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You always, constantly have to fight for what you want and I think that it’s always going to be a struggle, and you always have to just put your best foot forward. That’s all you can do. People are always going to say stuff about you and there are always going to be crazy rumours out there, but as long as you know the truth, you’re fine.

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There is a huge craze for maybelline's baby lips where i live right now and honestly they look so good!Obviously it's not cruelty free/vegan though :(! There are a ton of dupes floating around but none of them seem to be vegan, please help me find a dupe/similar products!

Maybe the ELF Studio balms? You can also just go through our lip balm tag.

Kady: Hey! I had no idea what they were so had to look them up! basically it looks like just a scented lip balm/stick. I personally Use one everyday so have some good recommendations for you!

First one, Crazy Rumours: All vegan, all amazing and literally more flavors than you can ever want. I personally LOVE the bubble gum ones and they have a whole range dedicated to them, that’s 4 flavours of JUST bubblegum :P
They do soda, ice cream, floral, dessert, tea, coffee, fruits and then a million limited edition ones.
Maybeline has what 5 different baby lips flavours? crazy rumours have 46 different flavours, with another 6 lip colours! They are also very cute pastel coloured like the baby lips, these are probably your best bet for a dupe.
(I would have added a picture, but tumblr has changed and i can’t figure out how to add them now, so if anyone knows help me)

Next up is Hurraw, again, a wide range of flavours (not as many as Crazy rumours, but still enough) these ones are raw. All vegan company again :)

Lastly is Merry Hempsters, they are made of hemp and the company is not all vegan, so just buy the stuff labeled vegan. I haven’t tried these and probably never will :)

And i know there are other vegan lip balm stick things out there, but I honestly think Crazy rumours or Hurraw are the best dupes for the baby lips. Actually the crazy rumours wins by a mile :P I love mine and definitely recommend! your friends will be jealous they only get 5 measily flavours to choose from.

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I cannot find the answer! Is Fassbender still dating Alicia Vikander?


I don’t really closely follow his private life, and the Internet is plagued by lies and crazy rumours so really I don’t know for sure. It looks like they’re still a couple, but I suppose the only people who would really know are their close friends and families. In any case to me it doesn’t matter; as long as Fassy is happy, I’m happy. I love his smile. :)

Demi Lovato Denies ‘Flicking A Fan In The Vagina‘ Dramz

Reassuring news just in after Demi Lovato has assured fans that she did NOT ‘flick a fan’s vajay-jay’ at a fan meet and greet.

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In fact, she has called claims that she did as much ‘ridiculous’. Well, quite.

Asked what the most crazy rumour she has ever read about herself at a promo for her new single Cool For The Summer, the X Factor USA judge said: “That I ‘flicked’ a girl’s vagina in a meet and greet.”

OK, we think we need to rewind here for a second.

A few years back a fan with a somewhat rather vivid imagination wrote an extended tweet in which she claimed that Demi ‘called her fat’, ‘whispered obesity’ and then ‘flicked her in the vagina’ during a meet and greet that she paid $350 for.

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Well, you’d expect a refund after that lot, wouldn’t you? Well, if it really happened, that is.

To quote the tweet in full, it read:

“Demi was rude, not classy and she lost a long time lovatic that day. I walked into the $350 M&G and say hello she replies with 'fat’ and I shook it off because I thought maybe I had heard her wrong. As I approached her and asked to do my pose she stared at me blank faced. I continued talking 'you saved my life’ I say 'you’re the reason I’m alive today.’ She looks me dead in the eye and says 'you’ll die soon enough fatty’ and then whispered 'obesity.'”

Jeepers. It’s like Ariana licked that doughnut all over again.

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"I started crying I had never felt pain like this and she started laughing and said 'are you crying? Stop it. Stop it now’ and she flicked my vagina.”

Due to its ridiculousness, the post quickly went predictably viral however, Demi maintained a dignified silence. Well, until now that is.

So yeah, we’re glad we’ve managed to clear all that up once and for all – no vaginas were flicked by Demi Lovato. End of. Now off you go and get on with your life.

This rumours need to stop!

Hi, guys! How are u?

So, about this break up rumours that been on lately: the boys always said they wanted this part of their lifes private and now they are just making sure of that.

They always let us know they were together and they made pretty obvious that Tronnor is real, but now things are going crazy. Everything they post/tweet/talk everyone freaks out and literally screams “TRONNOR” and put yourself on their shoes. It’s really annoying and exhausting. I saw this happen on other fandoms and it was obvious that would happen here too. Is a way to try to ‘control’ the craziness.

Stop creating this rumours, people get really sad about them!

The boys are just having some privacy and that’s ok.

Bye! Love u all

I was just thinking… What if Taylor warned Calvin at the beginning of everything that a relationship with her wouldn’t be easy, because it would involved: media all over them all the time, crazy rumours, haters even crazier and all that shit. And one year later, here is Calvin saying “1 year… that was easy”? gtg, bye.