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[sticks leggy out] BG with C5?

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do you have any good star trek novel recommendations? (tos please!!)

Yes! I do! I’ve been meaning to make a post about this for…so long, whoops, but I’ll answer this ask instead! (might still make the post someday, idk tbh. I probably should though because since I have so many Trek books I haven’t read yet, I might like more enough to rec them, haha.) Okay, anyway… (By TOS I assume you mean the original Enterprise crew, I hope it’s okay that not all of these actually take place during TOS, aka the five year mission.)

Sarek by A. C. Crispin You might have seen me mention this one the other day on my blog; I really love it. It takes place post TUC, Amanda is dying and Sarek is uncovering a plot that’s way bigger than anyone realizes at first… Also there’s some stuff about Jim’s nephew Peter (from the episode with the farting flying pancake aliens? lol.) and yeah, it’s a great read. All the parts with Sarek and Amanda are lovely and sad and the plot is interesting and it’s just all around enjoyable.Definitely recommend.

Collision Course by William Shatner This is the other one I mentioned on my blog already, and this one is probably my favorite Trek novel. Spock is nineteen and Jim is seventeen when they first meet, and they’re both too smart for their own good and get into trouble and…well, all the things you expect from Jim and Spock. It was originally supposed to be the first in a series, but for various reasons, there probably won’t be any more (CRIES) but this one is so good. And it doesn’t end on a cliffhanger so it’s okay. I especially enjoyed tbh how Bill appreciates what an effect Tarsus would have had on Jim (this is only three years later, after all) and it’s still very visible on lil’ Jim. Not a spoiler, bc a reference is made to Tarsus on…literally the very first page. Lol. Anyway, this one is really fun and sometimes sad (bc Tarsus) and just really great! Also, at least one of the plot twists genuinely surprised me, which is rare… I normally see them coming a mile off in Trek novels. ;) (Which doesn’t usually take away from my enjoyment, tbh!) But I really appreciate when they can surprise me.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture (novelization) by Gene Roddenberry You knew this was coming. This is an absolute must read if you’re a Spirk fan, tbh. I’m not all the way through with it so far, about halfway done, but I can tell you it’s a much better way of telling the story of TMP than TMP. Lol. The movie has this simple feeling and Jim rushing to Spock on the bridge and saying his name like a prayer and other things, but it also has all those dreadful special effect sequences. And the novel has its own gay to offer. I don’t necessarily agree with the way Gene wrote Jim (in fact, it’s been forever since I picked it up but I distinctly remember being bothered by it), but…yeah, at least borrow a copy from someone and witness the gay parts for yourself, haha.

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (novelization) by Vonda McIntyre I’m going to go ahead and say right now that if you’re going to read the novelizations, go for the ones by Ms. (Mrs? idk) McIntyre. She wrote 2, 3, and 4. I haven’t read 3 yet, but I have read 2 and 4 and I like that she actually adds in scenes and stuff that weren’t in the movies. It makes me feel like I’m actually getting something additional for my time even though I’m reading a novelization of a movie I’ve already seen. I like this one, because there was quite a bit that wasn’t in the movie (I have a hunch the extra scenes, at least some of them, might be based on the script? because the scene with Sulu’s great….something or other grandfather as a child meeting Sulu is in the book, and I know they tried to put that in the movie but never managed to. anyway.) But yeah, there’s actual stuff in there that’s not in the movie! that’s the way it should be. Also…she ships Saavik/David pretty clearly. :P Like I said, haven’t read TSS novel yet, but I know she was working it into 2, and it’s mentioned in 4 as a thing. Anyway…good stuff! This is the one where the whole “Vulcans get drunk on chocolate” thing comes from btw :))) (Avoid the novelizations by JM Dillard! Avoid!!! I’ve read them and they’re not good.) (Oh and pretty much everything I’ve read by Vonda McIntyre I’ve enjoyed, she’s a good Trek writer.)

Dwellers In The Crucible by Margaret Wander Bonnano Margaret Bonnano is another writer I just generally recommend bc I like all the stuff by her that I’ve read, too. Anyway… okay so let me say that this book’s main characters are not Jim and Spock. I know, I know. But wait!! It’s so worth a read!! Jim and Spock are in it, not much, but when they are they’re literally so married and explicitly confirmed to be t’hy’la… :)) it’s great. okay anyway. The main characters are a human named Cleante and a Vulcan named T’Shael. They are ladies. THEY ARE GAY AF. OKAY. THAT ALONE MAKES IT WORTH A READ. it’s so glorious.I mean the book only says they’re friends but…in the same way Jim and Spock are friends in canon. they’re super freaking gay. and also there are like a thousand incredibly obvious parallels between our human and vulcan lady and Jim and Spock. it’s fun. also Sulu goes undercover as a Romulan. :D yeah, just…read it. it’s great. (it made me angry at one point. I’m still angry. but I recommend it.)

Ishmael by Barbara Hambly This one was, for me at least, just a genuinely good read. I really enjoyed the plot. So…Spock goes back in time to 1867, not willingly I don’t think. And he gets amnesia. So right there are two tropes I ADORE (time travel and amnesia, I don’t care, I LOVE THEM.) He lands in North America, in Seattle if I remember correctly. And that’s the plot pretty much. Haha…okay, there’s a Klingon plot, the Enterprise crew searching for Spock, Spock trying to adapt and hide he’s an alien while bonding with the members of the community he lands in. Also Jim and Spock’s reunion is a bit gay. (Warning for spoilers if you click that? it’s pictures of when they find him near the end, so. Yeah.) I just really enjoyed the book in itself, the plot and everything. Fun!

Enterprise: The First Adventure by Vonda McIntyre In light of the tv series called Enterprise, the title of this one might be a little confusing… But it’s most definitely TOS and has nothing to do with Enterprise, haha. The premise is that it’s the first voyage of the Enterprise with Jim as the captain. And the mission is…to transport a theater troupe. It’s ridiculous and so silly, I know, but it’s really fun. There’s a winged horse, a really un-Vulcan Vulcan (I think he’s Spock’s cousin? I don’t really remember tbh), Spock heckling the theater troop, Uhura being a good friend to Janice…that’s all I remember off the top of my head, but I remember really enjoying it when I read it! 

Unspoken Truth by Margaret Wander Bonanno Remember what I said about those two writers? Lol. Okay so this is a Saavik-centric book. I really love Saavik, okay? So, as you might know, Saavik is half Vulcan, half Romulan. Well in this book (actually, in a bunch of books, by at least three different writers, it seems to be her accepted backstory in the novels) she was the result of a terrible experiment by Romulans, and when it didn’t work out, she and a bunch of other children were abandoned on a planet called Hellguard, and…some really horrible things happen. Anyway, Spock saves her, mentors her, and Amanda and Sarek basically adopt her (literally, she calls them mother and father, IT’S MY FAVE), well anyway, years later, either after or during TVH, she learns things are happening to the survivors of Hellguard…and the story goes from there. This was really good! Intense tbh. I loved it, but then, I love Saavik. If you don’t like her… But if you do, you’ll enjoy this one!!!!

Doctor’s Orders by Diane Duane Diane Duane is another must read author. All her books are excellent. In all honestly, I don’t remember too much about the plot of this one, but I know I liked it! Dr. McCoy is like “you can’t make me take command on the bridge” and Jim is like “uh actually I CAN” so he does and of course on McCoy’s very first day watching over the bridge Jim goes AWOL and shit starts going down. Poor Bones. Also, there’s some crazy aliens in this one, but they’re interesting!

The Vulcan Academy Murders by Jean Lorrah This one has such misleading cover art, lmaooo. At least, the version I have. There might be others… Anyway. Patients at a hospital on Vulcan keep dying and stuff, and then Amanda is in trouble. Lots of Sarek and Spock and Jim and Bones interaction. It’s a good one. (It’s been soo long since I read this one, too, sorry. But again, I know I enjoyed it!)

Uhura’s Song by Janet Hagan I love the alien species in this one. They’re like giant cats, and I love cats. When I read it, I got really into the planet and the species and their culture. The plot is that an old friend of Uhura’s is from this planet, and they “exchanged songs”…songs are a big deal in their culture. Anyway, there’s a plague threatening everyone on the planet and humans, too, and they think a song might hold the key to curing the disease, so they all go down on the planet to try and find it.

Strangers From The Sky by Margaret Wander Bonanno The plot to this one is…kind of hard to describe. Okay. So the parts with Jim and Spock go back and forth in time, part of the time being like, post-all the movies (I think) where they’re old friends (and really married, they’re just like. Margaret Bonanno has this way of inserting this really easy, casual intimacy they have with each other, and calling it friendship when OBVIOUSLY they’re married af, but either way I love it) and part of the time being very early on when Jim hasn’t been in command for long and he and Spock didn’t care much for each other (I mean personally I think they liked each other quite well from the start, but I’ll let it go, lol)… And then there’s a book. In the book. That everyone is reading and obsessed with and Jim starts reading it… It sounds weird, I know, but the book in the book is the story of the first time Vulcans came in contact with humans, long before the OFFICIAL first contact, it was when Vulcans crash landed on Earth and were discovered by some humans… I fucking love Vulcans, so that is obviously a great point of interest for me. Lol. Anyway when Jim reads the book he has nightmares, but then he discovers Spock has those nightmares, too, and it’s more than ‘just’ a book. Probably sounds bizarre but I really enjoyed it. ….and doesn’t every Trek plot EVER sound bizarre af when you try to describe it?

That’s all I’ve got right now!! This got so long I’M SO SORRY TBH BUT I HAD TO BE THOROUGH.


Re: all this fucking nonsense going around regarding the kink meme and its cross posting on ao3.
I am a woman in her 20s who has a lot of “kinky” sex. I consider myself to be hypersexual and I am down for nearly anything. I want sex to be gross and dirty and humiliating. I have had a lot of partners who have been into a lot of different kinks, I’ve been to parties where I’ve seen crazy shit go down. Sometimes people want things from me that I’m not into it and I tell them that in a completely nice, non judgmental way. Hand in hand with that, I consume a lot of pornography and I also read (nearly exclusively) explicit fanfiction. Probably some of the first sexual content I consumed as a preteen was fanfiction because it was easy to come across and it wasn’t blocked by any “net nanny” service either at home or at school.
I like to read fiction that involves BDSM elements and there is some great stories out there in our fandom and it really makes me sad that the writers of these great stories, that I believed truly understood BDSM, are out there promoting the sexualization of rape and child abuse.
So when I complain about the kink meme and its cross posting onto ao3 its not because I’m a “delicate snowflake”. Its because a whole group of women have gotten together and said “of all the things to write about, I am going to write about the sexual abuse of children. Then instead of leaving it in this little pocket of the internet where people actually want to see it, I’m going to move it onto a big popular site where its going to disturb and trigger TONS more people than ones who will actually enjoy. Then I am going to harass people, including victims of childhood sexual abuse who don’t like it.”
Certain members of this fandom are very good at putting together an essay. They’re much better with words than I am, (english not being my first language) and because they’re very clever they present everything they think as fact. They will write big long posts about censorship, about women being allowed to have sexual fantasy, about queer people being allowed to express their sexual fantasies.
Ao3 is full of women’s sexual fantasies. Nobody is telling you that you can’t write stories with a daddy kink, or an orgy, or the most filthy sub/Dom scene you can think up. Ao3 was invented for that very reason.
But honestly, get off your high horses. And maybe think about the lines you are blurring for people when it comes to BDSM and rape. Maybe think about what happens when you turn the beloved hero of a tv show into a pedophile. There’s girls out there campaigning against their schools for sexualizing them, meanwhile they are receiving mixed messages from TV, movies and the internet about how sexual relationship with older men (particularly ones in positions of power like teachers) will go down.
My number one prayer is that not too many sexually curious young people go onto ao3 and end up reading some of the vile rape/abuse/incest shit you guys are pumping out.
My number two prayer is that nobody from the cast or the crew of the 100 ever comes across any of this shit. The idea of Eliza Taylor, who has put four years of her life into bringing a smart and strong female character onto our screens, knowing that her ‘fans’ like to write her character as a 15 year old getting raped makes me wanna die. Thinking about Bob Morley, who has put so much into Bellamy’s redemption this season, finding out that people write him as a rapist and someone who fucks his own sister makes me sick.
I know that I like a lot of things that other people wouldn’t understand. But if my friends found out, it might be awkward, but they’d get over it. If my boss found out, he might think I’m weird, but he couldn’t fire me.
If your friends, family, or workplace found out you like the text version of child pornography, rape and incest, could you say the same?
I cannot believe that I could go onto a fucking porn website and wouldn’t come across any of this shit, but I’m expected to go and get some sort of blacklisting thing and actually plug in that I don’t want to see rape porn on ao3.
(sorry for the long rant gg I just didn’t know where else to express this)

Listen at the end of the day Star Wars has always been a super weird, wacky space opera, bigger than life, fantasy fairy tale where there are giant slugs and child murders can still be redeemed which means crazy shit is going to go down with the characters and story in the sequel trilogy so when it does just accept it and try to appreciate what the overall message it's trying to convey is, and since its Star Wars it will probably be something along the lines of compassion and love triumphs over all
Ay Yi Yi!

Crack Fic – Dean Winchester & Reader with a touch of Sam

Warnings: language, straight up crazy

Word Count: 1,905

A/N: I wrote this for my own Crack Challenge because inspiration hit and I thought why the hay not? So, enjoy my crazy after 11pm brain’s ramblings. And here is what a thrown together crack fic would look like, for all of those who may be wondering ;) I used Prompt #13: What do you mean we have to join a mariachi band?

There are still more prompts left! Send in an ask, lovelies!

Tags are way down below - let me know if you want to be added to anything that I write :)

“So get this,” Sam and I said in unison as we walked into the library.

“Dude,” I said with a smile.

“Nice,” Sam replied. We high fived and then turned back to an eye-rolling Dean. “We made a break on the case,” Sam continued, excitement evident in his voice, “which means I need to run to the store.” He clapped a hand on my shoulder, “Nice work, Y/N. I’ll be back soon.” Sam took off towards the Bunker door, leaving me with Dean and his beer.

“Care to fill me in?” Dean asked, taking a swig from the bottle.

I sat down across from him and rested my elbows on the table so I could settle my head in my hands, “So long story short…we’re joining a mariachi band.”

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NAME: Ua Kahu
ALIAS(ES): Lochlann(Loch, Lochie, Lochy); Lelehuna(only if he doesn’t know/trust you yet)
AGE: 28
DATE OF BIRTH: March 14th
SEXUAL PREFERENCE:  People he gets along with and animalistic people. Pansexual 
OCCUPATION(S): Team Skull Grunt/Admin/Gatekeeper


EYE COLOUR: Dark Brown
HAIR COLOUR: naturally Dark Green
HEIGHT: 5′6″
SCARS: Scattered about his body, mostly on his left side.  Largest and most noticeable encompasses most of his left calf and some of the same knee. Plenty of others from Pokémon handling, learning to survive out on his own, scars from fights, one scar from a rash from extended exposure to a feathered Pokémon, and a handful from incidents at Aether.

BURNS: Not many
UNDERWEIGHT: Shockingly no


COLOR: Black and yellow
HAIR COLOR: No preference
EYE COLOR: No preference
SONG: No cultural awareness
MOVIE: Can’t remember the last one he saw
TV SHOW: Same as above
FOOD: Chips, french fries, other savory snacks
DRINK: Caffeinated soda, is currently fighting off an alcohol addiction but in the meantime also enjoying birthday cake vodka
BOOK: He’s still reading the ones he’s received as gifts, no preference


GOTTEN PREGNANT: Not certain it’s possible
STAYED UP FOR MORE THAN 24 HOURS: Hasn’t slept in three days


A CUDDLER: When he’s in the mood/it’s needed
A KISSER: If his partner wants it
SCARED EASILY: Scared, no, anxious, yes 
TRUSTWORTHY: If you’re on his side
DOMINANT: Practically, yes, sexually, not particularly
SINGLE: Mainverse yes, technically; Schädel und Gehirn, no


HAVE THEY HARMED THEMSELVES: Not with self-harm in mind


SIBLING(S): Raehela Kahu(deceased/Drifblim), unknown younger brother, unknown twins on the way
PARENTS: names undecided, more or less disowned him
PETS: Pokémon count?

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Dating Mafia!Taeyong

The second part to

•basically to sum it up for anyone who hasn’t read my other post, Mafia leader! Taeyong is a smol eomma that pretends he tough
•you’re Jisung’s noona who is like Taeyong’s girlfriend now I guess and a medical student
•they way he confessed was in the last post so check that out if you want to
•now onto the actual post
•basically Taeyong wears a lot of white dress shirts that are tucked in because he likes to keep it neat
•always has a backup black blazer or leather jacket in his office because he thinks he’s a bad ass
•you sometimes stealing the jacket when you visit because who in their right mind wouldn’t
•he’s not even mad bro
•like you look fucking adorable so he lets it go
•if it was one of the boys, they would have gotten smacked already
•bringing him food when he’s working is a must
•he’s always working and not taking care of himself since he’s busy taking care of the boys so guess who’s left with the job of taking care of him?
•that’s right, it’s you
•always has time for you unless there’s a deadline coming up
•then expect to hand feed him and watch him work
•if he’s not busy though…
•sitting on his lap when he’s eating
•Taeyong trying to be cute and feed you too but you already ate
•him pouting because he can’t feed you
•you giving up and letting him feed you even though you’re full
•the boys spying on you and taking pictures
•especially Jisung because he wants some blackmail on his favorite noona and hyung
•making sure you learn to protect yourself incase he’s not there
•but he’s like always there
•or leaves another boy with you and Jisung
•since you’re a medical student, you help everyone get healed up when there has been a fight or some shit
•you even have your own room for all the medical stuff because Taeyong wants the best for you and his members
•becoming the group’s 2nd eomma when Taeyong is busy
•taking care of the minis and making sure they go to school and not skip like they usually do
•he leaves the scolding to you because you’re better since your Jisung older sister and have a lot of experience scolding him
•when you got kidnapped he looked v v v calm
•and was like deadly silent
•even though he was bad shit crazy on the inside
•everyone was like ‘shit’s about to go down’
•and shit did go down
•you were saved in record time
•Taeyong has many many connections so it wasn’t that hard
•plus the guys who kidnapped you weren’t very smart to begin with if they decided to even touch you
•they didn’t even take the tracking device that Taeyong had on your phone
•when Taeyong found you he scanned you to make sure weren’t hurt
•Sniper!Taeil and Hansol already had most of the guys down
•and assassin!Winwin was already beating the shit out of whoever was left with the help of his partner Kun
•he saw a bruise on your face and did finally explode in rage
•made sure he covered your eyes with his jacket so you don’t see world war 3
•you don’t even try to move it after someone untied your hands and legs
•because when Taeyong is serious, you listen
•and he was scary
•but his jacket also smelled v v nice
•when he came back, his fist were bruised and there was some blood on his white shirt
•but you didn’t care because you instantly held onto him tightly because that was scary as fuck
•he doesn’t let go either
•the others that came with him mentally went ‘aw’
•but that didn’t last long since the cops were going to come soon
•but you guys stayed like that all night
•'never leave me again’
•kisses to where ever it hurt all night
•'I love you so much’
•'I love you too’
•even more kisses + cuddles



White kids do some dumb shit when they're "drunk"

Let me tell y'all a story

So two Friday’s ago my friends and I decided that we weren’t going to let this summer go to waste because we survived our first year of college so we were going to turn the fuck up. Now this is where we messed up. We knew this boy (I’m going to call him Conner) who threw some crazy ass parties. I thought that house party shit when parents weren’t home only happened in movies but apparently white kids actually do that shit so my friend Britt and I decided to go. Now first mistake, there’s only like 10 black people there out of the nearly 200 people packed in that hot ass house. Our dumbasses knew that we at a predominately white party so some crazy shit was definitely about to go down. As soon as we get there we see some white boy with a superman cape jump off the roof. Nigga broke his foot in like three places but was so drunk he wasn’t even feeling pain. I don’t know what the hell he was drinking but whatever it was had him feeling like the Hulk. This nigga was walking with a foot pretty much unattached but was like, “holy shit I need a bandaid” I’m like, “no nigga you need to get a fucking X-ray bitch ya leg is all types of fucked up.”
But anyways we chillin for like 30 minutes next thing you know some white kids get fighting and this white boy picks up this other white boy and throws him out a window and glass is everywhere like a fucking scene out of Transformers. All these white kids just start cheering and laughing I was in awe. I was just thinking about what my parents would do if I did that shit. They would probably let me glue the glass back on one piece at a time, shit like that don’t fly in a black house. Ever broke your grandma’s fine china? She whoop your ass so bad you start wondering if they love silverware more than you. Now I’m thinking to myself “oh hell no white kids actually think life is a movie and shit we gotta get outta here because we all know who dies first in the movies….the niggas, ya damn right.” So Britt is like, “look I’m not trying to become another statistic lets get the fuck out of here before these white kids start shooting and we end up getting charged somehow.” So we getting ready to leave and all of a sudden someone yells, “POLICE” now as soon as this is said all 10 black people that were at that party dipped. White people were still standing around like “gee wiz Jonny why are the black people making such a frenzy?” But it’s nigganomics when one black person runs we all run whether we know what the fuck is happening. Run first, ask questions later shits always been that way no reason to change tradition now. So we run back to my friends Britts car and we make a sharp uturn on the highway so we can get back home and we drive by the house. When driving by we see Conner (the one who threw the party) and this other white boy FUCKING TIPPING A COP CAR OVER while the cops were inside searching the house. I’m like, “oh hell no we gotta get our black asses out of here before we end up on the Channel 7 news. My ass not made for jail. I take 25 minute showers fuck no.” So we drive the fuck home and never look back.
So the next day I text Conner if he was okay and what the hell they were drinking that made them think it was okay to tip over a cop car. You know what this nigga texts me back? He says, “what do you mean lol? We weren’t drunk…we were sober af. We were designated drivers.” SO Y'ALL WERE FUCKING SOBER AF AND DECIDED THAT YOU WERE GOING TO TIP A COP CAR OVER JUST FOR SHITS AND GIGGLES? I deleted his number, never fucking with white parties again.

Every scifi/dystopian/action/etc. movie trailer ever
  • Voice-over: "Everything was perfect in our world... until The Thing happened.."
  • Trailer: shots of only american cities in ruins
  • Voice-over: "I never wanted this to happen but we had to learn to survive."
  • Trailer: people wearing futuristic menacing clothing
  • Trailer: people training for The Resistance
  • Trailer: intense shot of main character loading a weapon
  • Trailer: screen cuts to black in between when the gun clicks to add emphasis to the badassness of the gun and fades back in when the main character is holding it
  • Some guy: *says witty one-liner before screen cuts to more intense shit*
  • Villain/hero/some war leader: *monologuing*
  • Trailer: cuts to intense shots of destruction
  • Trailer: sexual tension between random couple
  • Trailer: intense music playing
  • Trailer: people running for their lives
  • Leader: "you guys have to be prepared for anything out there!!"
  • Trailer: random couple now making out
  • Trailer: people again training for The Resistance
  • Random person: "YOU THINK YOU CAN STOP THIS??"
  • Main character: "WATCH ME"
  • Trailer: music stops
  • Trailer: some crazy shit is going down on screen
  • Trailer: intense music comes back
  • Trailer: *title of the movie*

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Inspired by the latest GTA, picture this: Geoff gets left behind on a beach admist the chaos of a job, and he just kinda. sits there. sulking. and people who recognize him are like "OH SHIT" and go to take selfies with himand he's just. continuing to sit there sulking. excitement and screaming coming over his ear piece while hes just. "glad you guys are having fun with my fucking car". selfies are still being taken. he just does not care at all

Right? Cuz its just his luck that they happened to squeeze into a vehicle that didn’t have enough seats. That the super cool heisting cars just didn’t have room for Geoff. He’s mumbling curses and trudging through the sand and anyone that knows Geoff Ramsey, leader of the Fake AH Crew, either watches cautiously from afar or is brave enough to take selfies with his annoyed face in the background. Someone, some unlucky tourist, walks by and casually comments, “Hey, i heard some crazy shit is going down a couple blocks out. Wish i got to see some of that!” He laughs, unaware of the seething man he just spoke to. Geoff is this close to murdering someone on this beach as the delighted screams and chaos blare through the comms.

Left For Dead (Part 3)

Pairing: Stiles x Reader
Summary: You’re dating Theo and Stiles can’t stand it. When he finds you next to his injured dad, he assumes you and Theo were in it together and leaves you in the tunnels, not knowing it may be the last time he sees you.

A/N: Here’s Part 3! Part 4 will be up after this weeks episode!
Let me know how you’re liking it so far and if you’d like a sad or happy ending! xx

“In here!” Kira calls as she hears Scott arrive at her place. Scott raises an eyebrow as he spots the entire pack seated in Kira’s living room.

“I thought tonight was date night,” he chuckles, disappointed, wiggling around a bag of groceries he had picked up to make dinner.

“Well, that’s still good, I’m starving, make us a snack will you?” Liam laughs and Scott gives him a side eye.

“And by you I mean myself,” he mumbles, taking the bag from Scott and heading to the kitchen.

“So what exactly are we all doing here, together…. On date night?” Scott asks before he notices Stiles pacing agitatedly.


“Yes, uhhhhh, we can’t find y/n,” he says and Scott laughs, “Well, obviously you can’t, she’s been avoiding you like the plague,” he replies before immediately regretting it, causing Stiles to stop pacing.

“No. None of us can find her. Kira stopped by the hospital but the nurses say she was discharged.”

“Did you check her house?”

Kira sighs, “Yeah, her parents said they thought she was staying with me since she was discharged. They kind of freaked out so I covered and said that I just came to pick up some stuff for her. It’s been a week since then and we’ve looked everywhere.”

“Which was stupid! They should’ve called the cops… WE SHOULD CALL THE COPS!” Stiles says, throwing his hands up in the air.

“Maybe, maybe she’s with Theo,” Scott suggests and Stiles rolls his eyes at him,

“We thought of that too Sherlock, I’ve thought of everything, literally, my mind is like empty because I’ve looked everywhere and thought of everything.”

“So you checked with Theo?”

“Liam asked Hayden and-“

“And she said that she hadn’t seen her with Theo at all; and Hayden had been around Theo a lot,” Liam finishes, sounding incredibly displeased.

“So maybe she’s having a spa day,” Liam suggests only to receive a collective glare from the pack, “What? It’s been a rough few weeks for her, she almost died.”

“First Lydia, now y/n, we’re losing too many people,” Scott sighs and Stiles stares at him, “Lydia isn’t lost and maybe y/n isn’t either, maybe she just wanted to get away from me and Theo and all of this.”

“Even so, she would’ve told someone before she left, did you check with her friends?” Scott asks, and Liam stares at him surprised, “She has friends that aren’t us?”

Kira ignores him, “We checked with a few of them but no one has heard from her.”

“Actually, I know where she is,” says a voice in the doorway.

Mason throws his jacket over the sofa and plops down, “Why would she tell you?” Liam asks, staring at him in disbelief.

“Well, because - maybe because I could keep it a secret but also tell you guys if she was away too long and thought something had happened to her…” he explains and everyone nods collectively, “Also, I saw her leaving so I asked her and she said she guessed there was no harm in telling me,” he confesses.

“So where is she?” Stiles asks, rolling his eyes as he stands over Mason.

“No, no. I can’t tell you that.”

“Why did you say it like that?” Stiles growls.“You know why. At this point, telling you would be like telling Theo.”

“Telling me what?” Theo asks as walks into the lounge, examining the room, “Nice place Kira.”

“Seriously Mason, lock the door when you come in,” she sighs.

Stiles goes for him and Scott pulls him back, “What are you doing here?”

“Like I said, there are no sides anymore, and definitely not if we’re trying to find y/n,” he replies, looking bored as he runs his finger along the top of the coffee table, “Needs some dusting.”

“If you think we’re going to let you anywhere near her, you’re deluded,” Scott replies, still holding Stiles back.

“Funny thing. I have a few things to say to her, so either I say them when you find her, or I make the process quicker by helping you find her, which I’m sure you want to.”

“What could you possibly have to say to her?” Stiles spits and Theo smiles, “Something along the lines of what you have to say,” Theo replies and Stiles slumps a little.

“He’s right. We need his help to find her fast,” Stiles sighs and Scott looks at him surprised, “We are not trusting him again Stiles!”

“I’m not saying trust him, I’m saying we can bring the dickhead along if it’ll help find her faster.”

“So where are we headed?” Theo asks and everyone turns to Mason who shakes his head and purses his lips together, making a zipping motion and then throwing away the key.Liam sits next to him, “We need to find her Mason, she could be in trouble.”

“What kind of trouble could she be in staying at a motel, watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S and eating cheese pizza,” he laughs and then his eyes widen, “No. NO! That’s all you get.”

“It’s the motel near her old house before she moved to Beacon Hills, I remember her telling me she stayed there when her house was under renovation and she loved it because there was this huge chandelier in the lobby and it-“ Stiles explains and then pauses, “Anyways, it’s back where she used to live, isn’t it?”

Mason sighs, “You better not say I told you, because I didn’t!”

“How far is that from here?” Liam asks, “Few hours if I remember correctly, we stayed there once last year-“ Scott states before noticing Stiles, Kira and Theo glaring at him and Liam looking very amused.

“No. She was just having a bad day and then I asked her what cheers her up and she said this lookout point near her old house and so I drove her there and then it was late so we just stayed at the Motel,” Scott explains.

“And then?” Liam laughs, egging him on.

“Nothing. I slept on the couch,” he says, “I SLEPT ON THE COUCH” he repeats slower and louder until  finally everyone nods and looks away.

“Alright, then you can drive Scott, and I guess we won’t be needing you Theo.”

“I’m going to be there anyways. What do you say you help me save on gas and give me a ride?” he laughs and Stiles frowns, “Get fucked.”

Theo shrugs before leaving, “Lock the door this time!” he calls before slamming it behind himself.

“I think we can make it back before it gets dark if we leave now,” Scott suggests and Stiles picks up the keys to his jeep, “We can’t take the jeep, what if it breaks down again,” Scott says, stopping in the doorway.

“Well, how else do we get there?”

“Well, we can take… the bus,” Scott mumbles, sighing as he continues outside.

“We can take my dad’s car,” Liam says, appearing behind them, “Well, it’s my car too…” he brags, “Which is not important. We can take it if you let me come.”

“Alright, let’s go then,” Stiles mutters. 

“This is the place?” Liam asks as they get out of the car, staring up at the large building in front of him, admiring the exterior, “I totally thought it would look all haunted and spooky, but it’s pretty,” he comments receiving amused looks from both boys.

“Whatever,” he grumbles and makes his way towards the glass doors, both boys following behind.Scott makes his way to the concierge and smiles awkwardly, “We’re looking for someone who is staying here.”

The man at the counter looks up, “Sure, what’s their name?”

“Y/N  Y/L/N”

“I think she’s in room 23,” Scott comments, “58 actually” the man replies and Scott smiles, “Right.”

“She’s not picking up her phone, she may be out. Would you like to wait for her in the lobby?” he asks, putting the phone down.

“Can’t we just wait for her in her room?” Stiles says over Scott’s shoulder and the man furrows his brow, “I’m afraid that’s against policy.”

Stiles moves forward and Scott steps in front of him, “Sure. We can wait, but is there a bathroom down here? It was a long drive.”

The man signals left, “Next to the elevators on the left.”

“Thank you,” Scott replies, pulling Stiles with him.

“We’re not seriously waiting down here,” Stiles whines and Scott smiles, “Of course not,” he replies, making his way towards the maids trolley parked beside the bathroom.

Scott peered into the bathroom before sifting through the items in the trolley, “Seriously Scott, not the time to stock up on travel sized toiletries,” Stiles whisper yells, “You should’ve seen this one time on a school trip when the bus broke down and we stayed at a motel and despite all this crazy shit going down, he still manages to grab all the-“ Stiles blabs to Liam before Scott interrupts.

“Got it,” he says, holding up a staff tag, “Quickly, get in the elevator,” he mumbles, pushing the boys in and checking to see if the man at the concierge desk had noticed.

“What level?” Liam asks, and Scott shrugs, “Maybe 4?”

“Nice work Scott,” Stiles laughs as he sees the number ‘50’ on the door as they get out.

“Here,” Liam says at the opposite end of the hall and Scott and Stiles follow.

Scott swipes the card and slowly pushes the door open, only for Stiles to push right past him and thunder in.

He stops and the boys pile up behind him, “Thank god she’s okay” he sighs, spotting you asleep on the bed, and becoming embarrassed as he notices you’re in your underwear.

“And drunk,” Liam laughs softly, pointing to the bottle in your hand and the boys looks around at the scattered bottles on the floor and clothes strewn about, “If this is her room after one week, I don’t even want to see what her actual room looks like.”

Stiles moves to the other side of the bed, moving the bottle out of your hand before he notices your knuckles are bloody and his eyes travel to your face.

“Shit,” he says, moving hair away to reveal a bloody lip and scratched up face.Scott and Liam walk towards you, “Whoa, should we call an ambulance?” Liam asks, pulling his phone out.

Stiles begins to shake you softly, “Y/N” he says repeatedly and you stir in your sleep, slowly opening your eyes.

Once you recognize Stiles’ face you pull away, almost falling off the bed.“I got you,” Stiles says, steadying you as you stand up.“Get off,” you mumble, pulling back and staring at the boys.

“How the hell did you get in here?” you say shocked, “How did you even know I was here?” you ask before your eyes fall on Liam, “Mason,” you mumble.

“Actually, Mason didn’t tell us anything,” Liam says as though reading a script and Scott rolls his eyes before turning to you.

“Are you okay?” he asks stepping forward, “I’m fine.”

“What happened to your face?” Stiles asks, moving his hand towards it and you shift.Stiles looks hurt, “I’m not leaving until you tell me,” he states and sits on the bed.

“Some guy was bugging me at the bar,” you say, crossing your arms over your chest.

“And he did this to you?” Stiles stands up again, looking furious.

“It’s just a little scratch I got after what I did to him actually,” you state, noticing Liam staring at you.

Scott slaps him out of it and you pull a t-shirt and shorts on, “Now can you get out?” you sigh, running your fingers through your hair.

“This isn’t you y/n. Bar fights? Drinking up an entire liquor store?” Stiles says softly, nodding towards all the bottles on the floor.You look from them to him, “I’ve always been like this,” you state, recounting the many times Stiles had seen you drunk.

 “Okay, but we were always with you,” Scott sighs “You can’t just hang out here alone getting drunk what with everything that’s going on.”

“Look, are you guys going to leave, or should I?” The three of them stare at you in silence.

“Fine,” you mumble, grabbing a jacket and your bag and storming out, jumping into the elevator and hitting the close button before they can follow.