crazy skeleton


You know this fandom is scary at times. Like you go from liking a character in a platonic way and then later start to develop a crush on them. Mostly doesn’t help that your friend falls deeper into this skeleton love abyss. 

(P.S. If this made you cringe I’m sorry but this is the best way I could think of being seduced by a god damn skeleton. Also I kinda had fun with the siren designs sorry…)

Second character design for Dancing Knight Fever (The current name for the dancing rhythm rpg idea I’m conceptualizing). He’s the leader of a desert gang of dancing skeleton baddies that specialize in tango. Still want to refine his design but I’m enjoying his first pass. 


Questionable art night continues ft. ideas from both my coworker and the bae… 8′)


Kate Bogucharskaia for Meadowlark’s Dynasty Spring/Summer 2014-2015 Collection

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