crazy ike

I bet Sangwoo actually really wants Bum to model that bra for him (◔◡◔✿)

(p.s pretend Sangwoo isnt crazy here obvi i don’t support them being together (✿´ ꒳ ` )) 

okay but like there’s this “inside joke” within jewish communities that we always know which celebrities are jewish, but the truth of the matter is that very few jewish celebrities are outwardly jewish. at all. and growing up there were like two exceptions: adam sandler and jerry seinfeld and honestly as a young (queer) girl that wasn’t very helpful to me. that’s why rachel bloom (co-creator, song writer, and star of crazy ex-girlfriend) is so important to me. because here is a woman who is just jewish. she puts it in her tv show and on her instagram and mentions it in interviews. and yeah, it’s always with a hint of humor, but also love and it fills my heart with so much joy. i wish i’d had that growing up. because i’m only now beginning to realize that being jewish isn’t something that makes me weird or something i need to be ashamed of or the punchline of a joke.

i love rachel bloom for what she’s done for me and i will shout her praises for ever.

also can we talk about that moment at the beginning of the episode where Marco is supposed to be talking to Jackie and he just ???? hes so concerned about Star that hes ignoring Jackie??? 

like on one hand my starco heart is soaring after that bc he cares about Star so much that hes not even paying attention to his actual girlfriend bc i am trash like that

but on the other hand i feel bad for Jackie? like she sounds like shes got a lot to say and shes pretty excited about whatever shes talkin about and Marcos just like “uh huh sure ttyl stars a lil bit goin crazy”

like ik im probably overanalyzing that small little scene but i cant help but feel like thats going to be happening more in this half of the season? marco paying more attention to Star than Jackie, blowing Jackie off to help Star, etc, etc….i mean, just look at them in Just Friends:

idk, im just feeliing like this trend is gonna continue for the rest of the season…



11:30 am (Autograph) - Sebastian’s morning autograph signing was supposed to start at 11am but he was late and I told my friends watch him come with starbucks and HE DID lol so anyway, I was gonna do the afternoon autograph because I wanted him to sign our photo op but me being me couldn’t resist once I saw him in person so I ended up buying 2 autographs :-) When it was my turn to meet him, I gave him a stuffed bunny and I said “I got you a bunny cause the mad hatter from Once Upon A Time is probably one of my favorite character of yours!” then he smiled and put hIS HAND TO HIS CHEST AND LOOKED AT ME AND SAID “AWWW THANK YOU!” Then he turned to security and was like “You know, I really wanna get a picture of you with the bunny” FUCJDKJV THEN I SAID “ILL SEE YOU AT THE PHOTO OP LATER, BYE SEBASTIAN” AND HE SAID BYE BACK AS I WAS WALKING AWAY OMF

2:56 pm (Photo Op) - I came up to Seb and said Hi and asked if we can hug really tight for the picture and he sAID “COME HERE!” FUCDKJ Then the photographer said 1 more picture! because I bought 2 photo ops (ik im crazy) and we were just looking at each other lmao so I asked “Do you think we can hold hands?” aND HE WAS OFFERING ME HIS RIGHT HAND BUT HE REALIZED IT WOULDNT WORK SINCE IM ON HIS LEFT AND HE JUST LOOKED AT BOTH OF OUR HANDS CONFUSED FOR A SECOND LOL THEN HE GRABBED MY HAND AND PUT IT TO HIS HEART IM DECEASED. Then I had to leave so I said “Bye! Nice to meet you!” aND HE SMILED AND SAID NICE TO MEET YOU TOO!!! HIS EYES ARE SO BEAUTIFUL IM CRYING AND HE GIVES THE BEST HUGS FUDSJJ 

Around 3:45 pm (Autograph) - I put a post it note on my photo op w my name so he can personalize but they were on a rush and staff said only VIP get personalized pics so they had to take it out lmao whatever. ANYWAY, right before my turn to talk to him, staff came up to Sebastian and asked him a question and they were just talking right infront of me for like 3 mins aka I was just starring and listening to him talk that whole time im inlove fucjdkkj tHEN I TOLD HIM “I REALLY WANNA THANK YOU FOR COMING HERE EVEN THOUGH YOURE PROBABLY TIRED” AND YOU KNOW WHAT HE DID…HE LOOKED AT ME STRAIGHT IN THE EYES AND GAVE ME THE SWEETEST SMILE AND HE SAID “IM GOOD ITS ALL GOOD DONT WORRY ABOUT IT!” UGH HES SUCH AN ANGEL RIP ME

On The Radio

Request: Can you do an imagine where y/n is a rising singer and Ethan takes her on a road trip and they’re in a flower field when her single comes on the radio for the very first time and they flip out? (This sounds crazy ik) Thanks! ! ♡

a/n; I personally don’t think imagines can sound crazy since it’s all what we come up with, anything can happen in them.

Word Count: 471

Pairing: Ethan Dolan X Reader

Y/N’s P.O.V

“I’m so glad we were able to get away.” I sighed, looking towards Ethan as he drove down the road. “Me too.” He mumbled in response, glancing over at me and smiling. He turned back to the road as I hummed along to the radio, wishing I would hear myself on there one day. 

“Pull over.” I told Ethan as we started driving past this empty field, flowers scattered across parts of it. “Why?” He asked, as he pulled off the road into the grass. I smiled as he put the truck in park, “I wanna go sit out there.” I said to him, pointing to the center of the field. He laughed but agreed, hoping out of the vehicle, coming around to my side of the truck. “Thank you, good sir.” I thanked him in a fake accent, curtsying. He bowed, “you’re welcome m’lady.” He mimicked my accent. 

I stood on my tip toes and kissed him quickly before grabbing my old school portable radio and running off, leaving him standing there confused. “Hey!” I heard him shout, running after me. I looked back to see him catching up to me, squealing when I tripped over my own two feet. I started laughing once I realized I wasn’t hurt, I smiled up at Ethan as he hovered over me, concern plastered across his face. 

“Are you okay?” He asked, helping me up, “I’m fine.” I told him with a laugh, he cracked a smile. “Good.” He answered, pushing some grass off of my shoulder. I bent over and turned on my radio, turning to Ethan. “Dance with me?” I asked, giving him a puppy eyed look. He sighed, grabbing my hand, “no one finds out about this okay?” He asked, his face flushing momentarily, I nodded, resting my head on his shoulder, letting a laugh out under my breath. 

I smiled to myself as we swayed back and forth to the music. I felt Ethan kiss the top of my head as the song changed. We both froze, the beginning sounding so familiar, I just didn’t want to get ahead of myself. 

“Oh my god.” I whispered, moving away from him. He had a shocked but excited look on his face as my voice started playing through the radio. I screamed in excitement, basically jumping onto Ethan, his arms went around my back to hold me up. “Ethan, I can’t believe it.” I whispered to him, trying not to cry. I moved my head back, still being held up by him. I looked at him, he was grinning like a fool. 

I didn’t let him speak, I simply kissed him, he responded, still smiling through the kiss. I pulled away and watched him intently. “I’m so proud of you.” He mumbled against the skin on my forehead, kissing it softly. 

I’m pretty sure Jenna is either the real Black veil (cmon it cant be fucking shower harvey) or one of the red coats

but i also think aria is red coat (yeah crazy ik) cause of that one episode that i dont remember the name of


I Saw Her Standing There - A Young!Sirius Black Imagine

Request: Hey, could you please do a Sirius Black oneshot or imagine (I don’t know how you call it). Y/N and he haven’t met yet. And they are at a party somewhere (Gryffindor Common room or three Broomsticks, I don’t know) and Sirius was flirting with girls, but then he saw Y/N and stopped immediately to go and flirt with her? Thank you so much if you do it.

Sirius smiled at the busty red head in front of him, he didn’t even know what he was saying to her but she seemed to be enjoying it if her sultry smiled and finger trailing down the expanse of his chest was anything to go by. Sirius was bored of this though. He was tired of the endless hook-ups with random girls whose name he never remembered by the time the morning rolled round. What he wanted was something more meaningful, a relationship. He was in the Three Broomsticks, it was Rosmerta’s birthday and a party had been thrown in her honour. He could see James and Lily dancing together and he smiled at them; that’s what he wanted, he wanted somebody to look at him he way Lily looked at James with so much love and affection and he wanted to look at someone the way James looked at Lily, as though she planted the stars in the sky. As he scanned the room for Remus and Peter while the red head spoke about something or other he saw you. You were standing with your best friend with a Butterbeer in your hand and laughing at something they had just said. And Sirius thought he may never breath again. His heart constricted painfully as he watched your eyes light up as you laughed and he found himself abandoning the red head, who looked furious, and walking towards you. You looked up as he stopped in front of you and your eyes met and he thought that you had the most beautiful eyes there ever were. 

“Can I help you?” You said and the softness of your voice was a soft melodic music to his ears.

“You’re beautiful” Sirius blurted out and you blushed deeply as your friend giggled and walked off to give you two some alone time

“Erm - thank you?”

“I’m being serious” Sirius said and waited for your laugh to cme at his pun but you didn’t and then he realised he hadn’t actually introduced himself and he blamed you and your gorgeousness “That was supposed to - er - be a joke… my name is Sirius - like the star - my family are crazy purebloods that ike to name their children after stars and constellations, I think I got of easy one of my cousins is called Andromeda and her sister is called Bellatrix so…”

You were staring at him in amusement “Wow. My name isn’t as extravagant, it’s Y/n” You said with a small laugh which seemed to give Sirius some confidence.

And that was when the flirting began, for over an hour Sirius threw compliments and chat-up lines at you and when you glanced over to see how your friend was doing you noticed some red head glaring at you and Sirius “Sirius, somebody is sort of staring at us”

Sirius stopped mid-speech and looked over at the red-head who raised a drawn on eyebrow at him “Oh, yeah. Her.” 

“Who is she?”

“I was kind of chatting her up and then -” Sirius scratched his neck bashfully “Well, then I saw you and I kind of had to come over and talk to you because I thought you were the most stunning girl I have ever seen in my life”

You blushed again as Sirius dipped his head down to your level and softly grazed his lips against yours before doing it again more firmly. It was the first of many, many more kisses.


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flourcrayon  asked:

Mom I need crush advice!! I'm pretty sure I like this girl I met through tumblr, and she likes me too, but i haven't even met her! I'm probably crazy ik. Idk what to do :/

It’s fine if you haven’t met her as long as you know for sure she’s not a catfish. Feelings are weird. My only advice is miscommunication kills so talk it out.

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hi gaby! can you please make gif icons of meng meiqi (wjsn) in style 1? thank you <3

i’ve heard bout wjsn b4 but never got to hear any of their songs ? ( crazy ik ) but i just did nd they r so nice it took me a while to b familiar w mei qi’s face rip But i’ll def add this to my to do list . im rlly surprised that she dsnt hve lots of resources so i got u bby ,,, just keep in mind that im in midterms dis week so its gnna take me a bit of time sfgyufeh