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while i was getting ready to gif seb, i look to the right of the caps and see…this?

what, exactly, are mackie and brolin doing? it looks like they’re either comparing underwear or bellies or…idk? is the interviewer taking their hands away or pulling their shirts up? like? CAN I JUST SEE THIS INTERVIEW? WHERE IS IT?

i mean? no wonder mackie came and joined seb’s interview and made it even MORE flirty? and how cute is mackie at the end there?

crazycatchick4Finally caught up with Anthony Mackie- I asked security to ask him at his booth if he wanted to meet “THE baby”, and he immediately turned around and was like “wait, where’s the baby?” and walked over and reached out to hold her. She of course loved him, and the feeling seemed to be mutual :)

I CAN’T!!!!!! This is the sweetest picture.


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Prompt:  hello love! i would like to request a sebastianxreader fic where the reader and Sebastian have been dating for a while, and they go to a night club. at the night club a jerky guy touches and harasses the reader on the dance floor despite her protests, and Sebastian steps in and like punches him or something. I just thought a jealous/protective seb would be so cute! xx

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I’ll just skip right to the fangirling! Look at this cutie patootie. Please…. look…

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That smile. That ‘fro! Brows on fleek. Melanin pawpin’! I LIVE! Seriously, though. I am really excited to have a new companion. I am ecstatic that she’s a cool – but not aloof – black lesbian with a full afro. She’s funny, she’s smart, she’s curious, she’s warm, and I love it. I am thrilled with Pearl Mackie because, she made Bill vibrant!

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What the TARDIS was sorely lacking for me was a relatable companion. Don’t @ me on this. Amy and Clara were, more than anything, giant riddles for the Doctor solve. They felt like some kind of package for the Doctor to slowly unwrap over 2 or 3 seasons. They did not feel real, and I could not connect with them – especially Amy. Bill stands out from those two because, she feels fully realized. In just one episode, I feel like I’ve learned who she is and what she’s about. I am already invested in her.

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Fitness is a lifestyle, you have to eat a certain way. You have to do a certain thing, you have to live a certain way. So you know, me and my homeboy Jack Daniels stopped talking. You know, no more pizza. Me and my girlfriend Häagen-Dazs broke up. She’s French; it was crazy.
—  Anthony Mackie
NOLA Comic Con, Day 2

Okay. So. How much do I love all things Captain America? Enough to wake up at a godawful time in the morning, in order to make sure I was in the theater for the Cap panel.

I am so not a morning person, you guys.

So the Cap panel was the first panel of the day, at 10 am, right when the con opened. They must have wanted to get it over and done with, or they figured having it that early would make it less crazy. I snagged a Mackie badge, so I didn’t have to stand in the general admission line (which was fucking loooooong and wrapped around the hallways), so I got in there pretty quickly.

So yeah, the gifs of the panel are already all over Tumblr at this point, so I probably don’t have to go into great detail about that, but I just want to say that Joe and Anthony Russo seem like the coolest guys, and at the end of the day, they are nerds just like us. They just happen to get to direct these movies. Also, Anthony Mackie stole the fuckin’ show. I mean, it was his hometown after all, but that guy was HILARIOUS. He just has such a charisma about him, ya know? He lights up a room.

I think my fave Mackie moment (besides talking about Bucky interrupting his and Cap’s hand job) was when some jerk decided to ask a question about politics, and Mackie just took control of the stage and was like NOPE MOVING ON SERIOUSLY MOVING ON NEXT QUESTION NO YOU SIT DOWN NEXT QUESTION.

I decided right then and there, that Mackie is now my fave human ever.

There was also a girl at the panel, who completely stumped the Russo bros with her question. She asked how Zola could’ve attached Bucky’s metal arm, if he had already been captured by the US. They could not answer her. The whole stage was like O.o

That tells me what I’ve suspected is true, that sometimes WE think about these movies more than even the directors and writers do. Sometimes.

I saw the same question-girl later waiting in line, and the whole time she was trying to come up with more questions with her friends. Plot holes. Things that don’t make sense … like Skinny Steve being able to ride the Cyclone at Coney Island, since he was so short. I mean, she was VERY proud of herself for stumping everyone. As for the Cyclone? Hell, it was the 40′s. They’d let anyone on that thing at the time.

Anyway. During the panel, I was texting with @leftylain and @polkadotsocks93, which was awesome, because I needed a distraction from some of the SERIOUSLY awkward questions that some people asked. PACKED WITH OODLES OF SECOND HAND EMBARRASSMENT. I honestly wish they would screen these people. Before each question, I had to fight the urge to put my fingers in my ears and be like lalalalalalalala, but I sat there instead like, “please don’t be weird, please don’t be weird GODDAMN IT THAT’S WEIRD.

All of the actors handled everything very well, though. Chris and Haley were great, of course. Anthony stole the show. Everyone kept making fun of Grillo. And Renner maybe said a few sentences, though when he did speak, he was very funny. I also get the impression that Grillo is a bit of a dick, so that’s why they were messing with him. You can really tell that all these people are actually good friends IRL.

And so here are some other highlights of my day …

Hanging out with Tumblr homie @polkadotsocks93! (follow her, she’s awesome!) And oh yeah, that Mackie guy ;-)  Me and Polkadot met up at the con and totally geeked out and had a beer, which p.s., NOLA Comic Con is the only con I’ve been to, where beer and wine are sold. I mean, it’s New Orleans. And I fucking love this city. And the three people in that pic are NOLA people, y’all. Who dat. 

Anywho. Anthony Mackie was the kindest and coolest dude ever. I am in total love with him at this point.

Another great part of the day was hanging out with my stepkids later. My stepdaughter went as Spider-Gwen and damn was she was popular. Spider-Gwen is the cool kid right now in the comic world. Any Spider-Man we ran into wanted their pic taken with her. She ate it up, felt famous. It was pretty awesome. She even got a Spider-Gwen comic signed by one of the artists. Another amazing thing, is that I was seeing young girls dressed up as their fave characters, strong and fierce women, who are also not scantily clad all the time. I saw several pint-sized Peggy Carters and Reys (Star Wars) and my heart just MELTED. I love that young girls now have these popular main characters to relate to and love and want to be like, because they’re just like them. Ladies. We got the girl power.

And then of course, this was all kinds of amazeballs. Except my poor stepson got confused and wore his Star-Lord mask for the pic. Sigh.

Renner surprised me, I thought he’d be more aloof, but he loved the kids. He told my stepson that he loved his costume. Mackie was like, oh HEY the red-head, and Chris was the quietest, though a seriously nice dude. In his grandpa sweater.

My stepdaughter could NOT get over Captain America’s beard though. She was totally thrown by it and talked about it non-stop on the way home. I told her that when she gets older, she’ll probably love beards on dudes … if she has good taste, that is. She only gave me a strange look, like … yeah, no. Beards are gross.

She’ll learn.

As for the couple of questions I was asked, for to bring back the answers to my Tumblr homies … yes, @wheresarizona, Chris smells divine. I made sure to try and get closer to him than the others so I could tell. However! Mackie ALSO smelled divine. Like, they were both the Mountain Lodge candle, but Mackie also smelled minty. So he smelled like A Very Mountain Lodge Christmas.

Also, @concavepatterns, I don’t know what Chris or all these people are talking about because he was PLENTY big ;-) The first thing in my head when I met him wasn’t “I thought you would be bigger.” The first thing in my head was HOLY SHIT IT’S BEARDY STEVE. But yeah, he was nice and tall and broad. Plenty big. I was, however, expecting Renner to be shorter, like my height, but turns out he’s taller than me. Groovy.

So yeah, in closing, It was a good day (queue the Ice Cube)

A great fucking day.