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Creep [Radiohead Cover]
Melanie Martinez
Creep [Radiohead Cover]

Melanie Martinez is crazy talented. I discovered her music late last year / early this year, though her song Dollhouse and have admired her ever since. Her cover of Radiohead’s Creep is incredible and is definitely my favourite cover she’s ever done !!

[Buy her album, Crybaby, out August 14 !!]

Fairytale - A RWBY fanfic

Heyyy! Long time, no talk! Or post…my apologies. Life has taken away the free time I used to devote to these stories. Also, I’m trying to write my own book! If only for the satisfaction of having completed something with my own characters and world.

Anyway, I had started this one a long time ago and finally got around to finishing it. It’s just a retelling of a familiar tale with our favorite Team RWBY as the stars! It was supposed to be short and…well then it became not so short. I hope you enjoy!

“So what’s this ‘important’ conversation we need to have? I’ve been waiting on pins and needles all day to figure it out!”

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