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On this day in music history: February 23, 1980 - “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” by Queen hits #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 4 weeks. Written by Freddie Mercury, it is the first US chart topper for the British rock band. The idea for the song comes to Mercury while taking a bath in his room at the Munich Hilton. Quickly getting out of the bath, he runs to the piano and begins playing the chords, writing them down before he forgets them. The song is recorded at Musicland Studios in Munich, Germany during sessions for “The Game”. Initially, the bands US label Elektra Records refuses to release it. They do not think that the Elvis Presley inspired rocker will be a hit, and are also reluctant to release a single with no album accompany it immediately. But they are forced to when US radio stations begin playing imported copies of the 45, and listener demand for the record becomes too great to ignore. Issued as a single in early December of 1979, more than seven months ahead of the album, it becomes an immediate smash. Entering the Hot 100 at #58 on December 22, 1979, it climbs to the top of the chart nine weeks later. “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.


Queen - Crazy Little Thing Called Love

My Fav Jensen Series Of All Time.

This are completed and I really wish they weren’t but they are also series I have gone back and read after they were over. I love all of these so so much and I think all should read them too!

Silk and Rough Velvet by @blacktithe7

Send The Pain Below by @torn-and-frayed

Soft Hair and Single by @teamfreewill-imagine

Crack Under Pressure by @mysupernaturalfics

Out of the Park by @iwantthedean

Also this one is not over but Beeeeeev it’s been too long….

A crazy little thing called love by @chaos-and-the-calm67

Pretty sure a Dean edition of this one will happen one of these days as well ;) 

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

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Pairing: Baekhyun x OC

Genre: fluff, one shot? (Maybe more if you guys like it)

Word Count:  2,172

Summary: You’re waiting in line and lock eyes with Baek. What happens next is every fan’s daydream while going to a meet.

Note: Basically, this was just a short and sweet little story I put together just to see if I could do it. I’ve done my fair share of writing for school, and did a bit of HP stuff a long time ago, but reading the great fics on here made my writing bug flare up. So I apologize in advance if it’s crap lol. Also, I know it’s the usual thing to put “Y/N” instead of giving the character a name, but from the view point it just sounded better. Just envision your own name if you want lol.

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Little Battleborn Things #1024

When you’re thinking of trying to signal to other fans in public by openly talking or using a character quote. I got tons in the works.

*another fun submission from the amazing Battleborn saint-magi. 

10 ways to show me you love me:

1)  Taking me places you enjoy going

2)  Spending more time with me than the average person does

3)  Shoot me a text or call once a day to see how i’m doing, even if you have seen me already that day

4)  Make me laugh at least once an day

5)  Argue for what you stand for, but be open to new ideas

6)  Push me to consider things differently

7)  When I’m down, do whatever you can to bring me back up

8)  Respect the personal space rule

9)  Plan the future as “us” instead of “me” or “I”

10)  Stay with me no matter what

Crazy Little Thing Called Love Chapter 2

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Chapter 1

Pairing: Baekhyun x OC

Word Count: 3355

Genre & Warnings: fluff but with smuttish undertones. They aren’t the wam bam thank you ma'am type y’all. Also some swearing, because I have a potty mouth.

Note: I am having so much fun with these two. It turned out a little bit longer than I had planned, but once I started, I couldn’t stop lol. Let me know what you all think! 

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Crazy little thing called love by queen is the best song in the world 10/10 would recommend

This song also gayified me

On this day in 1991 rock n’ roll icon, Freddie Mercury passed away. His music career began in the late Sixties when he joined a blues-rock group called Wreckage. Freddie went on to lead the band, Queen. He is honored as one of the greatest singers of all time. With legendary songs such as, “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” his memory and impact on music will live on forever. 


Lead singer of the rock band Queen, responsible for writing “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “Somebody to Love,” “We Are the Champions,” “Crazy Little Thing Called Love,” etc. Born in modern-day Tanzania to a Parsi family, he spent most of his childhood and school years in India, learning the piano at a young age. His family fled to England during the Zanzibar Revolution, and there Mercury enrolled in art school and began performing with a string of bands. At 23, he gave his new group the provocative name Queen. Within a few years they had a string of hits, boosted by Mercury’s incredible vocal range and talents, that launched them to international success. From the start, Mercury’s quiet, reserved personality was at odds with his flamboyant and exuberant stage persona. And although there was always a campy subtext to his style, whether his long-haired sparkling glam of the 70s or his mustached macho man look of the 80s, he kept his sexuality largely hidden from the public. After trying a romantic relationship with lifelong friend Mary Austin, he eventually settled down with his “gardener” Jim Hutton. Hutton was by his bedside when Mercury died of AIDS at 45.