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fake ah crew gta au aesthetics/inspo for a dumb fanfic [3/6] >> Griffon Ramsey

“Griffon never settled. From hairstyles to boyfriends (and girlfriends), she lived for change and doing something new, which is why her weapons were all complex works of art stemming from her restless creative mind. From chainsaw/sledgehammer hybrids to stuffed animals covered in barbed wire and filled with dynamite, all her weapons were the combination of ordinary objects to create extraordinary weapons of mass damage. Once, she purposely chainsawed off a tree and had it land onto a new car belonging to the kingpin of the Fake AH crew, Geoff Ramsey. And instead of putting a hit on her and the rest of the Girl Gang, he ended up buying the carving she made out of the wood and asked her out on the same day. After that, she knew she had found someone special. So for once, she ended up settling.”

Common People, Ch. 2

Dear Tix,

Well, college started at full swing. It’s like I went from zero to sixty in one day. Tons of school work, so much reading, and it feels like every two days I need to turn in a paper. In fact, I’m writing you when I should be writing a Richard III paper. But fuck that, right? What does Richard know about trying to balance school with a crazy household full of crazy women (and I’m not even including myself this time!), and hiding secrets from a ton of new people, and also going to parties, and let’s not forget, sleeping from time to time…

I don’t know how Chloe does it. She seems to cram twice the activities I can into 24 hours. Like, I’m barely awake, and she’s already been on a run, or gone to Rounders training. She’s an excellent student by day, and still has time to date and go to the pub with us at night. She never turns in a paper late, and she never misses a party. Yes, our Chloe is a dancing-drinking-flirting party queen. How? Hoooowwww, Fatty? I’m getting winded just writing about it.

And Mum is all… oh, isn’t Chloe just fantastic? And I get the snide one liners, and then I’m expected to baby-sit Kitty at nights, since I’m not dating, am I? 

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Hey IG friends! This week has been so crazy in the Hale household. We’ve been struck with some illnesses and swamped with busy schedules! Just wanted to pop in and say hi and thank you for all the IG love and tags that I haven’t responded to! I appreciate you thinking of me! And woah 🙀 4K! What!!?? Thank you all for your encouraging words and friendships! ❤️❤️❤️#lovemyIGfamily by houseof5five