crazy loud dad

Seventeen as fathers
  • Joshua: The dad that makes you go to church every Sunday morning and Wednesday night. He tries to give you good advice but never knows what he is talking about.
  • DK: The dad who always tires to make you smile. He would give you the world if he could. If you are sad than he is sad but he never fails to cheer you up. Your safety is one of the most important things to him, that's why he installed a tracking device on your phone...
  • Vernon: The dad is who chill about everything unless it comes to dating then he just stands there awkwardly not really sure what to say. "Dad how old were you when you starting dating?" ..... "Yes"..."Wait what"
  • Jeonghan: The stay at home dad who does everything moms usually do. He loves to go shopping with you and buys you everything. You're not afraid to ask him anything because you know he will never judge you.
  • Dino: The best friend dad who you do everything with. Sometimes he gets too clingy... When you hang out with your friends he always ask to come with. Sometimes you let him because he can be pretty fun. I mean you two even have matching phones cases.
  • Jun: The dad you see every other weekend... He always has a different when you go over. You two are still close and he never fails to make time for you. He keeps the alcohol cabinet unlocked and tells you and your friends "Don't drink any" only because he feels obligated to since he is your dad.
  • Wonwoo: The awkward dad who wants to be close to you but doesn't know how. You're aware of how much he loves you by all the little things he does. You love messing with him and making him uncomfortable. You always bring up girl problems in front of him... He just stands there with the most uncomfortable look on his face and says "I'm loosing my masculinity" then walks away trying to forget everything you said.
  • Scoups: The strict dad who is always telling you to do good in school. He also all about sports and forces you to try out for every team there is. You know he does these things because he loves you and in the future you will thank him. Except that one time he put a baby monitor in your room so he could make sure you and your friends weren't talking about things you shouldn't.
  • Seungkaen: The loud crazy dad who doesn't take any of your crap. If you're going to be sassy he will be sassy right back! You can't help but be super crazy and obnoxious like him when you two are out in public. You guys have actually been kicked out of the movie theater 7 times.
  • Woozi: The dad who takes you to work with him a lot. He wants you to be like him when you are older and take his job. You and him love all the same things. He always gets you backstage passes to your favorite bands... as long as he can come with.
  • Mingyu: The divorced dad who is super involved in your school. All the single moms hit on him and all your friends think he is really cool... You're pretty sure you're only popular because of your dad.
  • Hoshi: The dad who gets bored and takes you out of school so you guys and hang out. He travels a lot with him job but always takes you with him. "Who needs school right?"
  • The8: The smol dad who is like a kid on the inside. He always ask you to play board games or video games. He likes to get you up at 3 in the morning to go get food.