. This man is Sour Cream’s dad. Vadalia or how ever her name is spelt is Sour Cream’s mom. In this episode, when Greg first met Rose, is also (most likely) the time where Sour Cream’s mom and dad hooked up. Note that Marty talks about her friends being “wild and crazy.” After Sour Cream was born and some time passed, his mom most likely met Onion’s dad. They most likely hit it off and had Onion, thus making Onion and Sour Cream half brothers and explains their similar traits. His dad most likely left Beach City after this episode which explains why Sour Cream’s dad is not there. Plus, look at his jacket. Sour Cream wears one that’s similar, right?

Onion Friend (opinion)

Funny how people call onion satan. I think he just really needs a friend. Vidalia even mentioned she was going crazy with yellowtail and sour cream fighting. I can imagine that. Sour cream is the image of the man that hurt his wife. He’s not his son, but the son of an old flame of his wife. That’s just weird and causes tension especially with sour cream being a teenager who feels the need to prove himself to his step-dad. Onion is in the middle of this. His father is almost always out on sea. He only has his mother and his step brother, who probably doesn’t really like yellowtail. That’s a lot for a little kid. Vidalia tries to help onion by letting him express himself in his own time, being patient with him. She knows all about creative expression as an artist. I really liked seeing that. Onion also takes a liking in Steven, probably because Steven is the only person in beach city even trying to be nice to him.  Steven is also patient and tries to be understanding with onion, even though he creeps him out. I guess Onion just can’t communicate that well with others. Vidalia really encourages the contact between Steven and Onion probably because she sees what good influence Steven has on Onion. For instance, Onion repaid Steven for the time he gave his Pall to Onion because he missed yellowtail. He remembered and gave Steven a gall back he cherished. He probably broke into Stevens cupboard just so Steven would visit him. If that isn’t a cry for help (so sorry) I don’t know what is.
I found this all so adorable, but yeah. the way onion tries to express himself is very disturbing. I also feel sorry for him though…