crazy hat party


One Piece Party Chapter 10 Intro

Usopp: Everybody!! It’s One Piece Party Time!! WAZZUP!!*
Chopper: Wazzup!!
Usopp: I couldn’t hear you, I said WAZZUP!!
Chopper: WAZZUP!!
Usopp: Excellent!! That’s more like it!!

Usopp: This time, the Straw Hat Pirates and Traffy will compete against each other in five different contests!!
Chopper: Oooo! That’s bound to be interesting!! I won’t be defeated!!
Usopp: Naturally, I, too, can’t be defeated!!

Chopper: Will Usopp and Traffy be having a staring contest while trying not to laugh?
Usopp: Who~o will be the funny face representative of the Straw Hat Crew!!?

Usopp + Chopper: Our fight is coming up next!!

It’s finally here! I’ve finished my translation, so I’ll be putting out the chapter in chunks over the course of the day and then linking them back here and to each other as each of them gets posted. Thankfully the chapter is broken up nicely into separate parts xD so the first game will be going up soon!

Game 1 Zoro vs Law
Game 2 Sanji vs Law
Game 3 Chopper vs Law
Game 4 Usopp vs Law
Game 5 Luffy vs Law
Post Game Conclusion