crazy sinks

Spread for 2nd week of September 🌀

I feel like this week has been so crazy! It’s finally sinking in to me that school has started and I need to haul ass with all the work.

I’ve also seen people from before that I never thought I’d hear from again and it’s all made me realize that it’s perfectly alright to drop people you’ve outgrown out of your life. It’s therapeutic af and I 100% recommend.

anonymous asked:

They left hell uncensored in ep 409 and gmmore 315 too. They've always been weirdly inconsistent with that word in particular.

(Regarding not censoring the word “hell” (not referring to the actual place but a part of the phrase “what the hell”) in GMMore 1074 (Crazy Toilet and Sink Combo), 4:55 minutes in)

That’s true! They didn’t censor Link saying “hell” in the wheel ending of GMM 409 (Condronting Jerks) when talking about the curse words they allegedly wrote on their desks - “fart” and “hell”. In contrast, right after this they do censor Rhett saying… “damn”, I think? 

And at 2:30 in GMMore 315 (The Ghost Pepper Challenge - GMMore) when asked if he got any seeds in his pepper, Jason replies, “Oh, the hell I didn’t!” 

They also didn’t bleep out “hell” when Rhett said, “our culture’s going to hell in a handbasket” in GMM 247. But I guess that’s a fixed expression and it’s referring to the actual place. 

But there have been times when they censored the word “hell” when it was used as a curse word, even though I can’t remember specific instances of it, so you’re right about them being incosistent with it!

My contribution to my new fandom..

#1: Geometrical illusion sink

#2: Backwards spout sink

#3: Art deco-y sinks


#4: Motherfucking toilet-and-sink two-in-one sink

#5: leafy sink

#6: sexy body sink

#7: cute monster sink


#8: pretty river sink

#9: pretty flame-lit sink

#10: random wiggly sink

#11: weird fucking bath sink

#12: pretty round blue light sink

#13: random flower sink

#14: I-don’t-know-what-the-fuck-this-is-but-it’s-amazing sink

#15: beer barrel sink

#16:random white and stony beautiful sinks

#17: nickelodeon sink

#18: really pretty blue lit sink


#19: cute black s-shaped sink

#20: cute colourful s-shaped sink