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The tres horny boys in a Modern Day AU I’m playing around with!! It’s some sort of small town story, all characters are living in Fort Luna, a tiny place where things are still alright, all they way up in North America.

Taako - Once a promising young talent in the gastronomy busniess he runs off to the end of the world after being unfairly fired from his job. Frustrated and aimless, he saves the local diner with his skill and quickly takes over the lead. He misses the big city and is not shy to announce that loudly to everyone around…but the people are slowly starting to grow on him…

Magnus - A mysterious hermit man who lives all by himself out in a cabin in the woods. He comes to town every two weeks, making business with fire wood and freshly caught fish. No one really knows who he is and the locals have come up with all sorts of crazy rumours about him - but…he’s actually quite nice…

Merle - An outsider, but the original plan of a hiking vacation in the Fort Luna woods turned into settling down and building a life. By now he’s just as much part of this place as the folks who grew up right here. He owns a thrift store that sells all sorts of stuff and he gladly offers advice to anyone who asks - also to those who don’t. He can be found in the diner almost every single day.

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There is a huge craze for maybelline's baby lips where i live right now and honestly they look so good!Obviously it's not cruelty free/vegan though :(! There are a ton of dupes floating around but none of them seem to be vegan, please help me find a dupe/similar products!

Maybe the ELF Studio balms? You can also just go through our lip balm tag.

Kady: Hey! I had no idea what they were so had to look them up! basically it looks like just a scented lip balm/stick. I personally Use one everyday so have some good recommendations for you!

First one, Crazy Rumours: All vegan, all amazing and literally more flavors than you can ever want. I personally LOVE the bubble gum ones and they have a whole range dedicated to them, that’s 4 flavours of JUST bubblegum :P
They do soda, ice cream, floral, dessert, tea, coffee, fruits and then a million limited edition ones.
Maybeline has what 5 different baby lips flavours? crazy rumours have 46 different flavours, with another 6 lip colours! They are also very cute pastel coloured like the baby lips, these are probably your best bet for a dupe.
(I would have added a picture, but tumblr has changed and i can’t figure out how to add them now, so if anyone knows help me)

Next up is Hurraw, again, a wide range of flavours (not as many as Crazy rumours, but still enough) these ones are raw. All vegan company again :)

Lastly is Merry Hempsters, they are made of hemp and the company is not all vegan, so just buy the stuff labeled vegan. I haven’t tried these and probably never will :)

And i know there are other vegan lip balm stick things out there, but I honestly think Crazy rumours or Hurraw are the best dupes for the baby lips. Actually the crazy rumours wins by a mile :P I love mine and definitely recommend! your friends will be jealous they only get 5 measily flavours to choose from.

Moirai Fanfic [I]
Genre: Fantastic/Magical/Romantic/Angst (hahahahaha)
Length: 1,151
Character: Kyungsoo
Summary: Do you ever stop and wonder, why are you here? Why has your life turned to the way it has until now? Maybe thought that your life… it’s just one part of the whole puzzle? Do you ever think about that puzzle, the one you and someone else might complete one day when you find the missing piece? (omg this sounds so cheesy I’ll stop) 
Do not re-post without permission or use in any way, this is my work. Ara~


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girls like dollies chapter 9 (trixya) - lale

I say it every time I update, but I truly honestly cannot explain what it means to me to see the reaction from everyone to this fic. We’re almost at the end now, so I hope you all enjoy this update! As always, all the love and thanks in the world to Matilda and fleursverts, who are actual angels from heaven and are so much of the reason why this fic continues to get written!! i love you ladies!

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You Look Good In Blue & Black

Today Jaime has heard a crazy rumour that you are a model for some magazine. Which you can’t be because he is pretty sure he would be the first person you would tell if you were. It makes him uncomfortable hearing other guys drooling over you, saying how hot you are. He knows that you are attractive but doesn’t want to hear other people talking about you. 

It has been bothering him all day, so much so that he couldn’t concentrate whilst on a mission with the team. He really wishes it didn’t have this much of an affect on him. Bart is the first to notice something is up with his friend, zooming right over to his side now that they are done with missions for today. 

“So are you going to tell me what’s up? Or do I have to talk it out of you?” Bart folds his arms and has one eyebrow raised. 

“Nothing, why would you think that there is?” Jaime pretends to be clueless, acting like he normally would. 

“You can’t fool me, buddy. I know you better than anyone. Come on, I’m all ears.” Bart waves his hand back and forth, waiting for Jaime to spit it out. 

Jaime lets out a sigh before speaking. “It’s y/n, I heard a rumour that she is a model and other guys are talking about her.” He tells his friend what is on his mind and why he isn’t himself. 

“Oh yeah, didn’t you know about that? I thought you did.” Bart confirms that it isn’t just some rumour, that it is actually true. Judging by the look on his friend’s face, Bart realises that he didn’t know, making him feel slightly awkward because he did. 

“Wait, you knew about it and didn’t think to tell me?” Jaime’s eyes widen in shock, finding it rather hard to believe that you have kept this a secret from him. It appears he is the last to know about it, even his closest friend knew. 

“Like I said, man, I really thought you knew. Sorry.” Bart shrugs his shoulders, not knowing what else to say. 

“No, I didn’t.” Jaime shakes his head. “I’ve got to go, I’m going to y/n’s tonight.” He then says, not sounding all that enthusiastic about it. 

“You going to talk to her about it?” Bart puts his hand on Jaime’s shoulder. 

“Yeah, I’m going to ask her why she kept it from me. See you later, hermano.” Jaime pats Bart on the shoulder as he says his goodbyes. 

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Got7 | Rumours

Genre: angst and fluff

Pairing: reader x jinyoung

Word count: 1,250

AN: This was fun to write sorry it took a while! Enjoy! | Requests open


“Crap!” you yelled as you sat up on the sofa. Your boyfriend Jinyoung was away at an award ceremony tonight and you’d promised to watch him but you’d fallen asleep and just woken up. It must be almost over by now and he’d surely already received his award. Usually, you watched the award ceremonies live from your apartment because the two of you hadn’t gone public yet so he couldn’t get you a seat at any of the tables for fear of raising suspicion. You’d had a long shift at work all day and had barely managed to get home in time to watch the ceremony but evidently, the day had taken its toll on you and you fell asleep not long after getting home.

You turned on the television to the channel that the award ceremony was being aired on to see if there was anything left or even a slight chance of a recap at the end but as soon as the channel came on, you saw the two MCs for the night signing off and the adverts starting to play afterwards.

“Nice one Y/n.” you sighed to yourself. Leaning back on the sofa in defeat, you noticed your phone on the side. Got7 were a highly popular group so surely there’d be clips of them receiving their award online by now and you could watch it before Jinyoung returned home. You assumed he and the other members would go out for some beef or a drink or two to celebrate before coming home.

You opened up Youtube on your phone and searched for this years award ceremony and surely enough there it was, the whole thing put online not more than ten minutes ago. Clicking on the video you skipped forward to the music section of the awards and watched from there. There were a couple of groups you recognised receiving awards. Astro got the rookie award and a group you liked, Seventeen, performed their latest song. Next came the solo singers. The award for female singers went to a fairly new idol called Minseo. She wore a shortish red dress and black heels and you noticed how pretty she was when she gave her acceptance speech.  As she came off the stage to return to her seat, she walked over to Got7’s table rather than returning to her own and threw her arms around Jinyoung’s shoulders bringing him in to a hug. He hugged her back for a few seconds before smiling at her and only walked away when Got7 were asked to go up on stage for their own award. Okay, you thought. They probably just know each other from work. She probably works for JYP, you told yourself. Though there was something about the way she smiled at him that told you otherwise.

Brushing it off, you watched the rest of the video and then scrolled down to the comments to read what people thought as you did with most videos Got7 were in. You loved seeing the kind things fans wrote about them especially Jinyoung as it reminded you just how lucky you were to have such a talented boyfriend. You started reading the comments about how talented Got7 were and how much they deserved the award they received and you were sat there smiling like a fool until you read one comment that had lots of likes and replies and it made you stop in your tracks.

“OMG did you see how Minseo looked at Jr!! They would be such a cute couple.”

You looked at the replies and felt your heart sink.

“I swear they’re already dating?”

“Okay but did you see the video of Minseo where she describes her ideal man, it’s basically Jinyoung in a nutshell!”

“MINYOUNG!!!” This particular comment had over one hundred likes and you put your phone down close to tears. Was Jinyoung cheating on you? What if JYP had set them up for publicity and he hadn’t told you? Picking up your phone once more you opened safari and before you knew it, you were searching “Minyoung dating rumours” and burst into tears at the things you saw. All kinds of interviews and photos of the two together but he’d never mentioned her to you before. Why was he keeping her friendship or whatever was between them a secret from you? You couldn’t stay in the apartment any longer. You were too confused and upset to be able to face Jinyoung when he came home and you didn’t want to ruin his mood when he came home to see you.

You sent a text to your best friend telling her that you were going to come round and that you’d explain when you got there. She was the only one who knew about you and Jinyoung and you trusted her completely. She’d also met Jinyoung and the other boys before so you knew they all got on well. She told you that was okay and as soon as you received her reply, you shot out of the apartment and went to her house.


Once you’d explained to your friend what was going on, she reassured you Jinyoung must love you because stringing you along and not being able to tell people about your relationship literally offered no benefit to him other than your company so it’d be dumb for him to do something like that. She also reminded you about how the media these days fed off of any rumour they could and would often blow things completely out of proportion. You felt reassured by her words but then felt overcome with guilt at the thought of Jinyoung alone at home probably worrying out of mind.

“Oh my god, I need to go find Jinyoung. He has no idea where I am.”

“Don’t worry he’s on his way now.” Your friend said putting her phone on the side. You looked at her questioningly. “Well, a while back, Mark gave me his number and I texted him ages ago to tell Jinyoung that if he was worrying that you were here so he wouldn’t panic. You know what those boys are like and oh god could you imagine Youngjae if he thought you were missing” she laughed.

“Wait so Jinyoung’s coming over now?”

“Yeah all of the boys are, I texted Mark to bring Jinyoung down once I’d talked some sense into you.”

You were about to thank her when you heard a knock at the door and she left to open it. You took in a deep breath as seven rowdy boys joined the two of you in the living room. You silently walked over to Jinyoung where he stood looking almost nervous.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yeah, the crazy dating rumours between you and Minseo just got to me a little.” You said feeling foolish.

“I’m sorry, I should’ve explained sooner… I don’t like her that much by the way she’s actually kind of annoying but I can’t exactly reject her in front of the cameras.” he chuckled.

“No it’s fine please. Don’t worry let’s just focus on celebrating your award.” You smiled. “I’m so proud of you.” You said hugging him tightly. He hugged you back even tighter before whispering I love you into you ear.

“Okay once you two are done being gross, we should go party! You up for it y/n?”

“Count me in!” you smiled taking hold of Jinyoung’s hand and feeling him squeeze it slightly. “Let’s go!”


You always, constantly have to fight for what you want and I think that it’s always going to be a struggle, and you always have to just put your best foot forward. That’s all you can do. People are always going to say stuff about you and there are always going to be crazy rumours out there, but as long as you know the truth, you’re fine.

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There's been a lot of speculation about why Oli decided to start clean singing on TTS, he says it was because they wanted to move on and try new things (something like that anyway) but some fans seem to think that he had to as his vocal cords were damaged due to years of screaming, while others say that he can still scream, I don't know what to think really, what do you think?

Everyone comes up with crazy rumours dhdjajf they just change the sound every album because that’s always been their plan tbh

prompt by the super cool the-impalas-boys: fem!destiel highschool AU, nerd!cas and outcast!dean (preferably Cas’s family telling her to stay away from those wretched Winchesters, but she can’t help but be really interested in the leather-wearing girl)

read it here on AO3 (recommended if you’re on mobile)

Cas wandered down the hallway, reading her book. She had a leisurely five minutes before her next class started, and she wanted to spend them cooling off, retreating into the comfortable world of literature. In her earlier History class, she’d been asked to do a presentation unexpectedly; she’d managed, but her voice had been shaking and her fingers had trembled and she’d stammered and stuttered like a second-rate student who hadn’t done her homework – and Cas was anything but that.

She tried to unstick her mind from the whole cringe-worthy episode, but it clung to her mind like glue, gloopy strands looping around every word she read. It was impossible to concentrate. She sighed, and tucked her book into her bag.

As she passed the rows of lockers, she noticed a familiar figure leaning up against the wall. Deanna Winchester was silently gathering up her stuff, throwing books and notepaper carelessly into her bag. Cas pressed her lips together. Deanna had been in the History class; she’d been in the corner, of course, like usual, with her customary expression of faintly-arrogant disinterest firmly in place. It had been better than Ruby’s laughing, or Anna’s snide comments, but not by much.

Deanna glanced up as Cas passed, looking angry and vaguely confrontational. Cas knew to expect the look: it was part of the persona that Deanna had built up for herself over the past few months since she’d joined the school. Cas had heard all kinds of crazy rumours about the new girl, including that she’d been expelled from seven other schools for violence and possession of illegal substances, that she’d hit on the head of the cheerleading squad, and that she had a tattoo on her chest.

Not a family we want to get involved with,” Cas’ mother Naomi had stated firmly, after hearing all about it from Anna’s mother, who in turn had got the gossip from Ruby’s mother.

Cas knew that her mother was right. Deanna was so obviously trouble, from her ripped-up jeans, battered old boots and cropped brown hair to her intimidating silences, smirking confidence and bad attitude.

And yet when Deanna looked at her, Cas didn’t glance away immediately like everyone else did, like she should. Instead, she stared right back. There was something more to Deanna, Cas knew. More than the rest of the school were giving her credit for, some hidden quality that Cas glimpsed every time she met the other girl’s eyes.

“See something you like?” Deanna snapped, as Cas passed.

“I don’t know, yet,” Cas replied, and went on her way. She’d probably never get the chance to know Deanna properly. The girl clearly didn’t want to be befriended, and Cas knew that she didn’t have the confidence to press her company where it wasn’t wanted. It hardly mattered; senior year was coming to an end. Soon, they’d both go to college, and never see each other again.

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Tomorrow! Bug episode. Probably biggest for Amelia and the future of Omelia! I am so nervous already, excited, emotional, want to cry. I so hope for good but also crazy worry! All this rumours and spoilers are giving me anxiety. I just read that Cat is not filming this week? Apparently no appearance post ep 300. That would mean that she is leaving but I can't find anything valid. Fid u hear anything? Pls let us know as this would kill me.. she can't leave... we need Amelia happy and Omelia too!

Yes! sorry I took so long to reply to this, I spent the past seven days working straight and this is one of the few times I have actually come home.

I love it that this episode is Amelia-centric, I am sure we are in for a rollercoaster of emotions!

I have not seen anything about CS not filming, if I am not mistaken wasn’t she the one who posted something about an ice cream truck sent to the set as a treat to the actors working late? I know they don’t necessarily shoot every day, only when they have scenes. I am sure ep 300 will be a big one and mostly everyone will be involved so I suppose screen time per character will be short. 

Famous Secrets (requested)

Could you perhaps write something where his girl is also a famous singer and they have to keep their relationship hidden from the press and they try to play it off like they’re just friends. With lots of fluff. I love fluff. Love you ❤️

First of all, thank you so much for requesting this; I had a lot of fun writing it. I really hope you like it, and I didn’t make too far away from what you wanted;) Enjoy!


You hadn’t intended for it to happen; of course you didn’t. When you and Harry had first met at an award show, you had just thought it had been some harmless flirting, something  you both seemed to be known for. But when you had won your first award of the evening, and were walking on the stage to get it, you looked to see Harry’s face covered with a smile, which confused you. Because it wasn’t a sexual smile, or a know-it-all, it was.. genuine? For a moment, walking up the last few steps you just stared at each other, until you realised you couldn’t be accepting your first big award, being occupied by gawking at Harry Styles, so pulling yourself together just in time to give your speech you were a little shaky, to say the least. The way his eyes were the purest, deepest shade of green to have probably ever existed, would knock anyone off of their feet. Humans have this extraordinary gift of not being able to resist beauty; that was what had happened. He had simply looked at you, and you’re entire body was on fire. You wouldn’t even let yourself imagine what it would feel like, skin pressed against skin, lips locking together in heated kissing; no you simply couldn’t go that far.

At the afterparty you knew you should be getting wasted on the dance floor, but all through out the evening, you would catch Harry staring at you, and he’d catch you doing the exact same. Though in your naive mind, you still thought he was just being nice; nothing special. That was until your friend came up to you, and bringing her friend gift with her.

“y/n, Harry effin Styles has been staring at you the entire night, and you’re still standing here; where’s the logic in that? get the hell up there talk to him ” She says pushing you towards him, sending you thumbs up everytime you’d look back at her. Taking deep breath you waited for Harry to finish speaking to Grimmy, but when he saw you he smiled and excused himself.

For a moment you just stood there not really knowing what to say to one another, until Harry breaks the silence. “Where are meh manners, huh? Congrats on the win, ’s a big one; yeh deserved it, love” just the way his lips move when talking made your legs go weak and feel as if you were about to collapse on the hard ground, but you just laugh and reply.

“Thank you; Thank you so much, it really means a lot, especially coming from someone like you.” You say, but regretting it immediately. “I mean because you’re… well you. And you obviously know what you’re talking about-“ Harry cuts you off with a laugh, and for a moment you’re not sure what you said that was so funny to him. “Well, it’s nice to know i’ looks like I know more than I probably do” He says, and you watch his eyes squish up at the sides from laughing. You can’t help but marvel at the way his suit, fits him just perfectly and his newly cut hair makes his whole face look even more handsome. The way his perfect dimples appear and his little nose scrunches up.

“Well, I’m sure you’re a pro at it now” You say “I mean at this whole singing/famous thing”
You can feel his deep stare on you, as he watches you the same you just watched him. There was something there; call it corny, but it really was like a spark. No, not a spark; a wildfire that was igniting, catching flames and getting more and more intense as you kept on talking with each other all night. By the end of the night both of your throats were sore from talking, and your cheeks hurting from laughter; which was the best kind of pain. You both exchanged numbers at the end of the night, with the promise of something great to come.

And that was how you’d met him. The way you’d met the man who had stolen every part of you soul over the past four months. It wasn’t one of those loves where everything always had to be high speed; not at all. With both of your busy schedules there wasn’t actually anything you loved more than to just snuggle up to Harry’s chest and watch a movie, hearing his silly puns, and him giving your head small kisses. To just have him randomly show up at your door, with his adorable smile, and take away. And then you’d sit on your kitchen floor, humming along to old songs, and feed each other food. it was the little things that meant most to you. It was those little things, that weren’t little at all.

You woke up to the warmth of Harry’s naked chest next to yours, and you notice a few blue marks on his shoulders. You quickly get up and check yourself in the mirror. Yep, there were maybe around ten different love bites just around the neck area. In all honesty you would have been more than happy to bear them, but not today.

“God no, not today, damn it” you whisper to yourself, your hands frantically trying to find some heavy concealer. You hear the floorboards creak, and you know Harry’s joined you in the bathroom. You feel his body move closer to yours, his hands going around your hips and his face buried in the crook of your neck

“Can I ask why yeh’re goin’ through your stuff like a maniac, love?” he says, his words muffled against your neck. You sigh and turn around so you’re facing him. “Well, Harry, if you must know. I think we got a little… carried away last night” you say sending him a small smirk “And now I have to cover it up, since I’m going to that interview today, remember?” You continue to rummage through your stuff, finally landing on something that might be able to at least cover it up a little. You get ready at lighting speed, throwing on  the outfit you had chosen yesterday, and while you’re grabbing your purse, you feel Harry grabbing your shirt and turning you towards him. Your hands are on the back of his neck and his are around your waist. For a moment you just stand there smiling like idiots who are too in love to care. He pulls you into a hug, and you feel his hot breath whisper “I love yeh y/n, I love yeh very very much. Yeh’ll smash tha’ interview, pet” You pull away and hear your taxi honk from outside.

You smash a quick, passionate kiss to Harry’s lips before grabbing your purse and continued out of the door, but not before you felt Harry smack your butt. You turn around and see that damn smirk playing on his lips, as he brings up his to wave an innocent goodbye. You flip him off, and the last thing you hear before you’re out the door is the sound Harry’s wonderful laugh.

“So y/n congratulations on your upcoming album. This is all very exciting, isn’t it?” The brunette interviewer asks. You laugh and nod your head “To be completely honest I can’t quite believe this is actually happening to me. I mean everything’s just been a crazy, fantastic experience and I’ve met so many wonderful people along the way” You say, and you see the interviewer raise her eyebrows.

“Yes, on to that. Is there a special person in your life right now that has the pleasure of being there for you to celebrate with you?” You smile a little, and feel your heart swell a little, the thought of Harry being at home with a smirk covering his entire face. “Well, there are my parents, if that’s what you mean” You say, laughing at the end.

“Is that so? No love interest in your life?” She continues, pressing you for an answer. “Nope, no one. Just me” You laugh again. You and Harry had decided you wanted to keep your relationship a secret, at least until your album had been out for while, otherwise some people would make up crazy rumours that your relationship was “fake”, and none of you wanted that. But right there you just laughed, because you held a secret that no one knew about, except for you and Harry. It was just between the two of you; a wonderful fairytale that only the two of you had access to.

You see the interviewer smile again, and then she says “Well, not to argue what you’re saying, but we just have a few pictures we’d like to show you” You look at the screen behind you, and right there are pictures of you and Harry kissing, cuddling, and dancing together. You could only assume they had been taken at the party you and Harry had attended briefly yesterday. You hear the audience let out small surprised bursts of laughter, and you feel your face start to heat up, and you bury your face in your hands. “If I’m not mistaken that looks very taken, wouldn’t you say so?” The interviewer asks the audience, and they let out something, you can only assume as a yes. You lift your head and start laughing.

“Uhm we’re just friends?” you try and say, but everyone laughs, knowing that that is not who you act as “friends” “Okay, guess we’re kinda busted now, aren’t we?” You say, laughter still playing on your lips.
“So you and Harry Styles. What’s he like up close and personal? And are you happy?” the interviewer bombades you with questions.
“He’s very very charming. Extremely caring, and generous; I mean he is perhaps the most important person in my life right now, and he’s really helped me with a lot of personal issues.” you say “And yes, we’re very very happy. Or at least I am, I hope he’s not sitting at home and thinking ‘God no, what is she talking about’”

The rest of the interview goes smoothly and on the way home, you can’t be more thankful that you’re coming home to Harry, who you know is waiting with a cup of tea and a smirk. And even though you wanna smack that smirk off of his lips, there isn’t anything you love more than it; not anything in the world that means as much as Harry means to you. And as you’re sitting in the taxi with the biggest smile covering your face ready to come home to Harry, you couldn’t be happier.

Tronnor fandom Chill !

Ok so I wanted to rant about what happened at Vidcon and Connor mentionning Troye so here. 

To begin with, the peoples who were screaming Troye in the background when that girl was asking Connor the questions, you guys are disrespectful, you didn’t let him the time to think about his own answer and almost force him to  answer that 

Then, now that you got what you wanted that he mentionned Troye, I’m really happy he did, I get you guys it’s been forever since Tronnor didn’t interact ,  but explain me what the fuck is this wave of TRONNOR RISING, TRONNOR IS ALIVE, TRONNOR IS REAL ??? is  some fans of Tronnor fandom a bunch of stupid brainless  kids ? 

It’s so obvious that Connor and Troye had something going on, from good to bad, after their “ break up” they were both feeling kinda down and faking things, but lately they seems both genuinely happy, and I doubt it’s because of a comeback together, you don’t accept that and try to brush that but NO! there’s no brushing shit, Jacob is in the picture, wether you want it or not, Jacob has been with Troye during European tour, the BBMA’s, The Little Mermaid somthing with his parents, eating at restaurant, chasing each other, ( Troye going to Colorado for Jacob, Jacob coming back to LA for Troye), sharing cloths basically every Troye most important events . And no matter how you want to make Jacob be Troye cousin so he don’t appear as a threat to Tronnor, sorry to disapoint, he is not a threat to Tronnor, he came in the picture when it was over , he is a nice guy, and seems to make Troye happy, wtf is your problem ?? 

as Connor,  he mentionning Troye  is maybe a way to imply that whatever problems they had, it’s over now and they are good, not that  they are going back together lol, and peoples are going crazy as fuck for that, but don’t talk about that Edsta guy actually modeling for Common Culture  and posing with Connor type of flowers,  it’s obviously too soon, to say anything about Connor and Edsta, but they may become a thing as  Jacob became someone important to Troye, what are you gonna do ? harrass Edsta the way  Jacob has been harrassed  for being a potential Troye boyfriend ? 

I am disgusted by the fandom, treating Troye and Connor lives  like a  bad soap opera , and treat them like toys, because yeah, you all  know there is no Tronnor anymore, it’s just you wishing  there was and thus  create any crazy rumours and shit to make peoples believe there is hope, when Troye and Connor are trying to be friends, and move on. You re not respectful of their lives  and choices but your own selfish desire, Tronnor fandom is DISGUSTING ( well at least those who are like this not all ) 

Off Limits

Title: Off Limits

Pairing: Makoto Tachibana x Sousuke Yamazaki

Wordcount: +800

Summary: Everyone knows Makoto Tachibana is off limits. Everyone knows it’s because Sousuke Yamazaki plays a part in it. They just don’t know how.

N/A: Not exactly my best submission for Soumako Week. I saw a piece of soumako looking very muscled and very badass together and the idea appeared from it. It just didn’t end up like what I expected, but oh well, I hope you still like it :)

N/A 2: For day 5 of Soumako Week (established relationship/confession)


Everyone in Iwatobi High School knew that Makoto Tachibana was off limits. Not because he was unaproachable or infamous for some reason. Quite the contrary. Makoto Tachibana was the sweetest guy everyone knew, with a smile capable of stoping wars, kind green eyes that twinkled whenever he smiled. So why was he off limits?

The answer was simple: Sousuke Yamazaki was the reason.

It was common to see Sousuke leaning against the entrance gate of Iwatobi High School waiting for Makoto. At first it was strange. Why would a student of Samezuka Academy be at Iwatobi? Then people started to see a pattern. Sousuke Yamazaki was waiting for somene and that someone was Makoto Tachibana, who said goodbye to his friends and went somewhere with Sousuke.

No one knew what relation their school’s prince and the bad boy of Samezuka Academy had, but they all knew that Sousuke wasn’t one to be messed with. There fore, Makoto was off limits, only available to admire from afar.


Sousuke was running his fingers through Makoto’s hair absently when Makoto chuckled to himself.


“Nothing” - Makoto opened his eyes and stared right at Sousuke - “I just heard yet another crazy rumour about you.”

“Another? I thought those were over.”

“Apparently, I’m your slave. You make me do all sorts of heavy work while you watch me.”

Sousuke tsked. People didn’t have anything better to do with their lives so they just talked about other’s lives. Ridiculous…

“If anything it’s the other way around. With those kicked puppy eyes you do… It’s impossible to say no… And the worst it’s that you’re aware of it!”

“Hey!” - Makoto protested with a pillow thrown at Sousuke’s face, which was quickly thrown back.

A pillow fight ensued. Attack after attack, defense after defense and the room in a complete mess, they both fell on the bed, giggling like two little kids. 

Makoto turned to his boyfriend and hid his face on the crook of Sousuke’s neck, leaving small kisses there. Sousuke wrapped an arm round the green eyed boy, bringing his lips closer to his, kissing him slowly and passionately, hoping to transmit all his feeling to Makoto in that gesture.

He’s sure Makoto got the message when the slightly taller boy passed a leg over him and stradled him, deepening the kiss as his tongue slow danced with Sousuke’s. 

Sousuke’s hands found their way to Makoto’s hips and dared to travel under his shirt. Makoto sighed against his lips, his muscles contracted under his touch. Sousuke loved kissing Makoto not because his boyfriend had lips to die for, but for the reactions he had whenever they had their lips locked on each other. 

Makoto was an open book. Kiss by kiss Sousuke learnt Makoto’s reactions one by one, loving the way his boyfriend responded. Either it was a sigh escaping his lips, a breathless moan when he sucked on that spot under his ear, or a slight roll of the hips when Sousuke crept his hands past the band of his underwear, Makoto never held back on making Sousuke sure that he was enjoying it.

They broke apart when the need for air spoke louder and when their bodies craved for more. As much as they both wanted it, they couldn’t. Sousuke’s parents were right downstairs and they weren’t exactly silent when having sex. How could they when Sousuke’s thrusts into Makoto had him seeing stars and Makoto had these fucked out expressions that made Sousuke grunt and put everything he had on his lewd movements?

After they returned to their normal states and their breaths were once again at a regular pace, Makoto returned to his spot next to Sousuke and snuggled against him, the beat of his boyfriend’s heart relaxing him.

“Maybe we should just say it” - Sousuke said after a while -  "We’ve been together for seven month now and it’s not like I’m not good like this, but I’d like to meet you at yout school and not hear whispered words about how I’m using you against your will.“

"Well, I wouldn’t mind receiving a I’m happy to see you kiss when I meet you at the school gates” - Makoto shrugged, kissing in confirmation Sousuke’s shoulder - “But you know the whispering will continue, don’t you?”

“Fuck it. At least it will be how a fucking good couple we are.”


Everyone in Iwatobi High School knew Makoto Tachibana was off limits. Not because he was unaproachable, but because Sousuke Yamazaki entered in the picture.

The school was used to see its sweet prince going home with Samezuk’s bad boy, never knowing what they had, until the day Makoto was received with a Oscar worthy kiss from Sousuke that took everyone’s breath away.

The whispered increased and douzens of girls’ heart were left in pieces, but at least one this was known: Makoto Tachibana was off limits, not because Sousuke Yamazaki was not be messed with but because Makoto truly belonged to Sousuke and there was nothing one could do to change that.

Moving On.

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Narrators point of view:

“What’s up y'all? This is Mega Jam radio and you are here with me Seth,”

“And me Tye along with our musical guest, Justin Bieber!”

The small amount of people that were here clapped and cheered as Justin chuckled into his microphone.

“Whassup?” Justin said as the cheers died down.

“Now Justin, this has been a crazy year for you, huh?” Tye began as he got settles in his seat.

“Yeah, it’s been insane, man. There’s been a lotta crazy rumours goin’ around latley and I just wanted to put ‘em all to an end.” Justin said as he fixed his head phones slightly.

“Mmm. You’ve been on a bit of a break now so you haven’t been around for award shows, interviews, anything like that?” Tye carried on.

“Uh, yeah I just finished my tour, my Believe Tour, which lasted for about a year and a half so I’ve been kinda tired, so…I’ve just been taking it easy latley.” Justin said.

“So what about after this, then?” Seth questioned “What are your plans now?”

“I’m actually gonna go on a break, a one year break and just spend time with my family and friends and just hang out.” He said.

“So no interview, no new songs?” Tye questioned.

“No actually I have-I have a music video for one of the songs off of my Journals called Confident coming out soon, so. And I’ll be working on some music, I don’t think I will be recording it but I defiantly will be working on new music.” Justin explained.

“Now the journals,” Seth started “They are for your ex - Selena?”

“Yeah, Selena is a great woman, she’s beautiful but it just wasn’t working between us. She’s amazing, really, and I love her ‘til this day.”

“But recentley you uploaded a pic on your Instagram with another girl who I understands name is, Y/N, with the caption 'Moving on.’ Why get another girl when you mention wanting Selena back in the songs?” Tye questioned.

“Well that’s the thing,” Justin started and sat up in his seat to lean on closer to his mic “People listen to the songs and instantly think of Selena, and how our break up has effected me, and how I want her back but that’s not really it. The Journals are suppose to tell the story of our break up, not all of that.”

“So you’re completely over Selena?” Tye questioned, confused.

“No. Like I said before, I love her, but I’m moving on. We both are.” Justin smiled a half smile.

“But do you love Y/N?” Seth questioned as he played around with his pen.

“We’ve only been together for a short time, so no, not yet at least.”

“Not yet? So it could happen?”

“Maybe, yeah.” Justin chuckled and softly scratched the side of his cheek.

“So tell us about Y/N!” Tye smiled causing everyone to cheer again “Start off with how you guys met.”

“Y/N…Well where do I start?” Justin laughed and licked over his lips “She was actually a friend of my friends. We were all having a little get together at my place and since she had just moved to Calabasas, they decided to bring her over.”

“Is that when you met for the first time?” Seth question.

“Yeah.” Justin smiled.

“First impressions?”

“Well she was a little shy,” Justin started off.

“Aww that’s cute!” Tye cooed playfully.

“Yeah, no she was only shy around me!” Justin laughed “She’s fine around the people she know but if you just met her she’ll just be quiet around you. But she’s such a little cutie.”

“But she’s okay now?”

“Yeah, she’s cool.”

“So if she’s a shy person how is she suppose to deal with all of this, your life?” Seth asked as he took a sip if his drink.

“It maybe a little hard on her, but I’m gonna try and keep her away from all of it. The other day we were out shopping and we got spotted by fans and then the paps started coming in and trying push past to get pics.”

“How did she find all of that?” Seth questioned.

“She was scared, she held onto my hand real tight and stayed by my side. Like I said before I’m tryin’ to keep her away from all of this, so…”

“Mmm. Do you hope to stay with Y/N for as long as you did with Selena? Or maybe even longer?”

“I dunno, bro.” Justin smiled “I guess we gotta wait and see…”

“We’ll be back with more of Mr Justin Bieber after the break! Stay tuned! For now, Justin will you do us the honours of introducing the next song?”

Justin chuckled.

“For all of my Beliebers out there listening, this is Recovery.”