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This is a sweet Thai movie that I never get tired of watching. It has so many of my favorite movie motifs. I can definitely say I’ve watched it over 5 times. I also love being able to watch it with all ages of people, but my favorite person to watch it with is probably is younger, middle school sister. We laugh at all the funny parts and we love the couple-y things.

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

Synopsis: Nam is a shy, reserved girl who has secretly admired the hottest boy in her school, P’shone. Although Nam is completely head over heels for P’shone, she doesn’t believe she could ever have a chance with him because of her lack in the looks department. However, Nam’s amazing friends find a book called, “The Nine Recipes of Love,” which gives the girls various “recipes” on how to make the guy of your dreams fall in love with you. Can Nam make P’shone fall for her? More importantly, what will her journey to get P’shone teach her about loving herself?

My Review (Spoilers!): Growth and development in characters are everything to me! They make or break any movie or drama. I love this movie because it follows Nam from the very beginning of her growth, all the way through her early adult years. Since this is just a movie, it’s pretty amazing that they’re able to cover that much ground. It’s one of the few movies that I think does this well. It compacts more than 4 years of high school and more into a two hour movie. It doesn’t feel rushed (maybe the ending a little), and it makes everything feel even deeper and more meaningful because you follow Nam and her love for P’shone over a long period of time.

So, the story begins with Nam in her cute, tomboy stage. She has short hair, glasses, tan skin. She’s so adorable because her look is so believable. She’s like not “attractive,” but it’s real. It’s not like an over the top ugly look. Her huge crush on P’shone is so relatable. Maybe as a fellow “ugly” girl who has always admired from the distance, I totally connect to her. She takes a specific route in school just so she can run into P’shone or see him. I mean seriously, who can’t relate to that? :) Her group of friends are so adorable too. They are like a group of not that attractive girls either, but they’re so real with one another. They encourage her and tease her about her crush on P’shone. They work with her so that she can get closer to him. But for the first year, all their plans fail.

In the second year of high school, Nam learns that P’shone knows her name. When he says her name while thanking her, she goes bonkers. It’s so adorable (and relatable!). As Nam continues on into school, she gets braces, does these skin care things, grows out her hair - you get the picture. She naturally evolves into a pretty girl. But of course that brings up new issues. P’shone has a new friend that transfers to their school, and as you probably already guessed - he ends up having a huge thing for Nam. Well, Nam ends up hanging out with him so that she can get close to P’shone. That ends up disastrous since Nam doesn’t like him. It’s a mess. I was mad myself at Nam, but I also think it’s a pretty realistic situation.

In the end, Nam makes herself clear to P’shone. She learns that the true way to make someone love you is to just tell them as yourself. Her confession is heartbreaking. I cried like a baby! So, it is pretty tragic that way. Then there’s a jump through the years and we get to see the adult P’shone and adult Nam. Finally, after being abroad, Nam returns and P’shone takes the opportunity to confess his feelings. It’s not the best ending, but I love that all along, P’shone has had a huge crush on Nam without her even knowing. That is always the best part- seeing everything from the other person’s perspective and realizing how much they adored the person too; if only they had known.

Overall, this movie is a short and super sweet one. It’s so funny and it’s super cute. I laugh and cry every time I watch it. The cast is perfect too. Everyone fits perfectly with one another. I love watching Nam grow into herself. I’m all about that self-growth. The ending is not the best, but this movie is definitely a go-to one for girlfriend nights and relaxing nights. Give it a try. You will not regret it!