crazy icons


Não sou de dar recados nos posts mas ok. antes de mais nada quero me desculpar pelos icons sem qualidade mas vocês sabem que os vídeos do Aerosmith são antigos então é muito difícil encontrar alguma screencap com qualidade! :( enfim, icons da alicia em cryin e crazy.

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Piper Chapman - Going for a sexy, dont give a sh*t. Trying too hard. As usual.

Alex Vause - Going for sexy, dont give a sh*t. Killing it. As usual.

Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren - Suprisingly serene. “Calm Eyes”.

Nicky - Attempts a doe-eyed look. Still BADASS.  

Pennsatucky - Christina Ricci‘s Wednesday Addams from Addams family.

Taystee - Still singing and showing her moves. She knows how to have fun.

Daya - Sleepy, annoyed, worried, beautiful. Basically pregnant.

Lorna Morello - The hopeless romantic. That sign just feels wrong in her hands.

Poussey Washington - That smug supermodel x rapper look.

Sophia Burset - (The only) Hint of regret.

Vee - Bullies, gangs up, rules, fights, escapes, dies all in one season look.

Red - THE boss. You can still feel the redness of her hair. Like furious flames.

Royals 4/12 - HEADERS <3

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