crazy hetalia

2p!Hetalia as things I have said

2p!France: “I don’t feel this thing called ‘love'”

2p!Romano: “Y O U  C A N T  E S C A P E  M Y  S H I T  L I S T”

2p!England: “I can do what I want”

2p!Japan: “I’m gonna lite you on fire”

2p!Italy: “Tis the season to kill a man”

Random Person: “Ah, shit, fuck me”
2p!America: “You called?~”

2p!Russia: “Hello darkness my old friend”


2p!China: “I am the way”

2p!Austria: “I’m a beacon of sin”

2p!Canada: “ITS NOT CANADIA”

2p!Prussia: “Sorry I’m trash, at least I’m cute.”

Talking about Hetalia with my kid sister
  • Sister: *sips tea* Isn't it weird how the older sibling is always the crazy one on this show, why is that?
  • Me: Haha
  • Me: *hair dyed red*
  • Me: *fandom T-shirt*
  • Me: *sitting with my feet up on the table*
  • Me: *cleaning nails with pocket knife*
  • Me: I have no idea.
How Normal People See the Fandoms
  • Harry Potter: The fandom of gay witchcraft and shit-storm wizardry
  • Doctor Who: Anglophiles who believe in aliens
  • Torchwood: Doctor Who for hipsters
  • Marvel: Superhero-obsessed nerds who can't and won't grow up and get a life. (LOOOOOOOKKKKKIIIIII!!!!!!!!)
  • Supernatural: A group of leather jacket-wearing geeks who are the only people on the planet who look forward to encountering the paranormal. Don't let them near the salt shakers.
  • Homestuck: The epitome of fandom trash. They're /those/ weirdos who drink Faygo, wear colorful zodiac shirts, and don horns in candy corn colors. Their hobbies include fighting in shipping wars and bathing in gray paint.
  • Hetalia: Crazy women (and men) who ship literally everything and are currently planning to take over the internet with their fucked up social media posts and angsty fanfictions. Fear them.
this actually happened today
  • me: *minding my own business, doodling aph nordics in the art class alone*
  • stranger: *walks up to me* IS THAT HETALIA
  • me: ...
  • stranger: Is that Italy? I ship Italy and Germany, Germany is somehow so tsundere oh is that Denmark I love him too *grabs paper* Who do you ship? I ship Italy and Germany because Italy is somehow so cute and small and Germany is big and scary *laughs*
  • me: *grabs paper*
  • me: *runs*

anonymous asked:

Boo, I miss your hetalia shenanigans. I wish you were on more :(

Hdhsjsjssn same I was just talking to my best friend about this tbh I miss Hetalia like crazy. I’ll try to post more hetalia/be on more in general, okay?