crazy llama

This is how I imagine what living with Jerome would be like...

If you haven’t seen Llamas with Hats then I highly recommend it; it’s hilarious haha! Anyway, back to my point.

This is how I picture of what it would be like to live with Jerome haha! (Jerome being Carl of course :D)

Y/N: “All you do is kill people Jerome!”

Jerome: “That’s like saying all Mozart did was write songs”

okay but if you think the behavior of those kids on youtube is limited to the homestuck fandom, or even fandoms at all, you’re wrong.  maybe there is a lot of that from kids in this fandom, but it certainly isn’t a contained phenomenon.  it’s not the fandom that has to go, it’s the mentality this behavior comes from.  which is (probably) in part due to a lack of decent education about actual mental illnesses.