crazy heaven


tell him he’s pretty, Jotaro

btw at Eyes of Heaven where everyone’s getting their hair and makeup ready for a friday night beatdown

also s/o to that anon who messaged me like 20 mins ago about my stand user comics, u lucked out on this one! <3 

edit: this was inspired by another fanart piece I saw of  buccellati & giorno doing their hair with their stands but I cant remember where I saw it! please feel free to share and I’ll update this accordingly :> <3


It’s been 3,000 years and my Jojo’s bizarre adventure bath bombs finally came in the mail. There’s four figures total in the set and I’m very happy with them, they’re very high quality figures with a lot of detail. I don’t know why anyone thought that they should make kid bath bombs with a series like Jojo’s bizarre adventure though.

Anyways here’s all of the figures in the set:


Hi, guys! Long time no see~
Last month I went to the Moscow  for Moscow Comic Convention where I was selling stickers and postcards of the JJBA part 4! And I’m glad to present them to you. All informaion about prices, payment and shipping you can find below~

1 JJBA Stickers SET 1 and 2 - $4 (each set includes 14 stickers. please, look at the samples to know what’s in each set)
2 JJBA Stickers SET 3 - $6 (full sticker pack includes 28 stickers set 3 is a combination of sets 1&2 )
3 Mikitaka postcard - DONATION ( A6 size, blank  postcard template) ALL you pay goes to
the animal shelter!!

PAYPAL payments only
International shipping is possible! (i’ll send you letter with tracker number, so you can know where is it~!) international shipping price: $4

Write me here in direct messages, on Twitter, or email me at
For any questions, please, feel free to ask me, i’ll be glad to answer!

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!