crazy girl talks

Zack and Trini have the same taste in girls and Zack constantly flirts with them and encourages Trini to flirt, too. It goes something like this: “Crazy girl, just go talk to her. It’s not that hard.“ 

"Zack, no she already caught us looking an-" 


“Zack, no- Get back here you little shit, I-”


Disclaimer: If you ship them: that’s cool, that’s your thing.

  • Talk to me about how Zack backed off and gave Trini space after she opened up about liking girls.

  • Talk to me about how Zack was the first to think of, and suggest, “girlfriend troubles”?

  • Talk to me about how he didn’t treat her any differently. She was still his “crazy girl,”

  • Talk to me about how Zack still ultimately supports Trini even if she’s not into him after he shows budding interest.

  • Talk to me about Zack and Trini growing a supportive sibling-like relationship and not a romantic/physical one.
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Me: …*posts vent*…
Me: *reblogs others post*
Me: *reblogs others post*
Me: *reblogs others post*
Me: *reblogs others post*
Me: *reblogs others post*
Me: *reblogs others post*
Me: *reblogs others post*
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Me: *reblogs others post*
Me: *reblogs others post*
Me: *reblogs others post*
Me: …Nobody saw that :)

I posted about my first experience with Ezra before when Sons played in my hometown in PA, but my friend and I had the ultimate experience last night in Brooklyn at their last show…like holy fuck. I have no idea where to begin. First of all, my friend and I were really high and drunk (my friend was way more fucked up than I was) 5 other bands played and everyone was amazing. My friend and I were up front dancing our asses off to every band, taking smoke breaks inbetween sets as well. We met so many cool people and were constantly being told we were the life of the party. Ezra himself confronted us while we were dancing with this guy we met telling us that we were giving off amazing vibes and later he came over and danced with us for a little. While Sons performed we were right up front doing our thing, screaming and dancing and the whole band loved it, constantly pointing at us and smiling and nodding. Earlier that night my friend asked Lilah if she wanted to get high with us and she jokingly said she had a set to do later than night and said maybe after. During their set, they were having technical issues and my friend yelled “I love you sexy baby” or something wild to Lilah after she apologized for the issues and Lilah asked who said that and my friend said the crazy girl who’s been talking to you all night and everyone laughed. After their set was over, we took a picture with Lilah who remembered us from the other show. Then we were dancing with some people we met and Josh walked by and my friend grabbed him and they took some pictures and he showed us his moonwalk and Ezra came over laughing. My friend told him how much we loved neil young (he was wearing a neil shirt) and she was definitely in a touchy feely mood, carrassing his chest and she asked if she could lick his face for a photo. He made a goofy face and she said she’d settle for touching his hair so they took a picture and he went to touch her face and she told him she was gross and sweaty and kept apologizing saying she was fucked up and he hugged her for a good 2 minutes and said “It’s okay, babe, you’re just being yourself. Always be yourself and always do you baby.” He was definitely a little fucked up too haha. I’m no where near as bold as my friend but Ezra and I tried to find a good spot with good lighting to take some pictures and this girl who had been up his ass the entire time was trying to get in on it and he was definitely annoyed but politely said to her “We’re done for tonight, hun.” And we took our pictures and this chick would literally not back off and he was telling me and my friend how he wasn’t having it and my friend yelled that Ezra wasn’t cool with how she was acting and she backed off. I would have wanted more time to maybe sit outside and smoke a cig together and talk about music and life and shit, but there were so many people all over him. The best part of it all was definitely Ezra’s body guard and another body guard introducing themselves to us and we were trashed so we danced with them for a little then went outside and smoked with them. Ezra’s body guard was funny as hell and we had some good conversation for a half hour or so while Ezra smoked with some friends. We had to call an Uber and the one body guard offered to give us a ride and Lilah came over with her mom and introduced us to her mom. It was definitely one of the best nights of my life.

you give me something to think about (chapter 1)

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Summary: Trini has no plans for the future, no idea of what she’s going to do after she leaves school. All that’s left is to enjoy the last year she has left.

And oh, what a year it will be.

The Slowburn Hogwarts AU that no one asked for.

Trini stifles a yawn behind her mouth as she steps onto the pitch. It was early enough in the morning that the sky was barely lit, and Trini shivers a little at the lack of the sun’s warmth. She closes her eyes for a moment, breathing in the smell of grass and the dewy morning air. She loves Hogwarts, but sometimes the Hufflepuff dorm was too… crowded wasn’t exactly the word for it, but it didn’t always feel right. She always found it ironic that even in a world full of witches, wizards, and magical creatures, she still somehow felt out of place. Taking another clearing breath, Trini mounts the broomstick and kicks off. She lazily circles the pitch, more focused on brooding and enjoying the sunrise than she is on actually flying.

She’s seventeen. In her last year at Hogwarts, and even though she was more or less a loner at school, she still thought of the castle as home, more so than the house her family lived in. While she is excited to be back, she still can’t quiet the anxiety she feels when she thinks about the future. Shaking her head, she leans down and picks up speed, starting to weave patterns around the goalposts. She’d always dreamed of flying as a kid; it was an escape, a chance to get away from the heavy expectations of her parents, the stares and comments from the other kids at school, the bullying, all of the confusing emotions that she always tried to bury. Flying was easier than thinking about the real world, and it was something that Trini always turned to when stressed.

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 I still say he should get more trash cans.                                                   

Police Officer!Jungkook

prompt: you’re speeding and you get pulled over by this guy… what do you do?

  • you speed a lot, it’s a total vice and a habit you’ve been trying to curb since you started driving
  • so it’s not fully a surprise when you get pulled over by an officer at 10 pm as you’re driving home from work
  • but actually, it is, but we’ll get into that later
  • it’s raining and the visibility is terrible, but, surprise surprise, you are not driving too badly!
  • however, you get pulled over by an officer who seems to be sitting in the best place for a speed trap
  • and this officer, who doesn’t look a day over five yeaRS OLD, has the audacity ,,, to pull you over after you’ve just broken up with your terrible boyfriend (it was a long time coming but it still hurts) and tbh you’re crying a lil bit
  • to add insult to injury, you were only going 5 miLES OVER THE SPEED LIMIT like honestly who iS HE
  • and he’s a rookie cop, and it’s probably his first day on the job, and it’s raining and he’s so nervous
  • he doesn’t know what do to bc he’s the golden maknae and everyone expects him to know what to do 25/8 so no one told him how to deal with this situation
  • so he kinda just knocks on your window to get you to roll it down and like,,, your mascara wasn’t waterproof that day and you kinda look a mess so you roll the window down super slowly 
  • he just kinda stops and stares and you just cry harder bc it has been a very long day and he is way hotter than your now ex but he is also a 5 year old™ who thinks going 5 mph over the speed limit is a crime
  • so like he obviously asks for your license and registration after introducing himself as “Officer Jeon” but he kinda chills out when he sees that you’re literally crying your eyes out
  • “what’s wrong is a speeding ticket that bad bc I can just give you a warning just please stop crying I don’t know the protocol for this
  • he legit buzzes into his radio like “this is officer jeon and I’m on speed patrol and there’s this crying lady (lowkey gorgeous but that’s not the point rn) and I have no idea what to do”
  • and police chief min yoongi just sighs and replies “kook… please we’re trying to catch a Very Bad Man™ rn just figure something out”
  • and so basically kook just stands there and is like “ok I’m not going to give you a traffic ticket bc first of all I don’t have a supervising officer with me and I only pulled you over bc your car is super dope and I wanted to know where you bought it”
  • “but in hindsight that was a bad plan bc you’re crying I seem to have fucked up”
  • “so I gotta blast”
  • so he jumps on this cop motorcycle that seems to have appeared out of nowhere and blasts right outta there
  • so the next evening you’re in the elevator at your apartment building after having spent a long day at work shit talking about your ex with your boss, who is also surprisingly one of your best friends
  • (your boss is coincidentally min yoogi, yes you are a cop and you seemed to have forgotten that fact when you got pulled over)
  • and so apparently officer jeon lives in your building (on the same floor in fact) and is in the elevator with you
  • and he’s just like “omg a girl?? the crying girl from last night? what do?”
  • so you say “oh yeah you’re officer jeon? sorry I freaked on you last night haha I was having a bad day but if you were wondering, I talked to yoongi, and he straight up laughed at the situation last night”
  • and he’s like yoongi… I don’t know a yoongi, who is this crazy girl talking about… and then he puts it together that you mean poLICE CHIEF MIN YOONGI???
  • and he’s like lowkey afraid how do you know his boss??? r u the girlfriend?? 
  • spoiler alert: you aren’t
  • but he basically runs off bc he’s highkey afraid of you
  • but as you continue to run into him in the elevator, you guys begin to chat
  • he doesn’t know that you are basically yoongi’s right hand man, as you work in the drug department of the police, in fact your partner is min’s girlfriend that jeon lowkey thought you were for a bit
  • and so you somehow swing the hours of a traffic cop but the job of a detective it’s pretty sweet if you do say so yourself
  • so one day you’re out in your undercover vehicle with your partner doing a drug bust and you’re speeding over to the scene of the crime
  • and guess who fuckin pulls u over for speeding
  • officer mcfreaking jeon and no one told him you guys are officers, because first of all, he’s brand new, and second of all, everyone loves to mess with the kid because he is just so gullible
  • it’s kinda a joke within the department that he keeps pulling over his senior officers without knowing it (believe me it has happened more than once)
  • and so when he comes to knock on the window, you’re like “sorry jeon we don’t have time for this” so you and your partner flash your badges blast outta there
  • and he’s just stood there frozen like “how did I not know about this???”
  • and he, coincidentally, is on the way to the bust bc the police department is short staffed and he has been asked to help out
  • and somehow you, after all of your years of experience working drugs and dangerous situations, find yourself standing on a pressurized explosive in the meth lab you were investigating
  • there’s no time to call the bomb squad as the countdown is running low and just as you think you are about to perish, officer muscle pig jeon runs in, picks you up off the explosive, and runs like hell outta there
  • five seconds after you escape, the meth lab blows up and you would have died had he not been so fast, but surprise, his other talent is running like naruto at supersonic speeds
  • however, he is not immune to explosive blasts and the strength of the blast knocks him over
  • somehow you end up sprawled across his body
  • and somehow along the way you have fallen for his good looks, conversations, and general naive idiocy
  • so you lean over and kiss the boy impulsively, but you have no regrets bc the boy kisses you back, I mean, you’re beautiful and intelligent, and a strong leading lady
  • so you eventually become one of the closest knit couples at the precinct and everyone lowkey hates you for being such a mushy couple
  • the end!
I love when I get trolling messages. It just reminds me that all these people don't blink at 20 blogs for Melanie confessions, but once someone makes a negative blog about her people are shocked.

You can have 300 blogs obsessing over Melanie, and no one minds that, but ONE blog talks about her issues and people think we’re crazy for caring. Well when someone has millions of fans for writing awfully messed up lyrics, yes, eventually people are going to ask for someone to talk about it. I figured it’d be me, and that no one would even care enough to troll me, but obviously I was wrong. I guess Melanie can be talked about all she wants. But the second it gets negative, people get upset.

⭐ Crazy lazy girl adventures!! ⭐

An old friend I didn’t see for a very long time: Do you remember me?

Me: Um… No… Sorry :(

Old friend: Are you serious?! Does it mean I was nothing for you?! >:(

Me: No no!! (It just means that I forget things really fast and get distract easily. It also means that my mind can’t remember a face of someone if I don’t see them for a while and can’t recall a name if I don’t hear it for months. Well, it means I’m a freaking idiot who has no memories…)