crazy smile

Out of all the people in Overwatch, I don’t think I expected Junkrat to have the largest amount of ships. 

The most popular one (on this website) is Roadrat, with Symmrat a good second (probably.) But whereas most characters have one or two ships tied to them, Junkrat has a lot. 

Oh yes, this Dirty Boy gets around. 

I’ve seen Junkrat and Mei, Junkrat and Reinhardt, Junkrat and Tracer, Junkrat and Zenyatta, for fuck’s sake. If it exists in the Overwatch universe, Junkrat is shipped with it. 

And the only reason I bring attention to it is because I feel like Blizzard attempted to make him the least…. attractive (for lack of a better word) character. 
I mean he’s covered in soot, is on fire, has got a crazy joker-esque smile, and, to top it all off, is a wanted criminal for exploding things. Like a lot of things. 
An entire Skyscraper, to be exact, and who knows how much more. 

But that doesn’t stop people pairing him off like it was going out of style. 
And I think it’s a beautiful little commentary of modern times;

Take the most unlikely character and give him, well, everything. 

A friendly reminder that Kookie once predicted with certainty that even when they already have the means to live in separate places, Bangtan would still choose to live together.