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Holy shit now that I am paying attention to her lesbianrey is a repulsive ableist and I don’t often say this but I don’t care how much you hate reylo or kylo ren if you reblog her smarmy self congratulatory bullshit I will raise an eyebrow, particularly if you go on about not reblogging sixpenceee or reblog a bunch of posts about ableism.

I draw the line at suggesting something is “wrong” with a person because they don’t like hugs or going out to lunch and that they’re evil. I don’t CARE if Adam Driver is a white dude and fair game, many people aren’t comfortable with touch from others and that doesn’t make them bad and doesnt make them evil, even IF THEY ARE AN ACTOR WHO DOES HIS JOB AND ACTS OUT A CHARACTER YOU DON’T LIKE.

I am just so angry right now. And I am so tired of the smarm and the ableism and I’m sure someone’s screaming “stop defending the straight white male! John Boyega and Oscar Isaac have it worse!” Because I’ve seen posts like that in response to people discussing Adam Driver’s social anxiety people discouraging others from making fun of the guy’s appearance.

You know what? Yeah, they do. John Boyega and Oscar Isaac deal with their own share of shit. NO ONE in posts encouraging people not to be mean to Adam Driver ever suggested none of the other actors don’t deal with shit. That was just implied by people on this bullshit website as a silencing tactic because they want to hate the poor dude for having the absolute NERVE to do his job and pretend to be a villain in a movie because he is an ACTOR AND IT’S ALL FAKE.

But dinguses can’t tell the difference between fiction and reality, or they more probably being disingenuous assholes acting like they can’t because it gives them some kind of bizarre superiority and moral upper ground. They can act like people defending adam driver obviously agree with kylo ren’s actions and woobify him and are pro facism and have at. They can pretend people are incapable of caring about more than one issue at once and that obviously people discouraging unkindness towards one man are unenlightened racists who obviously don’t care about the two delicate flower moc uwu, which gives them a chance to lecture which will give them dem reblogs

Fucking hate Kylo Ren all you want. Adam Driver is not Kylo Ren, and is not fair game, and his social awkwardness us CERTAINLY not fair game, and pointing that out doesn’t mean anyone doesnt care about the shit other star wars actors endure, and YOU KNOW IT.

And this is why I fucking HATE a big chunk of the people on this website, their mentality and their behavior, and the fact that they word it in such a way to make people think they’re being progressive by encouraging it, when all they’re doing is throwing a perfectly decent possibly neurodivergent person under the bus to show how good they are to poc and feel good about themselves.

God fucking fuck.


Fairy tail is ending soon. And my heart is devastated. For any that know me or know OF me, the. Your probably know just how much I love fairy tail.

With it coming to an end I have been searching relentlessly for some manga to live up to it. I’ve read tons of manga recently. And I think I found one

If you love fairy tail then you will love “black clover”

It is kind of a combination of naruto and fairy tail. But mostly fairy tail.

It has the same vibe while also being unique on its own. If you love an epic fighting manga then this is for you

If you love evil/crazy/nasty/down right Satan like villains. Them this is for you. It has some of the best villains- NO -some of the most intriguing villains!

Every character is unique and has a great backstory.

NOW I will alert people. There is a character by the name of gauche. Who some may be uncomfortable with. But it all depends on what translation you are reading. In one he is a very pedophilic character. In the legit one he is simply a guy who cares deeply for his sister. So just letting people know so they don’t get freaked out by him. Just find the OFFICIAL translations and all will be well

It has great story. And is heaven on earth for crack shippers

So if your looking for a replacement. I highly suggest black clover




Hey hey my commissions are open!!

I’m not taking a set number, just what I think I can handle right now. I’ll make sure to make another post if it comes to closing

If you have further questions feel free to ask! I’m pretty negotiable on what I’m drawing. If you want more than one person-oc-w/e it will be the price minus $5

*About the tame NSFW, I’ll totally draw naked/erotic or gore but I’m not going to draw your ocs doing crazy nasty things to each other so please don’t ask;; I love drawing things for you guys but I will say no > - <’‘‘

Send me your inquiries at 

From the Jamaican spot in east village
To hoppin bars
My best friend here too
I just wanted to party wit you
Didn’t wanna make love to you
Unless it was real and presented itself as such
Told you once , I’m a package deal when you’re affiliated
I can’t give you part of me
You want sex, I wanna get rid of misery
I wanna lay up under you
You wanna get up after we finish the nasty
Crazy how you still grasp me
You fasted on me
So when we saw each other it was a breath of fresh air
Rollin my eyes just playin
Flirting after a few drinks it still amazes me
Been a year and you couldn’t have looked better

anonymous asked:

Okay so I don't have any drama college stories myself but of course I've heard some crazy shit (usually nasty unethical professor stuff) but how crazy is yours on a scale of 1-10.

,like…….. id give it an 8, bc its not Too Wild. it is Dramatic and it is Extra

but besides that we had so much crap like

  • two girls fainting during class (one of them fainting TWICE bc shes a dumbass who doesnt know how to take care of herself and what pills she should take. the best is, it only happened when we were studying in the 2nd/3rd floor, and her bf would try to carry her down the stairs like a hero but barely managed to Not roll down the steps w her it was wild);
  • getting stranded in a distant town where we were filming a documentary for an assignment. it was getting dark and the bus wasnt coming so we 100% had to hitch a ride w a stranger and we coulda died man;
  • the reprographics room was robbed once and people were downright made hostage there. we werent there tho, so its not Personal Drama;
  • my friends ex husband sent a bouquet to her during class (they had just split up and he was trying to butter her up), we pretended it was for another one of our friends so the Gossipers wouldnt jump on it. later we divided the bouquet between us, there was a rose for each one of us!!! i put mine in a big plastic cup on the kitchen sink;
  • same ex husband went berserk and tried to force my friend to talk to him by coming to our building while we were in class and there was an entire Mission to keep him away from her (while no one else in class knew why we were going in and out of the room) and she went to the police to press charges against him after that;
  • my group stole the room reserved to students from More Important Majors in a charity event by getting there earlier than them and decorating everything, thus being hated by Everyone (we were supposed to be cast away to some open space not at all suited for the activities we were planning so HAH)
  • during this charity event, we were hanging out in a slider and then one of us realized there was a fuckin snake coiled up on the ceiling and we stayed for a full ten minutes not believing him until we got out and saw its little face between the tiles from outside and we coulda died man;
  • me n my friends sat on the cafeteria to have lunch one morning and we ended up telling each other abt Every Bad Thing thats ever happened to us (we took a selfie while hugging and crying)
  • my group of friends and another group (the Gossipers mentioned) in class are Mortal Enemies but we are Fake as Hell to each other; its the greatest Cold War of All Time (i thought they were decent people until we Shared Information and found out they talked shit abt us lmao);
  • theres this kid from the night classes who likes one of my friends. but one of our classmates (a Gossiper) likes him, and this chick talked a lot of shit abt my friend to him. little does she know that he shows all the audios and screenshots to my friend and theyre joined up in messing w her;
  • the Drama that sparked that post: me and some of my friends finished this last test, and this one woman, who called me an individualist for not helping everyone cheat in tests, was passing the answers to her friend. she had finished her test too and was outside the door, gesticulating for her friend who was still doing her test. theyre two of the Gossipers, and they have like a fuckin militia of cheating, which is why my politics of Not Throwing My Test Answers on Peoples Laps ticked them off. one of my friends was still inside the room, finishing her test too, and she was working her ass off (i even tutored her the day before) and when she saw those chicks cheating she snapped and told the teacher, whos like, a fuckin Sacred Monster, God I Want to Be Her. and, u see, this is a teaching course, so being caught cheating in a test is so much worse than in other majors, and these chicks are regarded as hard workers and Saints and Brilliant Future Professors by our teachers so u imagine how it was when the teacher caught them. they were so adamant that they werent cheating that the teacher ended up not taking away their tests, though she threatened to leave them w no score if she saw they had the same answers. BUT later that day, my friend who told on them sent the teacher Hard Evidence that they always cheat in tests: screenshots from their group chat, courtesy of our Very Own Spy. and now, the teacher is fuckin furious bc, before that, she had uncovered Another militia of cheating in one of the night classes, which is prolly connected to our class’, and we are wondering if shes going to makes us do another test and it was Real Drama seeing what was happening on the Gossipers group chat (panicking + calling my friend who told on them a “bitter bitch”), covering our tracks and not putting our spy in jeopardy. soon their reputation w all teachers will be on the mud and im Loving it;
  • once, our literature teacher caught us burying a dead little bird in front of our building.