crazy mountain brewing

It was one of those days at work on Friday.  Not bad, but slammin’ busy.  It was seeming like a Warren Zevon kind of day.  That was when I saw the Crazy Mountain Brewing beer (Lawyers, Guns and Money) sitting on the tasting table for the Friday afternoon taster. I knew that this was a great way to finish out the work day.  American Barleywines make building that last analysis a whole lot easier.

Had our monthly all hands meeting at work.  At my work that means beers (wahoo). They try and go out of their way to find ones that I have not tried yet.  Easy enough really, there are thousands of beers out there and hard as I work at it, I will not ever get even a large chunk of them.  This time they had several that I was interested in.

Lawyers, Guns & Money - Crazy Mountain Brewing Company

This one poured out a hazy golden yellow color with a short off white head that left nice lacing.  It has notes of pine, spruce, lavender, lemon, toffee, and toasted hazelnut.  It starts out sweet with a big mouth feel, moderate carbonation, and a dry, but bitter, almost oily (resiny?) finish. The hop heads in the office loved this one, as did fans of bold flavors and big beers, but the more malt forward, pale ale group was sorely disappointed.

I thought this one was extremely interesting and would like to sit down to a full mug (I do have to drive home after work - I can’t be guzzling down vast quantities of 10% ABV with abandon) where I can give it a thorough testing out (if'n ya know what I mean).

I would expect anyone who fits in the category I described above to really like this brew.  I have to admit I did.

American Barleywine | 10.00% ABV